In this post, I'm going to provide you a KWFinder discount to save you  20% on this awesome keyword research tool.

KWFinder is one of the most popular keyword research tools that's been gaining massive popularity lately. The tool is known for its speed, and also the most accurate keyword difficulty score when compared to its alternatives like LongTailPro and others.

The coupon code I'm gonna present you here will be applicable on the Mangools subscription and gives you access to their tools like KWFinder, SERPChecker, and also SERPWatcher.

How to avail the discount?

I've set up a promo code for our readers to avail a decent 20% discount on both monthly and annual plans. You may know that the annual plans already sell at 50% off the monthly plans. This coupon code will add you 20% additional discount.

Kwfinder coupon applied

The coupon can't be applied manually while checking out. You need to click on this exclusive link to get access to the discount.

If you choose the annual plan, along with the 50% off regular discount, you'll be getting additional 20% off. Which accounts to 70% off the monthly price.

Overview of the tools


This is the most famous tool in their toolset.

This tool lets you research for some of the very low competition keywords very easily. You just need to enter the seed keyword in the search bar and hit enter.

Kwfinder report

According to KWFinder, this is how you can determine the competition of the keyword based on their keyword score.

Keyword SEO difficulty:

0 – 9: effortless
10 – 19: go for it
20 – 29: easy
30 – 39: still easy
40 – 54: possible
55 – 74: hard
75 – 89: very hard
90 – 100: don't do it

I would target the keywords that have keyword difficulty of below 25. Any keywords that fall in my range are easier to rank. And also, the keyword difficulty score of KWFinder is surprisingly accurate when compared to other tools.

Along with the score, you also will get the keyword ideas to additionally target in your blog post. The keyword difficulty score will also be displayed along with it. You can add great keywords as favorites for future reference and also refer the SERP results to get  more idea about the keyword competition.


This is another tool you get access to along with KWFinder. This is really helpful in case if you want to do manual keyword competition research.


It displays the top 10 ranking results for the given keyword along with metrics like DA, PA, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, MozRank, MozTrust, backlinks (Majestic) and also social shares. This will be very helpful for you to determine whether you could rank for the keyword easily.


SERPWatcher is their upcoming rank tracker tool (at the time of writing this post). They claim to have incorporated many of the advanced features in their rank trackers when compared to conventional rank trackers to give you accurate tracking.

Below is the screenshot of what you can expect from SERPWatcher.


After SERPWatcher is launched, the prices will increase. But, if you buy KWFinder package before this tool is released, you can get access to SERPWatcher free of cost.

The KWFinder's annual plan costs you $149 after the regular 50% off. With the 20% discount I've offered you, you'll get access to the tool for only $119.5.

Mangools pricing

Final words

Above are the prices after the below discount is applied. Go for the plan that's most suitable for you. For me, I personally think the basic plan is enough for most users as it comes with 100 lookups per day and also 200 related keywords per search.

The premium plan will come with 5000 lookups per day and also 700 related keywords per search.

Hope you found this discount on KWFinder helpful.

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