37+ Stunning Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics

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Conversion rate optimization is an important aspect that every marketer or a business organization cares a lot about.

If you want to convert more of your visitors into customers you need to know certain Conversion rate optimization statistics that works well for you

Thus it is important to know the statistics of conversion rate optimization so that you can design your CRO strategies based on the true facts.

Let’s begin with conversion rate optimization statistics.

Editor’s picks:

  1. Using videos on the landing pages increase conversions by 86%.
  2. CRO tools have an average ROI of 223%.
  3. Only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.
  4. Businesses with 40+ landing pages generated 12x more lead compared to those with 1-5 landing pages
  5. Personalized calls to actions convert 202% better than non-personalized CTAs
  6. A/B split testing is the most used CRO strategy.
  7. A 1-sec delay in the page load time leads to a 7% reduction in the conversions.
  8. 48% of landing pages contain multiple offers.
  9. Facebook ads have an average click-through rate of 9.21% across all the industries.
  10. User-generated content leads to a 161% increase in the conversion rates
  11. Multi-page forms have an average conversion rate of 13.85% while single opt-in forms have a 4.53% conversion rate.

Conversion rate optimization statistics

Conversion rate optimization statistics
  • Personalized calls to actions convert 202% better than non-personalized CTAs
  • Personalized emails increase conversions by 100%.
  • 95% of the marketers accepted that segmentation helps them in achieving higher conversions
  • Having a featured box helps businesses to increase their conversions by 51%
  • With correct CRO strategies and testing methods, you can increase conversions by 300%.
  • You can achieve 100% conversions by removing the navigation on the landing pages
  • A/B split testing is the most used CRO strategy.
  • As per the research, 44% of the companies use split testing software to improve their conversions.
  • Businesses which included a single CTA in their emails got 371% clicks and 1617% sales.
  • 65% of buyers initiate their research process on mobile phones.
  • Desktop users or visitors worth 4x more than smartphone users
  • The ROI from the CRO tools is 223%.
  • Only 22% of the companies are satisfied with the conversion rates
  • 68% of the small organizations or businesses are not having a documented CRO strategy.
  • Using marketing automation tool for nurturing resulted in a 451% increase in the qualified leads
  • With better checkout design, eCommerce sites can gain 35.26% increase in conversion rate

Using videos in the landing pages increases the conversion by 86%.

Eyeview conducted research by creating compelling videos and embedded the videos on the landing pages using interactive players in different resolutions. This resulted in an 86% increase in conversions.

The businesses with 31-40 landing pages get 7 times more leads than the businesses with 1-5 landing pages.

HubSpot conducted research with over 4,000 businesses and analyzed that the business which uses more landing pages generates more leads than the businesses that use a few. The more the landing pages on the site, the more are the leads generated.

Companies that have increased the landing pages from 10 to 15 saw a 55% increase in the leads.

HubSpot’s study revealed that when the companies increased their landing pages from 1-5 to 6-10 they didn’t see any significant increase in leads.

But when they increased the landing pages to 10-15, they saw a 55% increase in the leads generated. So more landing pages mean more opportunities to convert.

A 1-sec delay in the page load time leads to a 7% reduction in the conversions.

Akamai research shows that if the page loading time delays by even a 1-sec it will affect the conversions by 7%. It also shows that a 3-sec delay in the page load time makes 40% of the visitors abandon the site.

In the case of B2B marketing, 44% of the clicks will redirect to the home page instead of redirecting to the relevant landing page.

This is the huge mistake that B2B companies make. Instead of directing the clicks to the dedicated landing page, they redirect them to the home page thus losing the conversions.

Facebook ads have an average click-through rate of 9.21% across all the industries.

Facebook ads average click-through rate
Source: WordStream

The fitness industry has the highest CTR of 14.29% while the travel and hospitality industry has an average CTR of 2.82%.

The average landing page conversion rate of a website is 2.35%.

2.35% is the average conversion rate of a typical site. But the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.

The average mobile conversion rate is 1.53% compared to 4.14% on desktop

Mobile users are 3 times less likely to convert compared to desktop users. The tablet users’ conversion rate is 3.36%.

But as mobile users are increasing day by day, you need to consider the mobile responsiveness while designing the pages.

In the B2B sector, professional/financial services and media has the highest conversion rate of 10%.

Education and healthcare have an 8% conversion rate while the SAAS software sector has a 7% conversion rate.

Paid search has the highest average conversion rate of 2.9%.

The organic search traffic has a 2.8% conversion rate while referral traffic has a 2.6% conversion rate.

User-generated content leads to a 161% increase in the conversion rates

Social proof is the most important thing that people trust. So these make people connect with your brand thus boosting the conversions.

Conversion rate optimization budget statistics

  1. For every $92 spent on customer acquisition, the companies spend only $1 on Conversion rate optimization.
  2. As per the study conducted by Adobe, the top-performing business spends at least 5% of their budget on CRO. More the money you spend on CRO the more you can convert your traffic to earn more RO.
  3. Companies spend an average of $2,000 a month on optimization tools. VentureBeat surveyed 2,938 marketers and analyzed that the companies spend around $2000 on the CRO tools. And some of the companies spend even more than this.

Landing page optimization statistics

Landing pages which provide multiple offers get 266% fewer leads than the landing pages which provide single offer

Around 48%-50% of the marketers create a new landing page for each of their campaigns

MarketingExperiments research showed that around half of the marketers use a new landing page while running new campaigns.

The websites which have 40+ landing pages will get 12x more leads

Landing page optimization statistics
Source: HubSpot

62% of the B2B businesses have less than 6 landing pages

Even after knowing the importance of landing pages, 62% of the companies still have six or even less than six landing pages.

120% more conversions happen after reducing the number of form fields from 11 to 4

If you want more conversions you must reduce the number of fields. Visitors hate filling more number of form fields.

So, the lesser the fields the better are the conversions.

Multi-page forms have an average conversion rate of 13.85% while single opt-in forms have a 4.53% conversion rate.

As said previously the forms with less field convert more.

If you include many fields in single-page forms, you will lose your visitors as they feel tired of many fields.

Rather than including so many fields on a single page, the best way is to use multiple forms and split those fields.

Forms having “submit” text as CTA results in a 3% decrease in the conversion rates

CTA anchor text also matters a lot when it comes to Conversion rate optimization.

  1. The forms having “click here” text got 30% conversion rates.
  2. “Go” text has got 25% conversion rate
  3. Download – 15% conversion rates
  4. Register – 10% conversion rates

Asking for a telephone number in the form results in a 5% decrease in conversions

People don’t like to disclose their telephone numbers and stop asking if it is not needed.



Conversion rate optimization is the most important thing that companies need to focus on to increase their ROI.

These Conversion rate optimization statistics give you an idea of the things you need to implement in your business in order to increase conversions.

If you already have CRO strategies implemented and if you think they are not fruitful you can tweak them.

I hope these Conversion rate optimization stats helped you in analyzing your CRO strategies.

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