Citation Flow and Trust Flow: Everything You Should Know

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Trust flow and citation flow metrics, sounds like a new term?

Same here for me. Before knowing what the flow metrics are, if I came across the term, I thought what the heck is this? What’s the difference between ‘EM?

I Googled several times: What is trust flow? Citation flow vs. trust flow.  I have even heard many webmasters saying – “I am having trouble understanding citation flow versus trust flow”. Today I will put an end to that confusion.

Unlike all the SEO concepts, it was a bit difficult for me to understand. Especially the difference between them.However, I understood the flow metrics . I am writing this post to help you understand the flow metrics if you are baffled by these terms.

Need of flow metrics

With the extinction of Google PageRank, the secondary metrics matters a lot. Metrics like Domain authority, Trust flow, and citation flow are becoming the ranking factors in Google.

The flow metrics are updated every day, so they are more accurate.

Graph Undraw

The sites like Moz and MajesticSEO are great at ranking and determining the authority of the sites or blogs. You can’t just easily trick these metrics, like that of Google PageRank.


You can accurately determine the trust of the site with this.The job of ranking of sites has become much easier for Google with the introduction of trust and citation flow metrics.

What is citation flow?

A metric designed to predict how influential a link in a site might be, by considering the links pointing to it. It does not bother about the quality of links. If there are more domains pointing to a blog post, then the more influential it is.

In this context, it’s important to know what “influential” means.

The capacity of your site or blog, to have an impact on the readers of your blog or those who are interested in your niche.

All trust flow factors also are the factors for citation flow. If trust flow increases, citation flow should also increase. There is no rule that citation flow should be increased equally to the increase in trust flow.

However, if the citation flow increases, there is no rule that trust flow should also increase.

Remember that, if some sites with high citation flow link to your site, then you get high citation flow boost with fewer inbound links.

Consider trust flow also. Because links from sites with high C.F but poor T.F, negatively affect your site, although boosts your citation flow.

What is trust flow?

A metric designed to decide how trustworthy a link is based on the QUALITY of backlinks pointing to the site.

If there are authoritative, trustworthy backlinks to a site, then the greater is the trust flow.

The trust flow of almost every site or link is less than the citation flow. Why?

A site may have tons of backlinks. But, not all of them are high quality and have TRUST.

Even though you strictly make sure that you have only quality backlinks, there will be low-quality backlinks that are generated automatically by various directories or other sorts of backlinks.

In simple words, there is less chance of getting all high-quality backlinks. Hence, TRUST FLOW cannot overtake CITATION FLOW  most of the times.

Also, it is observed that there is a direct correlation between the trust flow of a domain and the amount of organic traffic it is getting.

If a site has high trust flow, then it means that it has a high-quality backlink profile. High-quality backlinks give Google rankings boost.

In Layman’s terms, high trust flow is the clear sign of having high-quality content to Google and other search engines.If there are more backlinks to a site that carry the trust flow, then it is the sign that the site is getting decent organic traffic.

Trust flow and citation flow ratio

The ratio between the above two metrics matters a lot in determining the overall trust of the site.If a site has a citation flow of 40 and trust flow of 20 then the ratio is 2:1 or 0.5. The maximum ratio possible most of the times is 0.9. However, Google is an exception, it has the ratio of 98:99.

Nearing  the ratio of 1 is desirable. Average trust to citation flow ratio should be 0.50. More the authority and trustworthy the site, the ratio is higher.

If the trust flow is greatly lesser than the citation flow, then it is clear that the site is having low-quality large amount of backlinks.QUALITY backlinks among the tons of backlinks is higher in case of authoritative sites.

Some figures


How to measure flow metrics?

You can head over to MajesticSEO, enter the URL, use fresh index (default), and hit search. Now it should return the backlink profile of that URL. It also returns the flow metrics along with this.

There is a fair usage policy for non-signed up users. If you would like to extend this limit, you need to register for a free account.Installing the MajesticSEO extension for Chrome or Firefox might be a better option. It helps you, easily look up for flow metrics of any site.

If you want to check and compare the flow metrics of multiple URLs at once, you can use Bulk Backlink Checker tool,Raven SEO tools also make use of MajesticSEO API to pull flow metrics data.There are several advantages of using MajesticSEO.

