Internet is full of amazing people with amazing skills. Some of them reach their online success in short span, and the others take years of hard work to achieve success online.

So today, I am interviewing Stuart Walker from NicheHacks, he’s the one who is achieving success in very short span of time. This is the first ever interview on GBT.

He has some of the tips and strategies, which managed him to climb at the higher level. For success in online Internet marketing, usual strategies won’t work. You need some special strategies and unknown tricks that lets you grow up at a very fast rate.

Stuart Walker again proves this.

Stuart Walker and I came into contact via e-mail. I subscribed to his newsletters and updates; he delivered some of the great niche ideas, to come up in online marketing. I thought of interviewing Stuart Walker, by noticing his creative ideas and strategies.

I asked some questions to which Stuart Walker answered honestly.

The interview begins…

How you got an idea of starting NicheHacks?
I wanted to create an internet marketing blog, but I knew it had to be something different and more specific than just an ‘internet marketing blog’ or a blog about ‘blogging’, which there is so many of out there. 

So I started looking at sub-niches: like niche research, traffic, email etc. And noticed there really weren’t many blogs out there focusing on these topics solely. 

Far too many IM blogs are generic and unfocused. Blogging on anything IM related and not really nailing a specific topic.

Initially I thought I’d mostly cover different ways to do niche research, and then it occurred to me that instead of just telling people how to find niches I could actually reveal niches to them.

No one else is doing that so it makes me pretty unique.

What are your best three link building strategies?
I haven’t done any for the blog. I don’t think it’s wise to build forced links to your main site.
I just put out good content, regularly link to, and feature others in the niche, which gets me social shares and links from them.

Despite not focusing at all on SEO I rank well in Google for a lot of terms and Google is my #1 traffic source.

What are your five favorite blogs?

Usually how long a new blog takes to get decent organic traffic?
Totally depends on what the blogger who runs it does. If they do nothing to promote if they might never get there. In the beginning, I promoted my blog hard and networked well. It quickly picked up Google traffic.

Plus with my mailing list constantly driving people back to the blog 100 visitors a day was done in no time.

What are the actionable SEO advices and good SEO practices for 2014?
Not much of an SEO guy anymore.

I focus on quality content and lots of networking. I prefer to focus on traffic sources I have more control over i.e. Blogs, forums, social media, email etc.

What are some of the less known, yet creative ideas to get traffic?
Your biggest source of traffic is your auto responder. Your whole goal of your blog should be to get people onto your list and drive those people back to your content.

How long did it take to get decent traffic to your blog (with figures)?
The blogs been live since December 2012 so it’s about 8 months old. I get over 20,000 visitors a month right now and growing every month.
I actually haven’t done anything to promote it now for months as I’ve been focusing on content, conversions and improving my email list. 

How to get readers share your content?
Make it awesome so they want to share it. Have plenty of social share buttons visible. Social lock content to get more shares.

Give incentives for people to share it. Ask them to share it.

Secret of your online success in one word.
You have to focus and work hard. Put in long hours with little reward.
I often work 12+ hours a day on the blog. 

What is your advice for our readers?
Work hard. Focus. Be determined. Don’t give up. This isn’t easy and it DOES take work, but it’s worth it in the long term

What do you think of GoBloggingTips, any tips for our blog?
You don’t seem to be building an email list? That needs to be your #1 priority for your blog so start doing it now. My email list sends about 5,000+ visitors a month back to my blog.


  1. Hard work is the key essence of success.
  2. E-mail auto responders are one of the greatest source of traffic; I think it is one of the reasons for success of Stuart Walker.
  3. Focus on natural backlinks instead of forced backlinks.
  4. Social networking matters a lot.
  5. The surefire way to get lots of social shares is to craft quality content, offer incentives, and social lockers.

That’s all folks; this is my short interview with Stuart Walker.