Top 7 Online Micro Job Sites to Earn Money

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Freelancing and micro jobs have become the main source of income for many of the online earners.

It’s like earning money with your little extra skills and knowledge in your spare time.

It’s like cool.

Top micro job sites

In micro job sites, you can easily earn huge money in a long run. All you need to do is, post your skills as Gigs and wait for your skills to get hired and watch out.

Many of the online users prefer freelancing and doing micro jobs to blogging. There are many reasons for it. Freelancing and micro jobs need no technical knowledge of setting up a blog, hosting it on a server, etc.

It’s the best way to earn money passively in the long run.

Here are the…

Top five Micro Job sites that are worth trying:

In micro jobs, you’re just a worker working on some jobs and earning money. There are plenty of people who live their life freelancing. As well as there are many websites that offer you micro jobs.

Finding the best platform to succeed in freelancing and doing micro-jobs may be a daunting task.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best risk-free micro-job sites out there.

On this site, a freelancer can sell his skills for $5. Postings of the skills in Fiverr are called Gigs.

If a freelancer gets hired, he will get $4 earnings. Remaining $1 is kept by Fiverr as commission. Many users are demanding Fiverr to lower its commission rate of 20%, which they think is unfair.

Some examples of Gigs, which freelancers post in Fiverr are backlink building, logo designing, Photoshop work, much more.

As your reputation in the site increases, then there will be greater chances of people hiring you as a freelancer. Once you stand strong, then there will be no limit to your earnings.

Once you are featured as a top-rated seller, then your Fiverr income stream will spike like anything. BAM!

However, it requires patience, time, and hard work.

2. GigBucks

GigBucks is the perfect Fiverr Alternative.

The only drawback of Fiverr is its pay rate is only $5. In Gigbucks, the pay rate may range from $5-$50.

This is the only reason which makes GigBucks more effective than Fiverr. However, unfortunately, GigBucks is not as popular as Fiverr.

For earning effectively on this site, you need to have expertise in any particular niche.

#3. FiverUp

In this site, you can buy or sell gigs ranging between $4 and $100. Their website is very similar to that of Fiverr.

#4. SEOClerks

This site, only deals with gigs related to SEO, Link building, Internet marketing. You can only buy or sell gigs related to SEO stuff.

It is perfectly suitable for Webmasters and bloggers who are passionate in their profession.

#5. TenBux

It is double to that of Fiverr. The gigs are for $10 and they keep $2 as commission for every sale.

Some tips for effective gigs:

  1. Be as descriptive as possible.
  2. Keep keyword optimization in mind for titles, descriptions.
  3. Include catchy images.
  4. Be on time.
  5. Build a great relationship with your customers.

Final words 

Doing micro-jobs requires patience and hard work. To get more profit, more gigs need to be sold. For this, you need high reputation and high ratings. It takes time. Once you’re established, then sky is the limit for your earnings.

I hope you loved this list of micro job sites and earn money using these sites.

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