  • Identifying top influencers in your niche.
  • Identifying the real problem for Penguin penalty.
  • Link quality analysis.
  • Prevention of irrelevant link building (with the help of topical flow metrics)
  • Finding great content.

7 GOLDEN points to increase flow metrics

  1. Increasing trust flow should be the main goal. To keep up the healthy ratio, trust flow should be higher. Increasing citation flow is somewhat pointless. Indirectly it means that, QUALITY OF BACKLINKS WIN OVER QUANTITY.
  2. In 1000 backlinks vs. one authoritative backlink, the authoritative backlink is the clear winner.
  3. Guest posting is the best way to get authoritative backlinks. However, guest posting should be kept to a minimum. The frequency at which the backlinks are built should be kept to a minimum, especially if your blog or site is new.
  4. You should build links from authoritative sites within your niche only. Because MajesticSEO also takes account of topical trust scores. You should have a higher trust score in your niche or topic, to be ranked higher in Google.
  5. Great internal linking strategies help in increasing the trust flow and citation flow. Strong homepage with high flow metrics can influence the pages linked from the homepage. Having backlinks to both the homepage and internal pages boosts flow metrics greatly.
  6. .Gov and .Edu backlinks carry more trust score to your site or blog.
  7. No-follow links also carry citation flow to some extent, but not trust flow.

Final words

 Shortly with the extinction of PageRank (internally not extinct), Google would stress more and more on other metrics. Improving other metrics naturally helps in the long term.

Gaining quality backlinks is the only way to be ranked higher in Google. With the quality backlinks all the other metrics like flow metrics and domain authority increases.

Increase in other metrics is the great signal for Google to rank the site or blog higher in SERPs.

Who knows? Perhaps this is the first step of MajesticSEO in path of building its own search engine. Increasing flow metrics would be beneficial to rank higher in their probable future search engine.MozTrust is also similar to trust flow.

It also measures the trust what search engines, indirectly users put on your site.

Make sure you check MozTrust along with T.F, for accurate results.

Akshay strongly recommends: MozRank and MozTrust: Everything you Should Know

Hope this article helped you. I took 5 hours to write this post on flow metrics. If you have really liked this blog post, do share and comment.

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  1. Hello Akshay,

    Good information you have shared about citation flow and trust flow. Yes, Page Rank is now gone and these can be the real ranking factors. Keep sharing good info. Thanks

  2. finally found something valuable able content here.. like you i was also confused with citation and trust flow. I keep searching on majestseo with different website and trying to find it what exactly it is.. you clear my all doubts.. I would awesome brief article you have made.

  3. Good one & well explained – Rightly deserving its place on the top for the keyword “trust flow citation flow” 😉 from which I stumbled upon your blog. Good luck mate.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to break this down Akshay and very helpful. I was looking over some metrics in a report and couldn’t remember quite what the difference between the two and this cleared it right up.

  5. First of all, I must appreciate the way you explained the differences between trust flow and citation flow.

    And for those who are buying domain, they should consider the “Trust Flow” more.


    1. Yeah, the days when people look for PR when buying domain names are gone. DA can also be manipulated. Trust flow is the one that makes the authority of the site clear. It exposes the backlink profile quality of the site.
      Good point. Great analysis.

      Looking forward to hear from you.

      Thank you Aly.

  6. great article thanks for explaining the concepts in the kings english, I will certainly be more mindful of my trust flow for my amazon niche sites

  7. In your experience, are you noticing any difference in Trust Flow or Citation Flow for local-oriented domains? For instance, if a site for a Chicago plumber has links from low-Domain Authority, but Chicago-specific, sites does the relevance and “authority” (being from Chicago) still help? Or is still a matter of getting high authority links from PBN’s, guest posting, etc.?

    Also have you seen any data about redirected 301 domains (indexed in Google of course!) which have good Domain Authority, having any effect (positive or negative) on Trust Flow metrics?

    Finally, have you seen any studies on the effects of Tier 2 linking and how it alters Trust Flow? For example, a site has a Trust Flow (Fresh Index) of 9. Person submits 10 articles to the “old school” article directories (Ezinearticles, etc.). Would a third-party boost of PBN’s, other article directories, or high quality Web 2.0 links – pointing to the article directory URL’s – ultimately help with Trust Flow?

