Helium10 Review 2020: Detailed Analysis and Comparisons

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Helium10 is a tool meant to help Amazon sellers increase their profitability through the power of data.

In this article, I will present you with an extensive Helium10 review, as well as how it compares to other tools. Stay tuned and learn more about nailing Amazon sales and becoming truly successful!

Knowing your competition and your market is always part of winning the battle when you try to sell a product on Amazon (or anywhere else, really).

Helium10 enables Amazon to go in-depth with their competition and market research. This allows them to find the right niche and pricing range so that they increase their sales and profitability.

In this review of Helium10, I will go through some of its main features, how they can benefit your business, and how you can make the most out of it.

Helium can feel a little overwhelming when you see it for the first time as it is built as a complex and comprehensive tool. However, when you learn how to use it, you will definitely find that it is extremely helpful.

Helium10 features

Helium10 comes with quite a lot of features (which is part of why it might be a little overwhelming to work with it for the first time.)

However, once you will understand what each feature does and how to work with them, you will find it all a lot easier. It’s just a matter of “training” yourself a bit to work with this tool.

Product research

Product research page

Helium10 allows you to run in-depth product research by using its Black Box feature.

The best part about it is that it allows you to add very in-depth filters, which will help you find and research products on Amazon that can really sell well.

For example, let’s say you sell electronic beauty products on Amazon, and you want to make sure that you invest in the next “big thing” in this niche. In this case, you can use the Black Box feature to filter the products on Amazon that are on a path to become best-sellers.

This type of strategic data can help you find your niche and increase your sales and profitability by:

  • finding the right products
  • finding the right pricing
  • finding the right marketing angle.

XRay can be used in addition to the BlackBox feature. This is a Chrome plug-in that will allow you to research Amazon products right from your browser, as you navigate through Amazon pages.

 BlackBox feature page

Keyword research

As you may very well know it, keyword research is essential when it comes to selling products on Amazon. Helium10 will allow you to do this by using its Magnet2 feature.

Magnet2 works with the largest database of Amazon keywords, which means that you have a lot of data at your disposal when you want to run in-depth keyword research with Helium10.

Moreover, you can also adjust your keyword research filters in very advanced ways (such as by search volume, word count, competing products, and so on). This will make it a lot easier for you to find that “sweet spot” batch of keywords that attract customers to your Amazon pages.

This keyword research feature in Helium10 helps you stop guessing and start working with real data. In a data-driven world, it is more important than ever to not rely on hunches, but on palpable information – and this tool is amazing when it comes to that!

Helium10's keyword research feature

Product launches

Every single feature in Helium10 is meant to help you launch your products on Amazon in a way that gives you a good head-start.

The aforementioned features (Magnet2 and BlackBox) are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to running in-depth research before you launch a product on Amazon.

For instance, Helium10’s Cerebro feature allows you to reverse-research ASIN numbers and see what keywords your competition is ranking for.

Moreover, the Market Tracker and the Mispellinator features enable you to thoroughly research your entire market (to see where your products fit in). Also, they help you make sure your keywords are not misspelled (which happens much more often than you might think).

 Helium10’s reverse-research ASIN numbers

Even more, the Frankenstein tool will also allow you to extract more keyword ideas based on your existing keyword phrases.

This will help you rank better and make sure your Amazon product pages are optimized for both customer attraction and conversions.

For example, if you are already using “red dress” as a keyword phrase, this tool might help you find more ideas of what people are searching for, such as “long red dress”, “frilled red dress”, “lace red dress”, and so on.

Ongoing maintenance

You can also use Helium10 to make sure you increase and maintain your positions in Amazon listings after launching your product. There are a handful of Helium10 features you can use for this purpose.

For example, you can use Keyword Tracker to see how the market changes and how the keywords you ranked for might change in the Amazon marketplace as well. This will enable you to make any kind of adjustments you might need.

In the screenshot below, you can see a list of keywords added to the tracker, as well as a general overview of how you can trace their trends.

Inventory Levels

Furthermore, you can also use the Inventory Protector feature to keep track of your inventory and to prevent any kind of coupon abuse. Also, you can use Refund Genie to keep track of your refunds as well.

 Inventory Protector feature

Another feature you can use in Helium10 when you want to perform the ongoing maintenance of your product listings is Alerts.

This is an incredibly powerful feature because it will enable you to keep 24/7 track of potential hijackers on Amazon (sellers who are trying to hijack your product and sell counterfeits, for example).

Alerts Feature In Helium10

Listing optimization

It is important to perform listing optimization as well, along with keyword search and search engine optimization.

This will optimize your listing in a way that makes buyers choose your product from their Amazon search engine results page, as opposed to them choosing your competition’s product.

The main Helium10 feature to use for listing optimization is Scribbles. This feature will enable you to make the best choices when it comes to presentation photos, product copy, pricing, and even inventory (which Amazon considers as a major ranking factor and which will help you rank higher on listings).

