Kajabi Black Friday Deal: Get 2x the Value and Double Down

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform to launch your own courses and products online. This Black Friday is the right time to double down and leverage its 2x features.
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In this post, I am presenting you Kajabi Black Friday Deal.

Kajabi Black Friday Discount!

This offer is for limited time!

Kajabi Black Friday Discount!

This offer is for limited time!

Kajabi is the most powerful all-in-one digital product selling platform.

In Black Friday 2018, Kajabi ran a really BIG promotion.

This year Kajabi is offering deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Kajabi Black Friday

Here are some of the details:

  • You get 2x the features on your basic plan
  • Access to their affiliate program feature for letting your friends, family promote your product in the basic plan itself
  • Their brand new Titan Marketing course it's a 6-week online marketing training for taking your business to the 8-figure level
  • 3 coaching calls for the next 3 months, once a month for your progress.

On their basic plan, you typically get to create only 5 products. But on this Black Friday, you get access to create 10 products instead of 5 products. Also, instead of regular 25,000 marketing emails, you get to send 25,000 more marketing emails.

The number of active members is increased to 2,000 from the regular 1,000 members.

You get to create 2 websites instead of 1, and also 50 marketing funnels instead of 25 funnels.

Will keep you updated regarding the Kajabi Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers on this page.


What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform for creating online courses, build your own site and send the marketing campaigns.

Does Kajabi offer certificates feature like Teachable?

No, unlike Teachable, Kajabi has no inbuilt certification feature

Where Kajabi excels over Teachable?

Kajabi offers lecture specific automation, it comes with its own marketplaces, and it doesn’t come with transaction fees. But the Kajabi costs more than Teachable.

Does Kajabi come with email marketing software?

Yes. It has in-built email marketing software and you have options for creating create email broadcasts and as well as sequences.

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Kajabi Black Friday Deal (Greatest Sale of the Year)

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