    Many thanks for your thoughts on this. Great post!

  8. As far as local SEO concerned, I would not worry too much about trust flow. Backlinks from other local sites, directories, would work better.
    In case of local SEO, proper keyword research is crucial. With Google’s frown upon the private blog networks, I would not advice you to build backlinks from PBNs.

    By looking at domain authority, one can’t accurately determine the quality of link profile of website. Whereas Citation Flow would be the accurate estimate. Having high trust 301 redirects, back to your site increases your trust flow. Because all the juice PR, DA, CF and TF all flow naturally in case of 301 redirect, but not for 302 or other redirects.
    Building high number of sites, exclusively for 301ing to your main site would be detrimental to your site’s growth.

    Tiered 2 link building strategy is one of the safe gray-hat link building strategies. It does have some positive impact on the trust flow of your site.
    It tiered 2 linking is done properly, your trust flow would increase exponentially.

    I hope, I caught ’em all!
    Looking forward to hear more from you.


    1. Akshay,

      Thank you for your reply. I will make some adjustments and report back should your suggestions prove to have benefit, especially the Tier 2 link suggestions.

      Thanks again!

  9. Hello Akshay!
    Great post! Very well written and informative. My questions are a desire to learn about your answers to Matt’s questions. I am interested in local search. You stated: “local search, proper keyword research is crucial” I looked through your seo posts but couldn’t find one on that topic? I definitely don’t know how to do that. My novice experience only finds
    USA results versus say city results. Often this says there are no searchs for keywords but there are 10 people in google adwords for the term? Obviously not true. But I don’t know how to find or determine a strategy. Longtail pro tool doesn’t help (at least for me) in local.
    You also warned against PBN’s. It is a popular tactic and I guess the idea is to do it anonymously but you do not believe it is a good approach?
    In your 301’s comment you say 301’s redirected to your site is good but then you say building them would be deterimental to your site. I’m not grasping that. Seems like a contradiction?
    I have not googled tiered 2 link building and I am not familar with it but interested.
    Again, enjoy your writing and knowledge and hope you are willing to educate me. Thanks, very much. Mark

  10. Hi Akshay, this is a nice information. I can finally understand why my website a little bit less than the competitors. In fact, from the amount already won. Starting this sat I mean to change the view in a way that I use for this in a powerful backlink building. thank you for your sharing. Regards

  11. Hi akshay, finally I understand what the trust flow and citation flow is. My blog score is very low, citation score is 29 and trust flow score is 19. Hopefuly I can improve these scores 😀

  12. I’m really glad I was led to your post by a fellow blogger! My husband helps with my blog and just told me my trust flow is horrible- (7) while my citation is good. He said he found 120,000 backlinks that must be the offending source! ACK! We aren’t sure where all these links came from, and I’m guessing we need to get rid of them STAT.

    Could you help shed light on why this might be happening? I share a lot of my blogger friends’ posts on social media and have guest posted a many blogs, but not sure that would be the cause…?

    Thanks for any input or feedback!!

    1. Chris,
      120,000 backlinks! Get rid of them.

      Here’s the solution.

      Export them. Upload them to Google disavow tool.

      Now, Google while ranking your site, does not consider these backlinks.

      This may be because, someone is buying low-quality link-building gigs for your site?

      Thank you.

  13. Hi Akshay,

    Thanks for sharing such a great post. I have a small query, Does building back-links more from Social media platforms, community forums, blog forums, etc i.e. predominantly from content driven forums and guests commenting would increase Trust flow score and Citation flow score?

    1. Hey, Mahesh, that’s a great question. Flow metrics have one character common to that of page rank.
      That is, citation or trust flow divides equally among various links on site or a page.
      Tons of content get shared across social media or community driven sites. So, even though the trust of those sites are high, it won’t help you in easily measurable way.

      Moreover majority of the links in social media and other sites are nofollow.

      Hope I helped you.

  14. Fantastic Post dude ,

    I Really understood in-depth , Actually I Came here because my trust flow was 17 and citation flow was 18 .

    Im using a method to rank my websites and the sites are going up like hell.. I Want to see how these metrics correlate and clearly these are the factors.

