Jasper.ai Black Friday 2022 Deal: Save $1,714 and Get 3 Bonuses

Jasper is one of the best AI content writing tools available to help content creators, bloggers, freelancers, and agencies to level up their content creation game. On this Black Friday, Jasper is offering $1,714 OFF plus 3 bonuses if you sign up for a Boss Mode Annual plan today. The deal ends on – Thursday, December 1st at midnight PST.
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Today in this post I am going to present you the Japer.ai Black Friday deal. Jasper is one of the best AI content writing tools available to help content creators, bloggers, freelancers, and agencies to level up their content creation game.

On this Black Friday, Jasper is offering $1,714 OFF plus 3 bonuses if you sign up for a Boss Mode Annual plan today. When you claim this Jasper’s Black Friday bundle, you will get:
👉 1.2 million words for your team + all features of Jasper (Savings of $198).
👉 300,000 bonus words that never expire (Savings of $297).
👉 3 seats of Jasper Art to create amazing images with AI (Save $720).
👉 Claim a ticket to Jasper’s in-person conference (Save $499).

Deal ends on – Thursday, December 1st at midnight PST.

➡ 👋 Get this Jasper Black Friday deal now.

japserai black friday
jasperai black friday bonuses
claim jasper black friday offer

Jasper provides quality output with its proprietary AI trained on the top of GPT-3. You can use Jasper to write sales copies, video & ad scripts, email campaigns, and much more with no writer’s block.

How to avail Jasper’s Black Friday offer?

claim jasper black friday offer

First, click on this link. This will take you to Jasper Black Friday deal page. Here get the Boss Mode bundle that costs $990/year. This deal will be valid till Dec 1st 2022. So, make you grab this deal before it ends.

On normal days this bundle costs $2,181 but on this Black Friday you can save up to $1,714.

Recently Jasper has updated their pricing plans.

jasperai black friday bonuses

Along with this you will also get 3 bonuses.
👉 1.2 million words for your team + all features of Jasper (Savings of $198).
👉 300,000 bonus words that never expire (Savings of $297).
👉 3 seats of Jasper Art to create amazing images with AI (Save $720).
👉 Claim a ticket to Jasper’s in-person conference (Save $499).

Jasper features

jasper use cases

You can use Jasper to generate content for social media, advertising, write articles, copywriting, emails, video scripts, and whatnot?

jasper ai templates

Similar to other AI writing tools on the market, Jasper provides various templates to get started easily. Just all you need to do is provide the input for the AI to generate the content for you.

These are the templates available as of writing this post:

  • AIDA Framework
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework
  • Product Description
  • Content improver
  • Creative Story
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph
  • Sentence Expander
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Facebook Ad Headline
  • Personal Bio
  • Review Responder
  • Perfect Headline
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text
  • Company Bio
  • Google Ads Headline
  • Google Ads Description
  • SEO – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Amazon Product Features (bullets)
  • Real Estate Listing – Residential
  • Amazon Product Description (paragraph)
  • Engaging Questions
  • Website Sub-Headline
  • Quora Answers
  • Photo Post Captions
  • Short Social Posts
  • Ridiculous Marketing Ideas
  • Marketing Angles
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Video Topic Ideas
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Video Script Outline
  • Video Titles
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction
  • Explain It To A Child
  • Video Description
jasper linkedin post creator template

Very recently, Jasper has introduced these 3 new templates –

  1. LinkedIn Post Creator
  2. One-Shot Blog Post
  3. Content Summarizer

You can set the tone of voice as engaging, informational, convincing, etc to trigger the right emotions in the audience reading your copy.

There is something called Jasper recipes wherein you can create custom templates with prompts/commands to get the output you desire. Using these recipes, you can train the AI to get the required output. To know more about this, you can refer to my review of Jasper AI

Jasper comes with a long-form assistant feature available with its Boss Mode plan. With this, you can write long-form blog posts, video scripts, sales pages, and social media posts with no restrictions on the word count. If you want to write long posts for your website, this is a deal breaker.

jasper long form editor

You just need to provide the title and the content brief for the AI to write the content. In the content brief, make sure you provide the right keywords and set the tone so that it nudges AI in the right direction.

