Presto Player Review – Is it Really the ONLY Option?

Presto Player is the ultimate WordPress video player plugin for course creators, podcasters, and online marketers. It ensures solid performance, video privacy, and several game-changing features like muted autoplay preview, student focus mode, video chapter support, and a sticky video player. With Presto Player, you can have complete branding and customization control. Moreover, this video player plugin comes with Google Analytics integration. If you’re a course creator or online marketer, you can analyze your video performance and optimize their subsequent value delivery for more user retention.
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☆ 4.9
It combines several top-notch features that cater to course creators, marketers, and podcasters at a reasonable price. It includes video chapters, private video, an audio feature, etc.
Ease of use
☆ 4.9
This video player has a user-friendly interface. It allows you to upload, customize, and embed videos on your website without coding skills. It feels more intuitive and modern.
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☆ 4.6
Compared to other old-school WordPress video player solutions, Presto Player is highly affordable for its features. You can get Presto Player Player at $69 per year.
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☆ 4.7
Presto Player ensures top-notch support to all their customers via support tickets and a contact form.
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Are you searching for a cutting-edge video player for your WordPress website? Are you wondering if the premium version of the video player is worth buying?

Today, we’re bringing you an in-depth review of Presto Player with usability and functionality in mind.

Presto Player is one of the best WordPress video player plugins, which allows you to upload, customize, and embed videos on your website effortlessly. It is an excellent platform for online course creators, podcasters, video marketers, and bloggers who want to make the most out of the visual content on their WordPress websites.

Free video platforms like YouTube are great for entertainment purposes. But for online courses and sales videos, you’d want more control and features at your disposal.

That’s where Presto Player serves its value!

It comes with a decent amount of features, including private audios and videos option, muted autoplay preview, custom video preset, video chapters, and many more. Besides that, Presto Player supports multiple sources to upload your videos and audio, including the direct upload, custom-built blocks, or embedding from YouTube or Vimeo.

In this Presto Player review, we will look into its features, pros and cons, and ways to set up this video player on your website.

Let’s get started.

FeaturesPresto Player
Product TypeWordPress Video Player Plugin
Free PlanAvailable
Mobile AppNot Available
PricingThe Starter Plan costs $69 per annum. Check out their pricing page for complete pricing plans.
Suitable ForOnline course creators, video marketers, podcasters, and bloggers looking to improve their website’s visual content.
IntegrationsPresto Player supports:
➡ Multiple video sources (, YouTube, or Vimeo)
➡ Multiple LMS (LifterLMS, LearnDash, or TutorLMS)
➡ Several Page Builder Modules (Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, Divi Builder, and Elementor)
➡ Google Analytics and
➡ Email Marketing Platforms

View all Presto Player integrations
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CompetitorsBunny Stream and Vimeo Pro

Overview of the Products

Presto Player is a feature-rich yet affordable video player plugin for WordPress. It is one of the best tools in the market for adding videos to your WordPress website.

It is specifically designed to help you connect with your website visitors, build brand loyalty, and generate leads with video or even podcast content.

It is the perfect fit for online course creators, online coaches, personal brands, start-ups, niche websites, eCommerce stores, and real estate agents.

What Do We Like About the Presto Player 👍?

  • Presto Player allows you to create a brandable video and audio player by adding a custom logo and color that matches your brand theme. It can be convenient to create a distinct brand identity and boost marketing qualified leads through your sales videos.
  • This video player plugin keeps your videos secure by making them private. It offers two private video options — Self-hosted and private — both require users to log in to access your video.
  • You can use Presto Player with any video hosting platform, including YouTube and Vimeo. This feature allows your website to use less bandwidth than direct upload, which eventually makes your site much faster. But I bet you’ll be using either YouTube or Bunny Stream.
  • Presto Player includes a sticky player feature to retain your visitors’ attention, even when they scroll. It’s similar to picture-in-picture mode. This can dramatically boost conversions, especially on sales landing pages!
  • It integrates with several popular page builders, including Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg. These page builders have their own Presto Player blocks, offering all the features and customization options of this powerful plugin.
  • Presto Player allows you to add video chapters with time codes to make your videos easy to navigate. It is especially beneficial for course creators to make sure that the information delivered to the students is bite-sized for easier comprehension.
  • This video player plugin includes saved positions and preferences. Your audience can save the timestamp and continue watching from the saved position later.
  • Presto Player comes with built-in Google Analytics support. It allows you to get deep insights into your viewers and track the performance of your videos. With this, you can optimize your videos for more user retention and value delivery.
  • Presto Player allows you to connect your favorite Learning Management System (LMS) to your website, including LearnDash, LifterLMS, or TutorLMS. With LMS integration, you can customize the settings of your course videos and toggle video progressions to help your students learn efficiently.
  • Besides that, this video player plugin supports several email marketing platforms to automate marketing processes and generate leads.