    Surprisingly , my domain authority is 1.

    My website is just 1 month old

    Can u add me on skype: aghorabhai

  15. The Nairobi Mirror

    Thank you for explaining these two terms that were making me to go mental. I wasn’t really getting what each meant but now i get the real clear picture. From now henceforth, i will be striving to increase my site’s trust flow over citation flow.

    1. While buying, expired domains, be very cautious.

      You have to first look, what was under the hood. You can use WayBack machine to dig the history of that site.

      You have to look at what sort, what topic of content was there around in that site.

      That’s where topical trust flow comes into play.

      Hope it helped you.

  16. I was totally confused with these terms – Citation and Trust flow and finally I landed in your page to get exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the detailed information. Now, I need to work hard to increase these flow for my sites 🙂

  17. Hi,
    great article, so if I want high quality backlinks I always check the domain in majestic for its TF and CF. After that I build ny link. But sometimes if I check the backlink profile of another site and see if several backlinks have a good TF and CF I realize that if I also build a link on that site, I will get less TF and CF dor that link as my competitor why is it like that?


  18. Hi Akshay,

    Majestic here. Firstly thanks for the post. These two metrics can get confusing for sure, so it really helps us when people take the time to explain things to their audiences.

    We also did a Youtube video to explain this at which some folk might like.

    To the guys that asked about Tier 2 links, Majestic’s data runs over many iterations on the web… so page A can link to Page B link to Page C link to Page D and this means that some of the influence of page A will get all the way to page D.

    The only minor clarification in your post… you said that Citation Flow only cares about the quantity of links to a page. That’s not entirely accurate. We start our baseline for calculating Citation flow based on the absolute number of referring domains to every page we see with inbound links on the web. This gives us an absolute score for many pages and then we propagate this score across the web. So it is still possible for a page to have a high citation flow with very few inbound links, if the links are from pages with high Citation Flow.

    I wholeheartedly agree that Trust Flow is a better judge of “quality” than Citation Flow.

    One other point of note is that we also flow link juice through INTERNAL links, but we do not report on internal links, as it would increase our database by 800% to store internal links and frankly there are many tools that can analyze internal links on a site as this is a simpler problem than crawling the whole web in the first place to see all the inbound links from other domains.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dixon. Meanwhile, the video is great. I’ll embed it in my post shortly.

      Coming to Citation Flow. I was bit confused about that. Thanks for the information. I will surely give this post an edit. It is now clear to me that Citation Flow is based on unique domains, not links. Pages with high Citation Flow, carries more Citation Flow to it’s outbound links. I missed this point.
      However many links from the same domain does notaffect Citation Flow. If I’m not wrong.

      Coming to internal links. You guys clearly mentioned,

      “Bet you thought we didn’t care about internal links? Well although we don’t report on them, flow metrics do pass through internal links”

      That makes great sense.

      Thanks for adding value. And also helping out previous commenters.

      Have a productive day ahead.

      Akshay ~

  19. Hi,You are sharing quality stuff at your website for your audience. I love your website.Very nice information, Keep up your good work.

  20. Hi Akshay,

    A quick question regarding CF and TF ? What is the difference between CF and TF at Root Level and Subdomain Level. has it got anything to do with url version ( www and non www) ?

    What level ( domain level or subdomain) ( CF, TF) should we look for www version and non www version domains ? Can you please explain.


  21. Thanks a lot for this post. These terms were really confusing me. Finally I understood what they mean. By the way, what is a good TF and CF for a 2 months old blog?

    1. Glad the post helped you.

      There’s nothing like good CF and TF for 2-month-old blog. You may know that D.A increases with increase in domain age. In the similar way, TF and CF also get boosted as your domain ages.
      For a 2-month-old blog, with some good links, get trust and citation flow of 10 and 12.

  22. It is a really helpful. Flow metrics concepts have been clearly explained here. Keep up the good work.

  23. Appreciate the information. You gave a pretty clear description of Trust Flow and Citation flow but I don’t understand how the subdomain might effect this. I am assuming this is the non www version of the site?

