Astra Theme Review (May 2022): Is It the Best for Page Builders?

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Astra theme is one of the best WordPress themes I’ve come across in my WordPress career. It is the best theme to be used with Elementor due to its features like custom layouts and due to the track-record of its developers working with page builders. I’m making use of this specific combo here at BloggingX!
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☆ 4.9
It is a highly versatile theme for WordPress with some of the most advanced features
Ease of use
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The theme is very easy to use and setup. You can access all the features under one customizer screen
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It is a freemium theme, and the price of the pro version is neither too high nor too low.
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The customer support to top-notch with quick turn-around times.
Pricing starts at $59/mo

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I recently migrated to Astra Pro WordPress theme here at BloggingX.

Do you know why?

I migrated to Astra theme mainly due to the superior flexibility Astra theme offers over any of the themes I used previously.

In this blog post let me present you my Astra theme review.

Type WordPress theme 
Starting price $59/mo
Features 1. SEO-friendly
2. Developer friendly
3. Best theme for page builders
4. White-labeling
Competitors 1. OceanWP
2. GeneratePress

Astra theme is the product from Brainstorm Force team who is also the brain behind popular WordPress products like Ultimate Add-ons, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, and dozens of other free plugins on WordPress.

Brainstorm Force team has a really good track record of developing page builder friendly plugins.

One of their top products is Astra theme for WordPress.

Astra theme: an in-depth review

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes for a couple of reasons.

As of writing this blog post,  Astra theme is the 5th most popular theme in the official WordPress repository.

The Astra Pro comes with the license to use the theme on unlimited sites.

astra logo

Let me present some of the key areas in which the Astra theme excels over other themes in the WordPress marketplace.

  1. Built for speed : The Astra theme is built taking speed into consideration. It’s built from the ground to be sleek, lightweight, and not impact the page load times. I’ll be explaining how the page load times of Astra Pro compares with other themes shortly.
  2. Best theme for page builders : Astra Pro is the theme that’s specially built from ground-up to be perfectly compatible with popular page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, and others.
  3. Modular approach : One thing I liked about Astra Pro is that they neatly organize their features in the form of modules. As the theme comes with literally hundreds of features, you can disable the features by deactivating the modules. This approach also helps the developers to add new features to the theme relentlessly.
  4. Developer friendly : As the Astra Pro theme comes with abilities to add hooks and filters, it is super-easy for developers to extend the functionality of the theme without touching the base code.
  5. White-label option: Astra Pro comes with the white-label option. This is very helpful for agencies to do their own custom branding. This is an option that’s something that’s rare to see in pro version of the themes.

WP Astra theme – What’s inside?

Astra WordPress theme comes with two version – the limited free version and the premium version . The premium version of the theme comes with more functionalities and customization options which I will discuss in the next section.

You know what?

The Astra free theme comes with limited features like limited website demos, layout control, header/footer options, Elementor integration, WooCommerce integration, and much more.

For some people who’re not willing to spend money, Astra free theme may be enough. But in that case, having some basic CSS knowledge comes handy.

On the other hand Astra Pro is the one I’m using on this site and it comes with even more powerful features like transparent header, hooks/filters, blog layouts, mega menu, header section, page headers, better typography, custom layouts, white label, footer widget, WooCommerce designer, and much more.

There are plans for agencies as well – the mini-agency and agency license. It comes with all the pro features, and as well as access to all of their plugins like Ultimate addons for Elementor, Ultimate addons for Beaver Builder, Schema Pro, Convert Pro, and WP Portfolio plugin.

How fast is Astra Pro compared with others?

It makes sense for me compare the speed of Astra with its competitor GeneratePress, and also as I’ve used it before it’s easy for me as well.

 Testing Page speed

This is the page-speed test done on this very site installing both Astra and GeneratePress.

The first screenshot is of Astra Pro and the second one is of GeneratePress . The difference of page speed between GeneratePress and Astra is negligible.

I’ve tested in the blog page of my site, because in the homepage I was using Thrive Architect.

I’ve my site hosted on WPX hosting with MaxCDN. I’ve had plugins like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, others installed on my site. While testing both the theme speeds, the plugins were the same and I made no changes to the site in the middle of testing.

Both of themes load super-fast. But Astra pro effectively competing with GeneratePress even with tons of features is commendable.

Customization options

 Customization options with Astra Pro

You can access the tons of customization options with Astra Pro theme offers right in the WordPress customizer. You don’t need to move back and forth to hunt for options to modify the aspects of the theme.

As you can see in the screenshot, the customization options are neatly organized in sections like the layout, colors/background, typography, menu, buttons, background images, etc. The number of customization options in each of these sections is astounding.

Astra Pro addons

As the theme comes with tons of customization options, the developers have made it easy to disable the unwanted addons. This modular approach is what I liked the most.

To give you an example of how deep the customization is possible, refer the below screenshot of how easy it is to change the border radius of the read more button.

 Customization with Astra Pro

It is very much possible to modify every aspect of the theme without touching even a bit of CSS code.

Mobile-friendly options

Astra Pro theme comes with a module called “Mobile Header”.

You need to activate it.

Astra Theme Mobile Header

When you navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header > Primary Menu. Mobile Header options are listed under different tabs.

Astra Theme Mobile Menu
Astra Theme Mobile Logo

Here as you can see, there are various options like menu breakpoint, menu label, menu label, toggle button style, toggle button color, etc.