Jasper grammar fixer

The quality of the output provided by Jasper is really good and is plagiarism-free. It automatically corrects if there are any editing typos. Use its “fix grammar” feature to correct grammatical errors. It also has features to rewrite and simplify the sentences inline in the editor.

Jasper supported languages
jasper supported languages

The best thing about Jasper is it supports 25+ languages. This is really a helpful feature if you want the content in your local language or your target audience’s native language.

You can use Jasper keyboard shortcuts to write faster inside the editor.

  • ***: Prevents Jasper from seeing the content above these asterisks.
  • Command + Enter: Run Command
  • Command + Shift + Enter: Run Command and keep Command visible on the page after running.
  • Command + K: See Command history
  • Command + /: re-run
  • Command + Z: undo
  • Command + J: compose
Jasper long form editor

Jasper long-form assistant has two modes. Power mode and the focus mode.

With power mode, you can access the templates alongside the editor, making you efficient in generating long-form content.

For example, if you think some part of the content needs improvement, you can make use of the content improver template in the sidebar and update the content right away without switching the tabs.

Jasper Surfer integration

If you want to SEO-optimize the content, you can integrate Jasper with SEO Surfer. With this, you can make sure your content is optimized for the relevant topics and the keywords the top pages are ranking for.

Jasper commands
jarvis boss mode

Jasper excels over other AI writing tools with its Boss mode. You can use inline commands in the editor to speed up your writing. You can ask AI to write the copies for you by commanding it.

Here are some of the commands you can provide for AI:

Marketing Frameworks:

  • Write a PAS for the content above. (Problem, Agitate, Solve)
  • Write an AIDA for the content above. (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • Write a BAB about the content above. (Before, After, Bridge)

Blog Posts

  • Write some blog post titles about [topic].
  • Write a content brief about [topic or title].
  • Write a blog outline for a blog post titled [blog post title].
  • Write some FAQs about [blog post topic].
  • Answer the question, “How much protein should I eat per day?”.
  • Write a blog post intro for the above.
  • Make a list of [topic]. (ex. Make a list of auto manufacturers)
  • Write a conclusion about the above content. (Likely to write a conclusion paragraph)


  • Write some ad headlines for the product description above.
  • Write ad copy about the product description above.


  • Write some YouTube titles about [topic].
  • Write a video script outline for a video titled <video title>.
  • Write a video script intro for a video titled <video title>.
  • Write a video script hook for a video titled <video title>.
  • Write a video description for the above video script.

Japser Chrome extension:

jasperai chrome

If you’re a fan of Jasper, then you’re in for a treat! They’ve just released a brand new Chrome extension that makes it even easier to write better content anywhere.

With this extension, you can access the templates anywhere on the web, at any time you need.

You can use it on platforms like –

  • Google Docs
  • Email
  • Canva
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Webflow
  • Much more.

Jasper pros and cons


  • It has a very active Facebook community to assist you.
  • Integrates with SurferSEO – helps in correlational SEO similar to tools like Frase or Outranking.
  • Has a powerful Boss Mode by which you can Command the AI to generate outputs.
  • Comes with a grammar fixer, rewrite, and content simplifier to edit inline in the editor.
  • 50+ useful copywriting templates that help to get started.
  • Using Jasper recipes, you can create custom templates and train AI to generate the outputs as per your use cases.


  • Pricing is quite high. The lowest plan has a word count restriction of 35,000 words.
  • Some learning curve is needed to get the desired results.
  • You cannot export the copy as PDF or DOCX.


Jasper is the most powerful and feature-rich AI writing assistant available on the market today. It helps you to speed up your content creation by 2x to 5x depending on the niche.

Though it costs a lot, it is worth the price for some (time value for money). Its Boss Mode is a game-changer that gives you access to commands to get the content exactly you need to steer AI in the right direction.

If you are a freelancer, blogger, or agency owner Jasper is the best value you can invest in and get a higher ROI.

This Black Friday is the right time for you to avail the discount on Jarvis.

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