    Thanks for the article,


  24. Thank you for article.
    I usually only focus on backlinks, but the posts still can not have good ranking on Google. Maybe it’s time to learn and focus on TF and CF

  25. Bloggertipstricks

    This seems interesting.
    Excellent explanation. I have checked my new site citation flow and trust flow. It’s respectively 27 & 10. I am feeling like hang myself 🙁

  26. Is the trust flow metric only for the domain name or is it also applicable to all the posts within the domain? I see a lot of citations in my posts but trust flow only in the main page.

  27. Hey Akshay,Great post on Trust Flow and Citation Flow,Does Doing 301 redirect from expired domain with good metrics to main domain will increase the tf and cf ?

  28. Excellent read ever posted by an Indian blogger.

    I have been struggling knowing how exactly the Majestic’s flow metrics works, and I am so happy I found it over here.

    Thank you, Akshay, for providing help in a simplest possible way

  29. Very informative, but I have a question though!

    What if the link source URL has really low trust/citation score where the domain has higher? Would it still be good to keep that link considering the higher domain authority/domain trust flow/citation flow score?

    Ted Sumrall

    1. It would be ideal to keep it, Ted.

      CF/TF of individual URL?

      If I were you. I would not bother at all. It’s the trust of the whole site that matters.
      Any link from a site with high flow metric and authority is considered high quality.

      FYI, CF/TF, and any other metrics, are not that swift enough to scale the authority of individual posts/URLs.

      That’s a great question. Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a nice day 🙂

  30. Thank you so much for explaining this. I always had a problem understanding trust flow and citation flow but I always understood DA and PA. This was a great post with great detail. I understood your descriptions better than the Majestic ones.

    Keep it up man and have a great day.

  31. Well, thank you for a good detailed explanation!
    As I understand it, we have to try to stay close to a 1 ratio, because the more far away we get from the 1 ratio might be: either you know a lot about your topic, but you have litte reach (above 1). either you do know little about your topic, but you make too much noise! (below 1, the closer to 0 the more spammy you look)

  32. Now, this is by far one the best explanation about citation and trust flow. We had one debate about it on Facebook community. Isn’t it the problem with citation flow if one comments (like here) about seo and digital marketing related topics, but pointing to his site that has nothing to do with seo and digital marketing (in my case pointing to small local furniture bussines in Slovenia). That is definitely not a trust or authorty link, but if that is a case, one with knowledge A has no point to comment and pointing to case B. Which is a little bit odd, isn’t it?
    Because in that case athoritative and relevant contents would be also only sites in same languages.
    Regards, Matija

  33. Thanks for the great explanation.

    Quick question: What if TF is 50 and CF is 10. The ratio CF/TF is 0.2 is it fine?

    1. Hello sara the trust ratio is calculated as TR=TF/CF

      and you are calculating it like this CF/TF so reverse it, and what I am seeing if your trust flow is 50 and citation flow is 10 wow that is some share trustful website then.

  34. Thanks for your explanation about citation flow and trust flow.
    This flow metrics are very useful to our sites or blogs.Every one got best knowledge on this article after reading this article.

  35. Flow metrics are the best metrics which is considered by Google in order to provide the best possible experience to the users. In past metrics like no. of backlinks, page rank, there were chances for Google to be deceived by the black hat or unethical SEO tactics. But now are the better days for Google user to get the most relevant website on the top search results in response to their queries. You have explained it very nicely, Thanks.

  36. Hey! Bro well explained but can you also explain how we can find good domain from expired domains .net so that we have good tf and cf domains!

  37. Good job. Your article was on top of SERP. I actually just wanted some general info on tf and cf. As I analyze this page I see you have a TF of 19 and a CF of 20.

    I guess the SERP of your inner page is proof that TF and CF are important metrics.

  38. Nice article about trust flow and citation flow! I agree trust flow is pretty much everything. Authority and trust the keys to Google’s castle!

  39. Hi Akshay,

    I was searching for trust flow metrics and I got this site on the first page itself. You have explained clearly about the citation flow and trust flow.

  40. Hello Akshay,

    Thanks for this simple explanation. It was just what I needed. Many times advanced SEO’s, thru no fault of their own, neglect to point out the finer details. I have been guilty of the same thing in my completely offline B2B consulting work.