The default menu breakpoint for Astra is 921px. For example, if a breakpoint is set to 554px then the desktop header will be visible till 554px width and it will change to mobile header below 554px.

This is really a good feature to hide the menu items under a toggle button on mobile screens or narrow screens.

There are also different menu styles like dropdown, flyout, fullscreen, etc. You also have various toggle button styles as well like minimal, outline, and fill.

Astra theme also comes with the ability for you to set different logo for mobile devices.

With this, it doesn’t serve the usual big desktop logo even for mobile devices thus speeding up the page.

Support for page builder plugins

As explained earlier, the Astra theme is built from the ground-up to be perfectly compatible with most of the popular page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and so on.

The ability to add Elementor elements in the header bar is possible with Astra Pro plugin. This is the area in which most of the WordPress themes lack in.

Added to it, the various page templates are available right in the post editor.

Astra settings

As you can see you can make the content full-width by disabling the sidebar, hide the post title, and many other per-post or per-page features are there to add in a lot of flexibility when designing landing pages.

Like this, Astra pro has taken care of intricate aspects and problems that you face everyday when designing websites with page builders.

Pre-Built websites

The Astra theme comes with loads of pre-built websites that can be imported in a click of a button.

No one would like to design a website from scratch. So, you need to just install this free plugin and it registers an option called Astra sites under appearance.

 Pre-built websites

These are actually great-looking professional sites and also all of these sites are categorized neatly so that you find the relevant premade site easily or else you can also search the template using the search bar.

It’s great that they’ve made an additional optional plugin for implementing this functionality rather than baking it right inside the core plugin.

These are whole websites, not just pages. Some of these sites require Elementor or Beaver Builder to be active on your site.


Almost all the WordPress themes claim that they’re SEO friendly. But only a few of them actually have the features that make them SEO-friendly according to modern SEO standards.

The first aspect is that the Astra Theme is lightning fast. As you perhaps already know page speed is one of the top ranking factors.

Astra theme schema markup

Also, the Astra theme adds schema markup to each and every page on your site by default. You can take this to the next level by using their plugin Schema Pro.

As you may know, implementing schema markup in your web pages is very important for Google, as it is displaying rich snippets and also feature your site in knowledge graph.

Hooks and Filters

Astra Pro offers hooks and filters for developers to modify/add new functionalities without touching the codebase.

In fact, there is a separate free plugin from the Brainstorm Force team to visualize where the hooks/filters code is inserted.

Hooks and Filters

Custom Layouts

Astra theme comes in with a functionality for custom layouts that enable you to add the content in any position of your site.

Custom Layout

I make great use of their hooks functionality to insert the Elementor sections and templates at specific pages on my site.

Custom Layouts Hooks Astra Theme

I’ve added some Elementor sections on my WordPress site.

Custom Layouts Examples

Here you can see the custom layouts I have to display the different Elementor sections at different places of my theme.

Support and pricing

The support provided by the Astra Pro developers is great. If you have any queries you can mail them or you can also open the tickets in the support section of their site.

They also have a very in-depth knowledge base on their site. If you have difficulties during the installation, customization, you can refer their extensive knowledge base.

Coming to pricing, as I’ve already told they have both free and pro versions of the theme.

The Astra Pro comes at a yearly price of $59/year or you can opt for the lifetime deal at $249. There are also two other plans mini-agency and agency bundle plans coming $169 or $249 / year. The lifetime price for both of these agency plans is $499 and $699.

Astra agency plans

The agency bundle plans come with all of their other plugins.

For using Astra theme on client websites, you don’t necessarily need an agency bundle. Even their beginner Astra Pro license comes with the ability for you to use the theme with unlimited client sites as well.

Astra theme discount or coupon code

Currently, the Astra Theme does not offer any discount or coupon codes. They have one official discount code for 10% OFF.

Astra Theme Coupon Code - Reveal

Astra Pro theme is the best WordPress theme especially for Elementor and other page builers

Astra Theme Coupon Code - Reveal

Astra Pro theme is the best WordPress theme especially for Elementor and other page builers

This offer is applicable on their Astra Pro and agency plans.

Apart from this official discount, they aren’t offering any other discounts or coupons.

FAQs on Astra Theme

What builders work with the Astra theme?

Astra theme works with almost all the page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect and many more.

Does the Astra theme offer a white labeling feature?

Yes. Astra Pro comes with a white labeling feature for your own custom branding. If you have an agency this feature is a big winner for you.

Is Astra theme SEO friendly?

Yes of course. Astra theme is built keeping SEO in mind. Astra has lightweight code thus speeds up your page speed and it also comes with schema markup.

Does Astra come with pre-built websites?

Yes. If you don’t want to build your site from scratch you can make use of its Astra starter sites plugin and import the pre-built websites with just a single click

How is Astra when it comes to speed?

Astra is fully optimized for speed. With its lightweight code, it doesn’t affect the page loading speeds. Astra installed site loads in less than 0.5 sec.


Astra theme is the best WordPress theme I found in my blogging career especially when it comes to usage with page builders. I’ve tried and tested many themes, but this one beat ’em all with extensive features and robust customization options.

When I switched from GeneratePress to Astra theme some years ago, it had some extra features that hooked me in. But fast-forward to 2020, GeneratePress has also really come a long way and is almost comparable to Astra theme.

Hope you liked my Astra theme review.

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