Today in this post I am going to present you the Black Friday deal. Jasper is one of the best AI content writing tools available to help content creators, bloggers, freelancers, and agencies to level up their content creation game.

This offer is for limited time!

This offer is for limited time!

On the last Black Friday, Jasper offered $1,714 OFF plus 3 bonuses.

japserai black friday

On the purchase of Jasper’s Black Friday bundle, users got:

  • 1.2 million words for your team + all features of Jasper (Savings of $198).
  • 300,000 bonus words that never expire (Savings of $297).
  • 3 seats of Jasper Art to create amazing images with AI (Save $720).
  • Claim a ticket to Jasper’s in-person conference (Save $499).Last year Black Friday offer  👆

⏰ Deal start date – For this year, they have not announced the deal yet. Keep an eye on this for all the deal updates.

Get Jasper Black Friday deal

How to avail Jasper’s Black Friday offer?

First, visit their Black Friday deal page. Here you can see all the offer details.

Last year’s Jasper Black Friday offer

Click on “Claim My Discount + Bonuses” and follow the further steps as you proceed.

Last year, they have offered $1,714 discount along with bonuses.

👉 For this year, they have not announced the deal yet. We will update here once the offer goes live.

Visit Jasper Black Friday deal page

Jasper latest updates

  • Partnership with Google Cloud: Enhance the AI engine to take your brand to the next level.
  • Unified brand voice: Create marketing campaigns that maintain a consistent brand voice across all channels with Jasper’s workflows.
  • Unlimited word counts: Write without restrictions with updated pricing plans that support unlimited word counts. They did this to catch up with ChatGPT.
  • Updated to OpenAI’s GPT-4 algorithm: Experience the improved AI capabilities with OpenAI’s latest algorithm update.
  • More AI workflows: They have added many more AI workflows for you to systematically generate content for various use cases without the need for prompt engineering knowledge.

Jasper features

untitled 18

You can use Jasper to generate content for social media, advertising, write articles, copywriting, emails, video scripts, and whatnot.


jasper templates

Similar to other AI writing tools on the market, Jasper provides various templates to get started easily. Just all you need to do is provide the input for AI to generate the content for you.

These are few of the templates available:

  • AIDA framework
  • Problem-agitate-solution (PAS) framework
  • Product description
  • Content improver
  • Creative story
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Much more

You can set the tone of voice as engaging, informational, convincing, etc., to trigger the right emotions in the audience reading your copy.


untitled 19

These are nothing but Jasper’s AI-powered campaigns that are designed to execute in a series of predefined template prompts. You have several workflows including:

  • Ad
  • Blog post
  • Email campaign
  • Social media campaigns
  • Etc

Let’s see one example – Blog post workflow

jasper blog post workflow step 1

First, you need to provide these below inputs for AI.

  1. Blog post context description
  2. Blog post title
  3. Set the audience
  4. Tone of voice.
untitled 20

Following this, Jasper writes an intro, creates an outline, and expands on that.

Using a paragraph generator, you can expand on each of the outline sections.

Jasper and Surfer integration

untitled 23

If you want to SEO-optimize the content, you can integrate Jasper with SEO Surfer. With this, you can make sure your content is optimized for the relevant topics and the keywords that top pages are ranking for.

Jasper Commands

Think of having ChatGPT-like commands functionality in a long-form document editor.

jasper commands

Here are some of the commands you can provide for AI:

  • Write a blog outline for a blog post titled [blog post title].
  • Write some FAQs about [blog post topic].
  • Write a feature-benefit mapping for a feature that does [feature description].
  • Etc.

Previously, you had to type in the command, select it, and hit command enter to execute. But now, there is a dedicated field where you can enter the commands and execute them seamlessly.

Jasper Chrome extension

jasperai chrome

If you’re a fan of Jasper, then you’re in for a treat! They’ve just released a brand new Chrome extension that makes it even easier to write better content anywhere.

With this extension, you can access the templates anywhere on the web, at any time you need.

Jasper Art

Recently, Jasper has introduced this feature to help businesses create unique images using artificial intelligence.

Its features include:

  • High-resolution 2k px images
  • Royalty-free commercial use
  • No watermark
  • Unlimited generations
jasper art

All you need to do is provide AI with the right prompt describing what you want to create. To ease the process, you can use its “Enhance prompts” to make your prompt descriptive. You can set the style, mood, and keywords to create better images.

jasper art addon

This add-on costs $20/mo per user. You are free to create unlimited images.

Jasper Chat (chat mode)

This is an AI bot that interacts in a human-like language. You can ask it to write newsletters, guides, posts, emails, scripts, or whatever you wish.

jasper chat mode

Furthermore, you can ask it follow-up questions to refine the output.

Its integration with Google Search provides up-to-date and more accurate results. It also includes all the sources as a reference.

It also has an “Enhance prompts” feature to optimize your inputs and prompt AI in the right direction.

View Jasper Black Friday offer

FAQs on Jasper Black Friday deal

  1. Has Jasper announced a Black Friday deal?

    Not yet. Still, they have not announced their Black Friday deal. Once the deal goes live, we will update this post.

  2. When will Jasper’s Black Friday deal start?

    The dates are not disclosed yet.

  3. Is the offer available only for a limited time?

    Yes. Jasper, on their official website, announces the duration of the offer.


Jasper is the most powerful and feature-rich AI writing assistant available on the market today. It helps you to speed up your content creation by 2x to 5x, depending on the niche.

Though it costs a lot, it is worth the price for some (time value for money).

If you are a freelancer, blogger, or agency owner Jasper is the best value you can invest in and get a higher ROI.

This Black Friday is the right time for you to avail the discount on Jarvis.