What We Don’t Like About the Presto Player 👎?

  • The free version of Presto Player has limited features. If you want to access the advanced features of this WordPress plugin like muted autoplay, integration, secure private videos, insert video chapters, etc., you must spend extra bucks on the Pro version. The Starter package of Presto Player costs $69 when paid annually.
  • Since Presto Player is a relatively new product, it still has minor bugs and issues. For instance, they recently fixed the issue with the volume control button. The volume button was not working when you clicked on the chapter button.

Latest Product Updates 🎈

Although Presto Player was launched only a year ago, it has already launched several product updates.

Some of its latest product updates are

  • Implementation of native HLS for iOS devices to boost its compatibility with several HLS streaming services.
  • It has launched Modern and Business skins for the video player in the free version.
  • It has released a brandable audio player — now you can start hosting audio podcasts on your website.
  • Added video and audio timestamps to improve user experience.
  • It has released the automatic transcoding feature, which automatically optimizes your videos for the web.

If you want to know all the updates of Presto Player, click on the link button.

For Whom is Presto Player?

To be honest, Presto Player is suitable for all WordPress websites that upload video content. However, it is best suited for marketers, course creators, and podcasters.


If you’re an online marketer looking to engage and convert your website visitors, here are a few features you’re going to love about Presto Player.

  • Customize your audio and video player to reflect your brand.
  • Play muted video with captions in the background to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Create custom style presets to control every setting of your sales video.
  • Add an action bar in your video to prompt your users to take a specific action.
  • Integrated Google Analytics — you can track the performance of your sales videos and optimize them.

Course Creators

Presto Player offers a good amount of features and flexibility to give your students an exceptional learning experience.

  • Protects your course videos from illegal piracy through members-only videos.
  • Allows your students to navigate through different video chapters.
  • Supports multiple LMS and their video progression tracking to encourage students to watch the full course.
  • Includes student focus mode and distraction-free interface to retain the audience’s attention.
  • Add custom layouts and presets to brand your course videos.


With brandable video and audio players, Presto Player is a great tool for podcasters to get more plays and leads. Here are some features you’ll love about this plugin:

  • Option to use built-in presets or customize your player as you want.
  • Lightweight design and lazy-loading support for better website performance.
  • Protect your podcast episodes from piracy with its audio and video protection option.
  • Add timestamp links in your podcast transcripts for better navigation.
  • Add call-to-action buttons in your podcast to grow your email list.

Bottomline: Presto Player serves as an excellent video player plugin for just about anyone who uploads videos on their WordPress website. However, its rich features and a brandable player best suit course creators, marketers, and podcasters. Even if you’re a beginner, its advanced features and easy-to-use interface are enough to get you started.

Presto Player Gutenberg Block

Presto Player comes with several video block settings to enhance your video content on your WordPress website. With these advanced settings, you can fully customize your video player for better visibility and reach.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the different video block settings of Presto Player and what you can do with each section.

Video Blocks

Presto Player allows you to upload videos and audio files to your WordPress website from multiple sources. It has six built-in video blocks, making the video uploading process much easier and faster.

Presto Player video blocks
  1. Presto Video allows you to upload a self-hosted public video to your website.
  2. Presto Private Video allows you to upload self-hosted private videos to your site.
  3. With Presto Video, you can host public videos on your website using the CDN.
  4. With Presto Private Video, you can host private videos on your website using the CDN.
  5. Presto YouTube Video lets you integrate YouTube videos into your website.
  6. Presto Vimeo Video lets you integrate Vimeo videos into your website.


Video chapter is another killer feature of Presto Player Pro. With this feature, you can manually add chapters to break down your course videos for easy navigation.

Chapters in Presto Player

You can find the Chapters section under the “Block” option on the right-hand side of your window. You can simply add the timecode and title for each chapter in the box to add chapters to your videos.

Video Settings

Video Settings is another important section in Presto Player Video Block. This section includes a handful of settings to control your video player.

Presto Player video settings

These control options are especially suitable for course videos and sales content to attract and engage your website visitors.

Video Presets

The free version of Presto Player comes with a few built-in video configuration presets that you can use on your videos. You can use these predefined presets to quickly set up your video player, depending upon the type of video content you’re uploading.

Presto Player video presets

As of now, there are four predefined video presets in Presto Player — Default, Course, Simple, and Minimal.

Add New Preset

If you do not prefer to use predefined presets, you can take full control into your hands by adding unlimited custom presets for your videos in Presto Player Pro.