    Things I know like the back of my hand….Well, in my mind, EVERYBODY knows THAT, right? So I am as guilty as many SEO gurus who gloss over TF, CF, DA & PA. It’s stuff they KNOW quite well, and simple explanations, such as you have done here, never crosses their minds.

    Thanks again!

  41. Recently it has been brought to my attention the importance of trust flow. I found this online post while researching TF. It now appears that trust flow is very important and page rank should be discounted. up to this point I will seriously look at trust flow in my SEO efforts.

  42. Hi Akshay

    We just released a new SEO tool that lets you view Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Trust Ratio (to the URL & Page) together with topical category and score directly in your SERP results.

    We also loaded many other options including Moz, Semrush Keyword and Traffic Research, and aHrefs backlink and anchor cloud (account required), plus many on page metrics including word count, keyword density, domain age, and social signals.

    The tool is called SerpWorx and can be downloaded as a Google extension here . or by visiting

    I truly believe it will help anyone wanting to measure Majestic metrics and I hope you enjoy it.


  43. Very good explanation, thank you for all of this.
    “You should have a higher trust score in your niche or topic, to be ranked higher in Google.”
    This is not true, maybe they have a plan to do that, but for now niche is not so important as TF. I have check it already.

  44. Hey Akshay,

    Good article but I have a small observation:
    “The maximum ratio possible is 0.9.” – that’s not correct, there are sites that have TF>CF, which means the ratio can be higher than 1.


  45. Hi Akshay,

    Before reading your article, I having lot of confusion about trust flow and citation flow, Yes, I strongly agree with you.. 1000 low-quality backlink is equal to 1 authoritative backlink.. one of my website trust flow is very less to citation flow .. I think I need to focus on my link building strategy.. thanks for sharing this great stuff with us..

    Mohd Arif

  46. What is the best way to improve TF for a site? I have seen recent changes in local G Maps rankings and feel this may be due to poor TF on sites with very high CF. Too high a ratio?

    Also, will using diavowed links help restore TF for a site with poor metrics?

    Will backlinks from authoritative news sites like CNN increase TF?

    You mentioned EDU and GOV links, are you talking about forum posts or profiles? Thanks for any help on this.

    1. I though CF and TF is the same with DA and PA. Now, upon reading your articles it make me more interesting in ranking my sites. However, does purchasing accounts from semrush or a hrefs really helps?

      Any answer would be appreciated

  47. Hi, thanks for the blog. I have a question tho; my website gets a lot of backlinks from the same ip (except for the last 2 digits). This is because I design websites, and host clients’ websites on the same host. They all have a ‘design by mycompany’ backlink in the footer. Will this affect my score?

    1. Hey Daisy, getting many links from a single host is not preferred to boost SEO. The links should be diversified and natural. The anchor texts should also be diversified.

      While building links, SEO is important than TF/CF scores.


  48. If the distinction between TF and CF is not very hard to understand, it is quite difficult to get good Trust !
    I also did a mistake on a site, that was not too bad, with some not so good links. Anyway now I need to get good trust links so I am not sure what strategy will work…

  49. Thank you for posting this very informative article about the differences between citation and flow metrics. I’m fairly new to blogging and taking the right steps towards improving the sites visitation and SEO status is no easy task. This article was written perfectly.

  50. Hi Akshay,
    it pains to hear that PageRank is gone and dead – something ive ever been working on. All the same, ive grabbed much information about this trust and citation flow.

    Working on them is my next target – its just time factor. Have a nice day.

  51. Its hard to understand TF and CF for newbies like me. But after reading your article i can say that i have enough information, and now i can work on increasing these metrics for my site.


  52. Very useful article! Now is more clear about CF and TF then before and helps a lot in improving building links strategy.

  53. Sammie Heideman

    Majestic SEO s new metrics are named Flow Metrics and are grouped into two categories; trust flow and citation flow.

  54. Hi akshay,
    this is a good article .More than the article , I loved your enthusiasm for what you do. I am very impressed.Good luck . I will keep coming back .Thanks.

  55. Ravinder Dande

    Hi Akshay,

    I came to know about citation and trust flow on Magestic tool where i started checking my trust flow. I was not aware of why we have this tool and what is citation and trust flow why it is needed to have both.But here you cleared all of the thing.

