Today in this post, I’m going to present you the pCloud Black Friday offer.

What is pCloud?

If you’re new to pCloud, it is one of the best cloud storage providers that came into the market just a few years ago. Due to its highly secure and advanced features, it is popular. In many ways, it’s also similar to its competitors like OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Although its user base is not as big as that of Google Drive or Dropbox, the growth of the platform is impressive.

This offer is for limited time!

This offer is for limited time!

👉 This Black Friday, pCloud is offering upto 85% OFF on its storage. Plus, it’s offering a new and exclusive 5TB 3-in-1 lifetime bundle deal.

Black Friday Offer

Black Friday offer:

PlanNormal priceThis Black Friday offerSavings
Premium 500 GB (Lifetime)$570$13976%
Premium Plus 2TB (lifetime)$1140$27976%
Ultra 10 TB$6000$89085%

Plus, you have the 3-in-1 bundle that costs just $599.

pcloud bundle

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With this Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, you may have to even reconsider your Dropbox, Google Drive, or subscription.s, as this is a much better bang for your money!

Added to this, pCloud’s integration features help you easily migrate your data into pCloud easily.

pCloud overview

pCloud logo

pCloud offers excellent security, unlimited downloads, uploads, and more. It is one of the best cloud services available, and its security is top-notch. pCloud is a great choice for anyone looking for an online storage solution.

It offers users a secure place to store their files online. With this tool, you can access the files from anywhere, and share them with others easily. You can access these files from any device as well.

pcloud google trend

If you look at the above trend graph you can better understand its popularity.

Grab 85% OFF on pCloud

Latest feature updates:

pCloud tags

pCloud has recently rolled out two new features for their pCloud Pass functionality. It has introduced a tags feature that helps you sort and organize passwords, and also introduced a password sharing feature so that you can easily share your passwords with family members or teammates.

pCloud features

pCloud is a great cloud service with top-notch security, excellent cloud storage, unlimited downloads, uploads, etc.

When it comes to uploading speeds, pCloud beats the performance of Dropbox greatly. I was amazed to see this.

Storage and uploading

The best thing with pCloud is that it doesn’t utilize your pCloud storage for hosting the files.

pcloud save

pCloud has a Chrome extension called pCloud Save for Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. This was super useful for my team as each member prefered a different browser. With this, just by right-clicking the image, you can save them from the web directly to the cloud. Along with this, you can select a copy of the text and save it on the cloud directly as a Word document. This is an extremely helpful feature.

One more time-saving feature is the remote upload. With this, you can directly upload the link of the videos or the images to the pCloud upload manager without downloading them first.

When it comes to the servers, pCloud provides you the option to choose between servers located in the U.S. and the EU to store your files.

Now, what about the security?

Security features

pcloud remote upload feature

pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption for the files transferred from your device to pCloud servers.

When it comes to file sharing, you can invite the users to the shared folders, share the links directly to download, receive the files directly to the pCloud account with file requests, etc.

The shared links are dynamic and always show the latest version of the files. For privacy, you can set a password for the shared link or even set an expiration date.

Untitled 123

You can even go with the additional paid service pCloud Crypto to encrypt your files on the client side. With this, you can keep your files safe from any unauthorized access.

Now, let’s discuss about video and audio players.

Video and audio players

pCloud comes with a built-in video and audio player for you to preview and play the files instantly.

pcloud usage

I personally use pCloud to collaborate with video editors. With files hosted on pCloud, they can easily access the files and folders and send them back after editing.

pCloud mobile

You can even access pCloud on mobile with both Android and iOS. Both apps are well-developed and easy to use. With the automatic upload feature, you can even back up your mobile photos and videos instantaneously to your pCloud account.

Moving on to the the dashboard now. Here, you can back up multiple platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive, etc., which is an amazing feature.

With pCloud file versioning, you can access the file revisions, see the previous versions of your files from 15 days(free) to 30 days(premium), record all file changes in your account for up to 360 days, etc. The features are exhaustive and offers a ton of flexibility for you.

pCloud Pass

pcloud pass

If you’re looking for a secure and convenient way to manage your passwords, pCloud Pass is the perfect solution. With its military-grade encryption algorithm, your passwords are stored in the most secure way possible.

And with a one-click login feature, accessing your favorite sites and filling out forms is a breeze.

Sign up today and see how easy and secure password management can be!

With pCloud Pass, you can log in to sites and fill out forms with a single click without having to remember or type in long, complicated passwords. This feature is available for all devices, browsers, and operating systems, making it the perfect solution for password management on the go.

Also, you can import all your passwords from unsecured browsers, other password managers, or CSV files in seconds. pCloud Pass encrypts your passwords using AES-256-bit encryption so you can ensure your passwords are safe and secure. You can also generate strong and unique passwords for all your online accounts.

Why Use pCloud?

Well, here are some reasons to use pCloud today.

  • Fast, secure, and reasonably-priced.
  • Based in Switzerland and hence, it has to adhere to the strict Swiss privacy laws.
  • Works well for both business and personal users
  • Offers a dedicated media player.

FAQs on pCloud Black Friday deal

  1. Does pCloud has announced a Black Friday deal?

    Yes, save up to 85%. Read this post to know more.

  2. When will the pCloud Black Friday deal start?

    It is available throughout the Black Friday week.

  3. Is the offer available only for a limited time?

    Yes. pCloud, on their official website, announces the duration of the offer.

  4. What is pCloud?

    This is a cloud storage to store all your files and folders. This Swiss company offers an excellent user interface for easy navigation.

  5. Is pCloud for me?

    Yes, it is ideal for anyone looking for a secure and reliable cloud storage.

Grab pCloud Black Friday offer


If you want a highly secured cloud storage solution to protect your data and files, pCloud is the best option for you.

For true end-to-end security, you need to get the pCloud Crypto feature at an additional cost.

pCloud is the best cloud storage for content creators, video marketers, and bloggers to share files and collaborate with team members.

I hope you found this pCloud Black Friday post helpful.