pCloud Black Friday 2021 – 75% OFF 2TB Lifetime Deal!

pCloud is one of the best cloud storage providers that came into the market just a few years ago. This year, they are offering a massive discount of 75% OFF on its 500GB and 2TB plans.
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Today in this post, I am going to present you the pCloud Black Friday offer. This year, they are offering a massive discount of 75% OFF on its 500GB and 2TB plans.

They are also running Cyber Monday deal as well.

pCloud Black Friday lifetime pricing

pCloud Discount!

This offer is for limited time!

pCloud Discount!

This offer is for limited time!

This time they are offering discount for people already having pCloud account as well. You can upgrade upto 4TB!

Is one of the best alternatives to Dropbox that comes with features like good Windows and Mac applications, block-level syncing, and also collaborative features.

Black Friday offers:

Plan Normal price Black Friday price Get the deal

500GB Lifetime



Get 75% Off

2TB Lifetime



Get 75% Off

Click on the link below to activate the offer.

After getting the deal optionally you can also get their crypto addon for $125 lifetime. But for most people, it’s quite optional and not really needed.

Plan Regular price Cyber Monday price Get the deal

500GB + Crypto [Lifetime]



Get the deal

2TB + Crypto [Lifetime]



Get the deal

If you’re looking to get a really good online storage above 500GB and 2TB, for a lifetime deal – pCloud won’t disappoint you.

pCloud’s normal pricing is very high and may not be affordable for all. But with its Black Friday offer, you can save up to $357.5 on a 500GB lifetime plan and $735 on a 2TB Lifetime deal.

On normal days you will get 65% off on pCloud’s lifetime deal. But on Black Friday, the discount is up to 75%. Thus this is the best time to get this discount on pCloud.

pCloud Cyber Monday

With this Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, I guess you need to reconsider your Dropbox, Google Drive or Sync.com subscription. Added to this, pCloud’s integration features help you easily migrate your data into pCloud easily.

Best cloud storage solutions

pCloud is one of the best cloud storage providers that came into the market just a few years ago. But due to its highly secured and advanced features, it is popular similar to its competitors like OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Although it’s user base is not as big as that of Google Drive or Dropbox, the growth of the platform is impressive.

pCloud Google trend

If you look at the above trend graph you will get to know its popularity.

On this Black Friday, pCloud is offering a 75% discount on its lifetime deal.

pCloud features

pCloud is a great cloud service with top-notch security, excellent cloud storage, unlimited downloads and uploads, etc.

When it comes to upload speeds, pCloud beats the performance of Dropbox greatly. I was amazed to see this.

The best thing with pCloud is that it doesn’t utilize your pCloud storage for hosting the files. You can “favorite” your files and store them for offline usage.

Pcloud save

pCloud comes with a Chrome extension called pCloud Save for Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. With this, just on right-clicking the image, you can save images from the web directly to the cloud. Along with this, you can select a copy of text and save it on the cloud directly as a word document. This is an extremely helpful feature.

pCloud remote upload feature

One more time-saving feature is the remote upload. With this, you can directly upload the link of the videos or the images to the pCloud upload manager without downloading them first.

pCloud provides you the option to choose between its two servers located in the U.S. and the EU to store your files.

pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption for the files transferred from your device to pCloud servers.

You can even go with additional paid service pCloud Crypto to encrypt your files on the client-side. With this, you can keep your files safe from any unauthorized access.

When it comes to file sharing, you can invite the users to the shared folders, share the links directly to download, receive the files directly to the pCloud account with file requests, etc.

The shared links are dynamic and always show the latest version of the files. For privacy, you can set a password for the shared link, even set an expiration date.

pCloud comes with a built-in video and audio player for you to preview and play the files instantly.

pCloud usage

I personally use pCloud to collaborate with video editors. With files hosted on pCloud, they can easily access the files and folders and send me back after editing.

You can even access pCloud on mobile with both Android and iOS. With the Automatic upload feature, you can back up your mobile photos and videos instantaneously to your pCloud account.

Within the pCloud dashboard, you can backup multiple platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and OneDrive, etc which is an amazing feature.

With pCloud file versioning, you can access the file revisions, see the previous versions of your files from 15 days(free) to 30 days(premium), record all file changes in your account for up to 360 days, etc.

Grab pCloud Black Friday Deal


If you want a highly secured cloud storage solution to protect your data and files, pCloud is the best option for you.

For the true end-to-end security, you need to get the pCloud Crypto feature with additional cost.

pCloud is the best cloud storage for content creators, video marketers, and bloggers to share the files and collaborate with team members.

I hope you found this pCloud Black Friday post helpful.

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pCloud Black Friday Deal (Greatest Sale of the Year)

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