  56. I notice it is rarely find the site having TF/CF ratio that have 1.0 and more, especially those with doing SEO site. Does it mean ratio of 0.9 is consider good enough? Another question is, will 301 redirect will pass the TF and CF value to the new domain?

  57. Thanks so much for explaining the difference between these two metrics. Question – if citation flow is greater than trust flow for an extended period of time do you think this would have negative effects on ranking?

  58. C Steele-Perkins

    This is so true , what you have written here. Absolutely spot on.
    I am concentrating more on on increasing TF and CF to my web site.
    Thanks for your writings.

  59. “The job of ranking of sites has become much easier for Google with the introduction of trust and citation flow metrics.”

    Don’t you mean in Google? Google doesn’t use , or take any notice of, any secondary metrics like DA, TF or CF to rank sites.

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    and may come back in the future. I want to encourage one to continue
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  61. I have this question for long time back. Everything I check a domain TF/CF stats, I suing with/with www and with/without http:// I notice the TF/CF can be significant different? May I know what is the best one to check? Any standard? or we just take whichever is higher in TF/CF value?å

  62. I wonder if this new algo will rank a free movie site like mine, because I have no word then video.. my domain are 5 month old and already have TF 11 but why did I get is I don’t understand..

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    Do we need to consider sites trust flow if we need to add more backlinks? thanks in advance

  65. Hi Akshay
    I’ve read the article but I have one question. I have a site with CF 15 and TF 0. Majestic is showing 270+ backlinks. Now I want to raise TF. How many good authoritative backlinks would be enough? Would 10 good backlinks be enough for this? Can I do something with the existing links to increase TF?

  66. Great explanation. I read somewhere else that no follow links do carry trust flow. Such as links from Wikipedia. Do you have an opinion on those? Thanks!

  67. Vikas Singh Gusain

    Hi Sir,

    my website trust flow so high in this category ( Shopping / Classifieds ) and now I want reduce this flow, can you let me know How can reduce this flow?

  68. Hi Akshay, great article which has clearly helped a lot of people. I’d just like to raise an alternative view on niche specific links. In the real world this doesn’t really play out, even though many are taking this position. Researching many top search results show high volumes of links from non-niche-related sites.

    Consider big brands also like McDonalds. You can be sure their links are not all from food sites, despite being a restaurant. They could realistically and naturally include niches like sport (sponsorship), health (awareness or their support of sick kids), finance and business (reviewing their stock performance or their business systems), environmental (effect of their packaging materials)… Just off the top of my head.

    I think you’re right that you shoukd stick to the niche as much as possible, but I also don’t think you should go crazy to keep the profile “pure”.

    Hope that makes sense, I just tapped it out on my iPhone 🙂

  69. Majestice one of the best tools for SEO and two factors one of them Trust flow and other citation flow, where to know about any websites and If get any backlinks from any website, both the value is high, its more benefits for that websites, Otherwise nice article, and Thumb’s up.. 🙂


  70. question: you said: “No-follow links also carry citation flow to some extent, but not trust flow.” I always thought wiki links (that are all “No-follow”) will help to increase my trust flow, am I wrong?

  71. Today I Really Understand That how Much is Important Citation flow and Trust Flow After for Site ranking before This i never Bother These Two metrics and Running My Blog Direction Less.
    Please Clarify the Minimum values of Trust flow and Citation Flow To get Good Ranking In google.

  72. Abdulwali Yahaya

    I now understand what Trust Flow and Citation flow mean. However, I have few questions. In terms of prospecting for backlinks, which is most important because I noticed after checking a site that aside it root domain, it individual pages also have their respective Trust Flow and citation flow and a quite different from that of the root domain. Second question is, my site Trust Flow is 5 while the Citation flow is 14 is this Good for a new site? I would be happy if you respond to these questions.

  73. Hi There,

    Thanks For sharing this tips.
    I’ve just back from a long slumber.

    Learning a lot on TF and CF. Never heard of those in the old days.


  74. Hi,

    Am also starting new website try to increase TF CF. finally through this post i can understand and start the work. I hope get some result.



  75. Awesome port bro, you really explained everything neatly. actually, i am new and thus was eager to know more about TF and CF, thanks to your providing such an awesome post.
    Thanks again

  76. Thanks for sharing. I read your post ,it’s provide really too good information.. Your blog post through know about CF and TF..

