Hi guys, we are here with a success story of Rohit Kulegi.

Last month (March 2020), he reached the $1000/month mark.

Rohit screenshot

Upon reaching the milestone, he outreached me and thanked me. I was deeply humbled by his gesture!

Isn’t that what true fulfilment is?

He told me that my Amazon Affiliates course helped him a lot to break some of his beliefs in blogging, and finally got him unstuck and succeeded.

I invited him for an interview on my YouTube channel, but he rather accepted being interviewed on my blog.


Can you please tell me a bit about yourself? [100 words]

I am Rohit Kulegi, a last year student from New Delhi, and I am 23 years old.

I am into this Internet Marketing thing from the last three years, before that I never knew how this all works.

I am just a typical kind of person, who doesn’t know what his passion his, but there is one thing that I love and that is weight training, and I can do that 24*7 if my body allows it.

Now I am a blogger, as I know the scope of blogging and what one can achieve from blogging or from internet marketing.

What were you doing before your current successful blog?

I was new to this, I made all kinds of sites to earn money but all of them failed because of Google updates and my spammy link building techniques,

I always used to spam my site with loads of comments and backlinks, but after so many failed sites, I learned a lot of things.

What was your greatest failure , what did I learn, and how did you overcome it?

I started two APK niche sites two years back, I did all the good things related to on-page SEO but as I was new to this, I spammed the off-Page SEO of the sites,

Because of that, my sites didn’t come to Google’s first page and after the algo update, it completely went off from the SERPs. I invested all my savings in these two blogs and they failed miserably.

What helped you be successful with your current blog that’s making 1,000/month?

At first I targeted the products which were below the $50 price and that is the first mistake I did with my previous affiliate sites.

Then I learnt to pick products of above $400 price and because of these products I achieved $1000/month mark.

What strategies in BloggingX Pro helped you achieve this mark?

As I told that I didn’t know anything about the off page SEO and that is why all of my previous sites failed,

But after learning strategies from your course, I learned how to make backlinks for my site without doing spam, and I also learned how to pick the high-priced product keywords.

Also, after watching your training videos I learned the basics of how to pick a low competition keyword. Before that I never knew how to pick low competition keywords.

I picked a niche in which I can write. Because at the beginning I have to write all the content by myself.

Once you got your hands on these proven strategies, how did your journey go?

After completing the course, I made notes from the course so that I don’t need to watch the videos again and again, and from the notes I started my work.

First, I picked a niche which I liked most.

At first I didn’t have the budget to outsource the content, so I created the content by myself, and then after publishing 25 posts and after two months of work, then I started making the comment backlinks and web2.0s.

Then after making 10-15 comment backlinks from high authority and low OBL sites I went back to again started working on content, and then after 4 months of work, I noticed that I picked wrong products as the commission % is very low.

Again, I started all the work from scratch, and picked keywords of $400 price range.

In the beginning I only posted 25 posts and thought that is enough, but no these are not enough. If you want to make a 4-figure income you at least should have 150 articles on your site with good on page SEO and should review high price range products.

After publishing 25 posts in the first two months, I worked on backlinks for one month, then again started publishing with 30 more posts in two months, and then one month for backlinks.

And then after six months, I again published 40 more articles and dedicated another month on backlinks. My site has around 135 articles on it and right now I am again working on content.

My site contains mostly reviews and “best” type of content, and most of my sales came from review articles.

I used a simple SEO strategy, don’t do anything that looks spammy, like creating 100 backlinks in one week or publishing 100 articles in one week.

Create links naturally, from high OBL sites, from guest posts, and from forums as well.

How much time do you spend blogging? How do you manage your time? Any tools and strategies?

I spend most of my day writing content, you can say it takes me around 4-5 hours to write an article and another one hour to publish it on site and submitting to the webmaster.

I spend most of my time writing content and finding new keywords to work on. The tools I used are simple, Google SERPs, Ahrefs, Moz, Mailshake and Google Sheets and Docs.

Where do you see yourself going with your blogging career in the next months/years?

I am working on one site right now, first I complete the 200 article mark on this site, then I’ll start another Amazon Affiliate site.

What are the strategies you’re looking to implement to get to that point?

Strategy is simple, create more content, create high authority links which looks natural, and that’s it.

Can you please name some of the favorite bloggers you follow in the community?

Look, I don’t have any favorite blogger.

You have to learn from your mistakes, yeah there are many great people around us who want to help people in learning as well as earnings.

But at last you have to do the work, no one is going to come to your home to do your work.

What’s your final message for aspiring bloggers?

There are many things all around us which attracts all of us, but you have to stick to one thing for at least six months.

As I told you I started with the APK niche, then went to CPA as well, and spent my savings in these.

Then I learned one thing, first master one thing, then go for another,

As I am not a master of others that’s why I am still with Amazon affiliates, and I have no plans to shift from this to any other thing.

For the first six months you will not see much earnings, as it is difficult to make the first $100. But after the first hundred dollars all the things become very simple.

I had many misconceptions about off page SEO, but after the course, I learned one thing, don’t spam.

Earnings report

In 2019, my blog earned around 1400 dollars in one year,

But in 2020, my site earned 1800 dollars in the first four months,

I am now partnered with other affiliate sites as well, and from there I earned around 1200 dollars in 2020 as well.

First $100 is difficult, then you know how to multiply.

And this is the best thing about this, once you learned how to do this, you can easily multiply.

Earnings report

If you are a beginner or you have many misconceptions like I had, then you need to learn how SEO works and how Google treats sites by looking at their link building methods.