  • To create a custom preset for your videos, you can simply click on the “Add New Preset” button.
Presto Player - adding new presets
  • Start by giving your custom preset a name.
Custom presets in Presto Player
  • Select the suitable player styles — Basic and Stacked.
Presto Player video player styles
  • Enable or disable different options under the “Controls, Behavior, and Style” tabs as per your video preference to get the best out of your video player.
Presto Player customization tabs

Global Player Branding

The last section of the Presto Player Video Block is the global player branding option.

It includes a logo overlay feature, which allows you to add your brand logo to your videos. This is an excellent feature to build brand awareness.

Presto Player custom branding

Apart from that, you also have the brand color option in this section. This option allows you to choose a custom color for your video player to match your brand.

Bottomline: Presto Player offers a decent number of video block settings. It allows you to take full control of your video player to meet your branding needs. Not only do these settings help you build a professional-looking video player, but it also boosts your visibility and reach.

Presto Player Video Hosting

Presto Player supports several popular video hosting platforms.

If you’ve already uploaded your videos on YouTube or Vimeo, that’s great! You can simply use the dedicated blocks — Presto YouTube Video or Presto Vimeo Video — to add videos to your WordPress website.

Presto Player choose the video type

However, we recommend the two main Presto Player hosting options — self-hosted and


In the self-hosted option, you can directly upload your videos or audio to your WordPress website. There are two video block options for self-hosted videos — Presto Video and Presto Private Video.

Upload Presto videos

In Presto Video, you can only upload public videos on your website.

In Presto Private Video, you can fully protect your videos from being pirated by enabling members-only access. is a top-notch content delivery platform that offers affordable CDN, storage, and optimization service.

Make videos private with

If you’re using as your video hosting option, you’re basically paying for two different services — storage and bandwidth.

The pricing of the Bunny Storage is only $0.01/GB per month, while the bandwidth costs you only $0.005 for 1 GB of data per month.

Bottomline: If you’re a course creator or marketer who prioritizes video content on your website, we recommend you to use the hosting option. It is highly affordable and offers much better flexibility than the self-hosted option. That being said, the integration is only available in the pro version of Presto Player.

Presto Player Free vs. Pro

Free Version

The free version of Presto Player is great for bloggers and start-up websites that only share a few videos. It comes with all the basic options to get you going but misses out on a lot of the advanced features.

The free version of Presto Player offers:

  • Default Video Preset
  • Multiple Video Sources
  • Sticky Video Player
  • Branding Color
  • YouTube Video Support

Pro Version

Presto Player Pro is suitable for online marketers, podcasters, course creators, professional bloggers, and business owners. It comes with advanced features to get your video content to the next level. However, you’ll have to spend some bucks to access the Pro version of Presto Player.

Here’s what Presto Player Pro offers:

  • Video Chapters Options
  • Muted Autoplay Preview
  • Custom Video Preset
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Video Integration
  • Pro Helpdesk Support

Bottomline: The free version of Presto Player offers basic features that let you upload videos to your website. The best part? You don’t have to spend a single dime to get started. However, we recommend you to use the Pro version as it brings several advanced features to the table. If you’re only getting started, you can invest in the annual plans. But, if you’re looking for a long-term video solution at a reasonable price, you should go with the lifetime deal.

Presto Player Integrations

Presto Player offers native integrations with several video sources, marketing tools, online learning tools, and page builders. Connecting these tools adds more functionality and flexibility to your media player.

As of now, here is the list of tools integrated with Presto Player:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor
  • LearnDash
  • Uncanny Automator
  • RankMath
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp

Bottomline: Since its release, Presto Player has rapidly added integrations with some of the best tools on the web. As of now, this video player has integration with the most popular video sources, online learning platforms, marketing tools, and page builders. With the way they’re progressing, Presto Player is likely to have integration with other tools in the near future.

Presto Player Pricing

Presto Player offers two different pricing plans — Annual Plans and Lifetime Deal.

Presto Player Annual Plans

If you’re not yet ready to make a long-term commitment with Presto Player, you can settle for their annual plans. There are two different options in the annual plans — Starter and Pro.

The starter option costs $69 for a year-long service. However, it only allows you to use this video player plugin for only one WordPress website.

Presto Player pricing

On the other hand, the Pro option costs $99 for exactly the same feature. But, this option allows you to use the plugin on up to 25 websites.

Presto Player Lifetime Deal

If you’re a course creator or a marketer planning to use this plugin for a long time, you should consider buying Presto Player’s Lifetime deal. You have two payment options for this.

Presto Player Lifetime Deal

You can either make a one-time payment of $399 or split pay in three different installments of $133 each.

You can use the Presto Player on up to 25 WordPress websites on the lifetime plan.