  77. This is so detailed thank you. It’s also crazy, when do you find the time to do all this? Is it just the setup of this takes a while and then the upkeep is not so time consuming.

  78. Very informative post ….Thanks for sharing. Learned a lot of things about trust flow and citation flow. Keep up the good work.

  79. First of all I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d
    like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to know
    how you center yourself and clear your head prior to writing.
    I’ve had trouble clearing my mind in getting my ideas out.
    I do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15
    minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any ideas or hints?

  80. Great Information regarding trust and citation flow, ill try to incorporate this into my website for better rankings . Cheers!

  81. Hi I have a situation where my trust flow is higher than my citation flow(ratio is 1.1), shall I increase my citation flow with low quality back links to bring the ratio to 0.5 ?

  82. Karim @

    Akshay. Thank you so much for the detailed post. Your blog is amazing and I love it.

    One quick question: Don’t you think that social signals somehow affects the trust flow?

    All the best!!

  83. Great article! Thank you for posting it! In our experience, press releases distributed to paid and unpaid sites also are a great way to boost a website’s trust flow!

  84. Hi there! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?
    My website looks weird when viewing from my iphone4. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that
    might be able to resolve this issue. If you have any suggestions, please share.

    Thank you!

  85. Thank you for explaining citation flow in a way that makes sense. I am doing pretty good with them, but do see room for improvement.

  86. Hi Akshay the blog was completely helpful to understand citation flow and Backlink strength how to get for better ranking
    thank you

  87. Hey,
    I have observed that many Digital marketers recommend improving the Majestic Trust Flow metric as it has some of the best SEO benefits.

    So far, I have tried building backlinks from High-quality sites and Internal Linking.
    Could you suggest me some other ways to improve the Majestic Trust Flow metric?

  88. hi akshy , thx for writing this post , i was intrested into majestic trust and was looking online something (post/video) to boost our site trust flow metrics.

    MoZ metrics could be manipulated in past ,but due to new update , it is now tough to play with system .

    i was seeing some fiverr gis , would you recommend them if i need to boost trust flow or should i better build mnually links one by one? Any suggestions? thanks


  89. Hey Akshay,

    After a lot of browsing over google, I finally found an article that could clearly explain the concept of TF and CF. Thanks for the great blog and I am definitely going to share it with others

  90. Hi, great article!
    Say I get good links for linkbuilding, how long on average until I see the trust flow increase? Is it instantly? or over a period of weeks/months

    Thank you!

  91. With Trust Flow or Citation Flow, it is easier for Google to rank a website depending on its quality, authority or trust.

    Thanks for sharing the definition of TF and CF!

  92. Finally, that made a clear point about trust flow. Also, the SSL puts lot of weight towards how trustworthy is a website in Google’s eyes. I personally did not include SSL certificate to my blog since I don’t accept any kind of payment and my articles are still in a good search engine position.
    Thanks for writing this informative article, blogs are getting back the attention they needed and competition will be much fierce in the next few years, so invest in a blog and create quality content guys, eventually will pay off.

  93. Hey there, thanks so much for the info. I’m still a bit confused about trust flow and citation flow. The reason being, I look at some competitors and their backlink profiles look like pure spam, like on really spammy sites with 1000’s of comments, yet their trust and citations flows are high. This makes me feel like it’s not the best metrics to base site quality on. You really have to check further than that.

  94. Thank you for the brilliant blog. It is impossible to find such variety of information anywhere else. I really appreciate your great knowledge. Thanks for the amazing post. Keep doing the great work!

    1. Its really great. But I have one question that If the google not recommends thia other tools metrics for ranking, still we have to focus on this TF and citations Flow. Because, even one ofthe best tool Ahref also not showing TF of any site..?
      Btw, your blog is super informative..

  95. Amazing really impressive post and your outline section is so much awesome. I see that your blog page did not have so many shares on social media platforms. But one thing I am want to tell you that your blog page and it’s content is super amazing. Your website design is also very good. In the last of the blog you’re about me section is pretty good. I also want to add something like this below my blogs. Your content about citation (NAP) is amazing. You right many great points but need more explanation on it. If you can share then it will definitely help to gain more users on this blog.
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