4 Free Simple Twitter Tools to Unfollow Inactive Users

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In this post, I’ll present you the best Twitter tools that help you  clean up your Twitter followings.

If you are a power Twitter user, you may need to unfollow non-followers and inactive Twitter users on a regular basis. Some of the people you follow on Twitter can be fake accounts or you may have followed them accidentally.


As the time rolls on, your followings list will be piled with plenty of inactive accounts. When you grow your reputation to an extent online, people start noticing whom you follow. It may be a painful process to get rid of inactive followings all at once.

So, I advise you to clean up your Twitter accounts and get rid of inactive fake Twitter accounts and unfollowers periodically.

Best Twitter tools to unfollow inactive users

  1. ManageFlitter – Twitter-only tool that comes with most features
  2. Circleboom-Great tool to clean up your Twitter account
  3. Untweeps – Simple tool to unfollow inactive users
  4. Crowdfire – Supports both Twitter and Instagram

The above are the tools I’m reviewing in this blog post. These Twitter tools help you to unfollow inactive Twitter users and also people not following you back.

#1. ManageFlitter

For using this Tool, you just need to head over to ManageFlitter. There you need to authorize the tool with your Twitter account.

Now on the left sidebar, you can notice that there are many features like unfollowing users not following you back, talkative users, fake users, etc.

In those options, you need to make use of inactive users and also fake users (spam).

Quiet users- ManageFlitter

This tool is a great tool for you to unfollow Twitter users based on their activities and clean up your profile.

However, the only downside is that you can only unfollow up to 100 users per day.

In order to increase the limit to 200, you need to follow ManageFlitter on Twitter, or you need to subscribe to their newsletter to get 300 more unfollows per day.

You may even opt for paying $12 a one-time free for getting up to 2000 unfollows daily.

#2. Circleboom

Circleboom is a Twitter Management Tool to clean up your Twitter account by finding the accounts who are not following back, spammers, fakes, inactive, and talkative

If someone is not tweeting for more than 30 days, Circleboom marks them as inactive accounts so you may consider to unfollow them.

Circleboom classifies your friends & followers as inactive Twitter accounts, talkative accounts, fakes, and spammers. So you can only focus on the right ones to follow.

Circleboom- Inactive users

Circleboom always has a free tier.  Given the features and pricing of Circleboom, the tool is definitely one of the best among its rivals.

While other Twitter tools like ManageFlitter start their monthly pricing from $12 per month, Circleboom provides all the features at $4.5 per month.

#3. Untweeps

This tool is dedicated exclusively to unfollowing Twitter users who are not active for a period of time. As this tool is dedicated entirely to unfollowing, the interface is straightforward and a no-brainer.

After opening the site, it will directly redirect you to the authentication page of Twitter. There you want to give the tool privileges to manage your followings.


After the authentication is finished, the next thing you need to do is to list the accounts of all the Twitter users who have not Tweeted from a defined period.

Now you need to just check the boxes beside the inactive users, and hit the “unfollow” button at the bottom the window to get your task done.

Pro tip: If you hate checking the individual boxes manually, you can execute a simple JavaScript in your browser console to check all the checkboxes in the window. You can also use a Chrome extension called Check All.

If you want support for multiple Twitter accounts, you can opt for the pro plan of Untweeps.

#4. CrowdFire

Crowdfire inactive users

This is one of the best apps to unfollow inactive users based on their last active time on Twitter.

CrowdFire supports Twitter, and as well as Instagram. That’s the great part.

This tool also has professional plans, with additional features. But if you are looking to only unfollow inactive users, the free version of the app will be great for you.

This tool also has Android and iOS apps for your smartphones. You can make use of them to clean up your Twitter account while lying idle on your couch.

Apps for your cellphones

Unfollow for Twitter – This app is available for iOS, and it makes your job of flushing out your stale followings easier.

Unfollowers Instagram, Twitter – This app is for Android devices, this app supports both cleaning of Twitter and Instagram inactive users.

These are the best two smartphone apps, that help you unfollow inactive Twitter users on your account.

Wrapping up

You should remember to be careful before unfollowing any Twitter users because these automated tools can easily do unintended things without proper initial configuration and attention.

Let me know if you’ve got tools that help you clean up your Twitter account. I will be glad to hear more from you in comments about any other tools that help you to unfollow non-followers.

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