Top 5 Search Engine Position Checkers that are Indeed Free

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Everybody loves to track their blog’s progress in Search engines. Search engine position checkers help in determining whether you are affected by major algorithmic updates and your SEO strategies are driving nuts or not!

Even slight spike on your SE position checkers can get you motivated to blog. It’s also very important to track the progress of your blog in search results. You should not be fully dependent on the figures provided by Webmaster tools, as they are inaccurate.

Statistics of a blog should be maintained so that it will be useful for future references or even a case study.

It also helps you understand the ranking mechanism of various search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Let it be.

Free search engine position checkers


SEMRush search engine position checker

SEMrush is one of the best competitor analysis tools online. It helps you keep a record of both your competitors’ site as well as your site.

It displays the keywords for which a domain or page is ranking for and their position.

Like this, you can enter any URL and take a look at all the keywords the page is ranking for.


SERPMojo position checker

It is basically an Android app that helps to keep the record of all keywords that the specified sites are ranking for.

It also offers you to back up the records to SD card and Google Drive. It stores the backup in the format of .serpmojo. On opening this file, it will import the data to the app if installed.

You can track unlimited domains and URLs. It supports all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
It visualizes the data in graphs lso that you can easily monitor the search engines positions of the selected keywords in time.

It supports top 100 results in Google, Yahoo, etc.

It is also available as a pro version, with more features like automatic background update and much more analytics.


This is a free Chrome extension, that I use it all the time for tracking the ranking for my keywords.

Before doing a search just turn on the extension. This silently records the rankings of results as you browse.


Next time, when you browse for the same keyword, it shows the position changes live in the SERPs.

This will be handy if you check rankings of your blog, repeatedly for some keywords.

FatRank rank checker

FatRank search position checker

Fastest, one of the top search engine position checker available. It is available as Google Chrome Extension.

While on a blog, you need to enter a keyword. Then the FatRank checks the position of the site for the specified keyword and then returns the value. It’s very helpful when you want to check quickly whether the page is ranking for the keyword or not.

I recommend installing this plugin for every webmaster and bloggers and keep track of the keywords that you are ranking for.

Moonsy Google Rank Checker

Moonsy Google rank checker

It’s one of the easiest tools to know the search position of a page. You just need to enter the page you want to check and then the keyword. It will return instant results.

You can also add a competitor’s web address to compare your results with them.

The need for checking Google rankings

  • To know whether a particular algo has affected you.
  • To know whether your blog is climbing up in SERPs.
  • To determine what improvements in your blog should be done.

Let me know what search engine position checker tool do you use or recommend.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Search Engine Position Checkers that are Indeed Free”

  1. Hey Akshay,

    Thanks for this list, I’m only familiar with a couple of these but I don’t really check my rank often. You probably know a little about me now, I’m not big on the search engine status with my blog. They aren’t my top priority although I am not ignoring them by any means.

    I appreciate this list though, thanks for sharing these resources with us.

    Hope you’re enjoying your week.


    1. Adrienne, I know that you don’t give a damn for seaech engine rankings. Loyal readership and relationships has been the main fuel for your blog.
      However tracking keyword ranking may sometimes be important.

      Glad you found this helpful.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Have a nice day ahead.

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