GeneratePress Review 2021: Is it the #1 WordPress Theme?

GeneratePress is one of my favorite WordPress themes. It’s absolutely a bargain for the price when you see the features it has got to offer you.
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☆ 4.7
It comes with one of the great features like import/export feature.
Ease of use
☆ 4.8
All the features are easily accessible using WordPress customizer and categorized for easy access.
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☆ 5.0
GeneratePress is a freemium theme. Their premium version of the theme is very competitively priced.
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☆ 4.7
Tom Usborne is the developer of GeneratePress. He’s super-quick in replying and answering.
Pricing starts at $49.95

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I recently shifted to GeneratePress from my previous theme i.e FocusBlog. After shifting to the new theme, I noticed that this is the best theme I’ve ever encountered in my blogging career.

TypeWordPress theme
Features1. Lightweight 
2. Mobile-friendly
3. Fast loading time
4. Modular design
Competitors1. Astra
2. Genesis
3. OceanWP

In this post, let me present you GeneratePress review, and describe what are all the features that this theme has got to offer you.

GeneratePress is a freemium theme developed by Tom Usborne. The main objectives of the theme is to be lightweight and load superfast. The theme is super mobile-friendly.

Why I migrated to GeneratePress?

The mobile-first update by Google is the reason I made the change from my previous theme i.e FocusBlog to GeneratePress.

I wouldn’t tell that my previous theme was not mobile-friendly, but there was a room for improvement particularly when used along with page builder plugins.

Added to that, the FocusBlog was lacking in powerful customization features that GeneratePress offers you.

When I first migrated to the new GeneratePress theme, the customization of the design to reflect my brand was one of the challenging tasks.

So, I bought GeneratePress Premium as it comes with dozens of modules for customizing every aspect of the theme. Tweaking the new GeneratePress theme to match my brand turned out to be easier than I thought due to the robust customization options.

GeneratePress is a free theme, but the free version comes with limited customization options. However if you are comfortable with CSS you can go ahead. Although I have some CSS knowledge, I decided to go with the premium version and chose a cleaner way of customizing the stuff.

Here are some of the key areas where GeneratePress excels:

  • Light and mobile responsive: The theme is coded well and the theme size is very light. This ensures that your site loads very fast.
  • Modular design: The GeneratePress comes with 14 modules that enable you to leverage the functionality of the theme. In future, they will easily scale up the features offered by the theme by virtue of its design.
  • Developer friendly: GeneratePress comes with inbuilt options for you to add hooks and filters without altering the theme files that get reset after the theme is updated. This is a very useful feature.

GeneratePress review

Customizer – All at one place.

With GeneratePress, all the theme and customization options are present in the theme customization page.

With all the things in one place, learning how to use and customize the theme is really very easy.

GeneratePress Logo

The problem with most of the WordPress themes is that the theme options are scattered all over the place. Some options will be present in the theme options page and some on the customizer page.

With GeneratePress, you get each and every option right inside the customization.

GeneratePress Customization
Theme customization

Free vs pro

As I told you earlier the GeneratePress is available both as free and pro version. The free version is enough for you, if you are not looking for extra customizations and are knowledgeable enough to tweak some CSS code.

Features of GeneratePress are:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Basic customization options like font size, font family, logo, related posts, text.
  • Microdata Integrated
  • Custom CSS option
  • Access to 14 modules to take your customization to the next level.
  • Import or export every aspect of the theme or individual module settings.
  • You can customize/edit every corner of your theme without touching even a bit of code with these modules.
  • Custom CSS option

However, if you don’t want to mess up with the CSS code, the features offered by pro version of the GeneratePress will be very helpful for you.

The pro version of the GeneratePress can be activated using the plugin called GP Premium. After installing the plugin, and entering the license, you get access to these additional features.

GeneratePress Addons

If you are not in need of modules, the premium version of GeneratePress is not really necessary. But the modules, makes life a lot easier.

Pro features

Once you install the GeneratePress premium plugin, you need to go the configuration page and activate the modules that are necessary for you. I would just select all and activate ‘em all.

Pro features

After activating all the modules, you can access each of the modules on your WordPress customization page.

Colors: This module allows you to edit colors of almost all the elements of the theme visually.

GeneratePress editing colors

Backgrounds: With this module you can set background images for all the possible elements on your blog. Some key areas include content, widget area, nav menus, footer, header, etc.

GeneratePress Backgrounds

Typography: This module lets you customize the font style, family, and all the textual aspects of your site.

Customization Options 1

In the above screenshot, I have explained how to change the font size of the header 2. Like this, you can customize every text on your site.

Woocommerce: The Woocommerce module for GeneratePress lets you customize some of the visual aspects.

 Woocommerce module for GeneratePress

For this module to work, you need to have WooCommerce plugin installed on your site.

Sections: This option allows you to create sections in your page. For activating the sections on your page, you just need to toggle the button in your post editor that says – “Use sections”.

GeneratePress Sections

After toggling this button on, you need to start adding section to your blog post.

GeneratePress add sections

You can click the pencil icon next to each section, to edit the section title and content.

Edit section

There are plenty of settings you can tweak for each of the sections. You can do settings like add background image, change background color, and so on.

Changing background

The section option can be a unwanted feature if you are using GeneratePress along with content builders like Thrive Architect like I do.

However, if you are not using any page builders, sections is a nice and unique feature to have.

GP Hooks: This feature helps you add PHP code and functions to add functionalities. With most of the other themes, you need to edit the functions.php file to add the PHP code. What happens is that, when the theme gets updated, all the changes you made to the theme file will be lost.