Bottomline: Presto Player’s pricing is highly affordable. Its free version only includes limited features. Instead of paying annually, we recommend you to choose the Lifetime pricing plan for $399 to save huge. Considering it’s coming from a reputed founder and has an impressive changelog, you can never go wrong.


Presto Player comes with reasonable documentation to help you get started with the plugin. However, it only covers basic topics, which may not be enough for serious issues.

Presto Player support

For this reason, Presto Player provides professional and premium support to all its customers. Presto Player offers 3-year premium support on lifetime deals and 1-year premium support on annual plans. They offer both a ticket system and contact form support.

So far, in our experience, we’ve had the support team respond to our ticket within a few hours.

They also have YouTube videos and plenty of knowledge base for getting your queries solved as well.

Presto Player Alternatives

Bunny Stream vs. Presto Player

Simply put, Presto Player is a video player plugin. Bunny Stream is more of a video hosting and streaming service with a video player.

Presto Player comes with:

  • Both self-hosted videos and external video hosting platforms.
  • Advanced features like chapter marking, members-only option, muted autoplay preview, custom presets, and video analytics.
  • Ability to manage your video files on your WordPress website.

If you go with Bunny Stream:

  • It only supports hosting as a video source option. Regardless, the playback experience is fast and reliable.
  • It offers limited video player features. Unlike Presto Player, Bunny Streams does not have muted autoplay preview and chapter marking.
  • You have to stick to the interface to manage Bunny Stream’s videos. It offers full control over your video player, playback features, and security.
  • You do not have to pay extra costs. You’re only paying for’s bandwidth and storage! The video player, transcoding, and security features are all free of charge.

Vimeo Pro vs. Presto Player

For years, course creators have been using Vimeo Pro to share their course content on their WordPress websites.

But, things have changed since Presto Player’s release! Although Presto doesn’t come with video hosting unlike Vimeo, it supports many video platforms plus the flexibility of WordPress.

Presto Player offers:

  • Private video option to protect your videos from illegal downloads.
  • Massive cost savings when paid annually ($8.25 per month).

With Vimeo Pro:

  • You won’t get a video protection feature. Vimeo Pro videos are easily downloadable illegally with a Chrome extension. We’ve experienced this as course creators first-hand!
  • It is relatively expensive compared to Presto Player ($20 per month).

Other ​​WordPress Players

There are many WordPress players like Easy Video Player, Ultimate Video Player, Elite Video Player, etc. most of these are CodeCanyon plugins that are rarely updated and can be full of bugs.

They can feel pretty boring and have a lot of refinements and features to be desired. Forget about the page speed.

Presto Player is the first comprehensive media player solution of its kind and is optimized with the latest UI/UX in mind.

FAQs on Presto Player

Is Presto Player free?

Yes! Presto Player is a free WordPress video player plugin. However, the free version of Presto Player only offers limited features. To unleash the full potential of this plugin, we recommend you to invest in the pro version.

What are the benefits of Presto Player?

Presto Player comes packed with industry-leading features and branding options. Besides that, this WordPress plugin is super-lightweight, blazing-fast, and highly affordable.
For more Presto Player benefits, you can refer to the “What Do We Like About the Presto Player?” section in the article.

What is the best video source for Presto Player?

Presto Player supports multiple video sources to host your videos on your WordPress website. You can host your videos using the self-hosted option, CDN, YouTube, or Vimeo.
However, we’d recommend connecting your Presto Player with CDN to host your videos on your website.

How do I add videos to my WordPress website using Presto Player?

Adding videos to your WordPress website with Presto Player is a breeze. You can upload your video directly to the Presto Player’s Media Hub or add it from your preferred video sources (, YouTube, or Vimeo).
Moreover, you can enable several options to customize your video player. Finally, save the settings and add the video to your website page.

Does Presto Player support LearnDash?

Yes! Not only that, but Presto Player allows you to connect your WordPress website with several popular LMS, including TutorLMS and LifterLMS.

Wrap Up

Let’s get this straight.

If you’re an online marketer, podcaster, course creator, or even blogger who makes online videos, we recommend you to get Presto Player. It offers a huge potential to enhance the quality of your video content. Also, it can save you a lot of money, even when you integrate this plugin with CDN.

Presto Player is for you if you:

  • Upload videos from multiple sources, including YouTube,, and Vimeo.
  • Protect your audio and videos from illegal piracy with members-only options.
  • Want to grab your viewers’ attention immediately and make them stick to your videos.
  • Need built-in analytics support to track your video performance.
  • Want to help your students navigate to specific parts of your course with video chapters.
  • Prompt your visitors to take specific actions with the CTA button and action bar.
  • Need to customize your video player to meet your branding needs.

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