GeneratePress comes with an inbuilt ability to add the PHP code, so this option will help you add functions to your theme without installing any separate plugins.

Import/Export feature

This is a great feature to have if you are making use of unlimited site usage license this theme comes with and using the GeneratePress theme on many of your sites, rather than making the same customization changes to all other sites that are using the same theme.

GeneratePress Import/export feature

The exporting and importing selective settings is a great feature and is robust.


You need to install the free theme from WordPress repo.

If you need premium functionalities you need to purchase the GeneratePress pro, and install the GP Premium plugin. This plugin will unlock the additional features and modules the pro version comes with.

Like other popular themes, GeneratePress supports child themes if you are a developer. For my blog, I’m not using any child themes as the GeneratePress pro version is very robust in terms of customization.

Is Pro worth it?

As I told you GeneratePress is a freemium theme.

The free theme comes with limited customization options. If you are a developer you can add custom CSS.

However, I would highly recommend you getting the GeneratePress premium, as it comes with 14 modules that help you customize every aspect of your site easily.

If you are not a coder, and willing to do website design, GeneratePress is the best bet as it comes with tons of customization options and also you have the freedom to use the theme on your multiple websites.

Support and pricing

GeneratePress has an awesome community to get help. They have premium support forums for premium users and as well as forum for free users.

If you have bought the pro version you can contact them on email to get support and also make use of forums meant for pro users.

The GeneratePress premium comes at price of $39.95. The plan comes with usage license on unlimited sites and also 1 year worth of updates and support.

GeneratePress Pricing

The price is very affordable considering that it comes with license for usage on unlimited sites and also lifetime usage.

However, you need to renew the license yearly to get updates and premium support.

GeneratePress does offer a discount of 40% on renewal prices.

Akshay strongly recommends:
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2. GeneratePress vs Genesis – The Winner is Obvious!

FAQs on GeneratePress

Is it the best theme to be used with landing page builders?

Yes. It is officially recommended by Elementor as one of the best themes to be used along with their page builder.

I’m using GeneratePress along with Thrive Architect, the theme is perfectly functional for me. It’s perfectly compatible. It integrates well with Thrive Architect better than the FocusBlog theme I was previously using.

How does it compare with Genesis?

Genesis Framework is overrated. It comes at a premium price and lacks many of the essential features. Anyone endorsing Genesis as the best theme for WordPress is living 3-4 years back in time. Read my post GeneratePress vs Genesis to know more.

What will happen if I don’t renew my license?

Renewal of license is only meant for continued updates and support. The theme will be fully functional even if you don’t renew the plan. But, you won’t get any future updates released by GeneratePress.
The renewal comes at a 40% discount. I won’t see any reason not to renew it.

How many sites you can use GeneratePress on?

You can use the GeneratePress free or pro on as many sites as you wish.
I won’t advise you to use GeneratePress on your clients’ sites as you need to share the premium license code with them.


GeneratePress is the best theme I have come across in my blogging career. It’s just so lightweight and makes my site load super fast. The source code is clean, easy to understand, and developed with proper coding practices in mind.

All the features are present right inside the theme customization page, so there’s no learning curve involved.

I hope you liked this review on GeneratePress. Let me know if you guys have any questions for me to answer.

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25 thoughts on “GeneratePress Review 2021: Is it the #1 WordPress Theme?”

    1. Hi, thank you for sharing this great post. I use the free version of generate press arm. I have issues with it ns all the time and I wonder of this will be resolved while start using the pro version of generate press. What are your thoughts on this? Kind regards Jude

  1. I’m just learning how to use GeneratePress myself. I love it, but I need to learn how to make blog posts look nicer, and how to use those hooks. I like that FAQ you got there and the checkmarks you used. I’m sure that’s super easy to do haha, so I should learn how! How did you do the check marks? CSS in the text editor? Cheers, and nice review!

  2. a well defined post on generatepress…I have a query on the use of the option PARALLEX…can you plz help me with it…thanks

  3. GeneratePress is indeed a great theme and the pricing is just spot on. Anyone can afford it and use it to create websites in different niches.

    I first heard about it around 6 months ago and instantly fell for it. Although I use MyThemeShop theme on my main site, GeneratePress is my go-to option for building new niche sites.

  4. the ideas given above are really helpful. as the generate press is new, the way of introducing its use and to have its full potential is very helpful. the blog written is very informative and precise as well. making it best for the optimization with generate press. I think that the promotion area also matters a lot.
    thank you.

  5. Akshay, very good review and yes its best WordPress theme that I have been using since year. Super fast, SEO friendly, highly customizable. Love it.

  6. I shifted to GP a while ago and do believe it is the best theme ever. It is definitely worth going for the GP premium. The support is unbelievable great

  7. I’m currently using Thrive themes Rise theme and Architect. Will there be a problem switching over?

  8. Hey Akshay,

    Very well reviewed post.

    I was searchings for GeneratePress reviews and landed on your post & impressed with the features you explained here. It looks promising and bought it instantly.

    All I want to say a million thank you for making the decision for choosing the right WordPress theme.

    Thanks again.

    Harpreet Kumar

  9. Generate press is really great theme. But I have one doubt, can I modifie it’s code specially for mobile.

  10. Hi Akshay,

    You have done a very good review of generate theme, I am using ocean wp theme on my blog but I will definitely use generatepress theme in future, by the way every article of yours definitely learns something.

  11. Very informative article. After reading your article I am definitely switching to GeneratePress. This article gives detailed information about the theme which I was not able to find anywhere.

  12. Generatepress is the most used and recommended WordPress theme. I am also using generate press for my blogging website. In this post, you have clearly explained about Generatpress and I really love it.

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