Play around with this feature and see what helps you convert best. Every business is different, every niche is different, and every target audience is different, so test out different options and see what works best for you!

 Helium10's listing optimizer feature

Helium10 Chrome extension

Aside from the main tool, Helium10 will also provide you with a Chrome extension (which you can grab on their site or on the Chrome web store).

This extension does not have all the features of Helium10, but it will allow you to use the very basic features right from your browser while navigating Amazon pages.

 Helium 10 chrome extention

The five features included in the Helium10 Chrome extension are:

  • Xray (which will give you access to 450 million ASINs for you to run an in-depth product, market, and competition research)
  • ASIN Grabbler (which will allow you to copy ASINs in bulk and then use them to create targeted ads)
  • Profitability calculator (which will allow you to run a quick calculation on your profit margin)
  • Inventory levels (which will allow you to see inventory levels on specific listings on Amazon)
  • Review downloader (which will allow you to see and export thousands of reviews from your competition’s products).

While definitely skimpier than the full version, the Helium10 Chrome Extension can definitely be helpful when you want to maximize the efficiency of your Amazon product and competition research.

I believe this might actually be one of the best Amazon seller plugin options on the market at the moment, regardless of what your Amazon history might be (whether you are a beginner or an advanced seller, for example).


The support offered by Helium10 is quite extensive and impressive if we have to be honest. First of all, you can contact them via chat right from the tool – so if you encounter any issue while working with Helium10, you can just pop the chat and click on “New Conversation”, as you can see it in the image below.

Helium 10 support

Furthermore, you can search for articles in their Help Center database, which I definitely recommend.

The Help Center can be accessed via the chat bubble (as you can see in the screenshot above), or you can simply find it on their site, here. There are a lot of articles that might be helpful for you.

Moreover, you can also have access to the community of Helium users via the same link mentioned above. This will allow you to discuss with other users and find solutions to your own issues.

Last, but definitely not least, Helium10’s blog is very good as well. They offer a lot of information on both how to use their tool to maximize its efficiency and on various news items that might interest Amazon sellers. Big up for this blog, really!


In terms of pricing, Helium10 is on the higher end of the SaaS products I have tested over time. It’s not mad expensive, but it’s not the cheapest tool out there either.

The silver lining in this is the fact that it is an actually comprehensive and complex tool that is genuinely helpful for Amazon sellers from multiple points of view.

You can get a free trial of the tool for 30 days, test it out and see what you can do with it and you will definitely find it more than useful. Then, if you want to upgrade, you can choose from one of the three paid packages:

  1. Platinum ($97/ month)
  2. Diamond ($197/ month)
  3. A la carte (which allows you to only access certain features of this tool, each tool being priced differently, ranging from $17 to $97).

On top of the main packages, you can also choose one of the follow-up booster plans:

  1. Beginner ($47/ month)
  2. Pro ($97/ month)
  3. Enterprise ($197/ month)

As I said above, this is most definitely not the cheapest tool – but I think it really does provide value for every cent you spend on it, especially since it gives you a serious advantage over your competition.

Pros and cons

If I had to be honest, there are quite a lot of pros I’d list down when it comes to this tool. I genuinely felt it is a very complex and comprehensive one that offers actual value for the money. In short, this is what I consider to be its best parts:

  • It is an extensive tool with a lot of features
  • It allows you to run in-depth product research
  • It allows you to run in-depth competition research
  • It allows you to run in-depth keyword research
  • It enables you to truly optimize your listings
  • It is specially built for Amazon sellers, which makes it a niche product of great value
  • It gives you access to a LOT of data
  • It has the potential to give you a serious edge over your competition and boost your sales

Nothing is ever perfect, though, and Helium10 makes no exception either. Although I do consider this to be an incredible tool on multiple levels, I feel there might be parts they could improve as well. More specifically, these are the “cons” of Helium10, in my opinion:

  • It feels kind of stuffy and complicated (but this is largely due to the fact that it does have a lot of features). Generally, I feel they might work a bit on their UX design, but this might be a matter of personal preference more than anything.
  • Pricing can be an issue. Clearly, this tool is designed to cover all the needs of an Amazon seller (well, almost, as you will see in bullet point #3 below). However, the free plan is quite limited, and you get the best of the best only for a pretty large sum of money. As such, this might not be a tool that’s suitable for actual beginners on Amazon (unless they do have the necessary funding to pay for this tool).
  • There is no PPC manager included, which I consider being the one missing feature of this tool (and a pretty important one, considering ads are quite important in eCommerce in general).

Overall, I do think Helium10 is more than worth its salt, though. For the money, you get a tool that can really maximize your efforts and help you succeed as an Amazon seller through Amazon tracking and research.

Helium10 vs. its competitors

Without a doubt, Helium10 is one of the best tools of its kind on the market – but that does not necessarily mean that it has no competition whatsoever. In principle, there are two main tools that could compete with Helium10 and SellerApp.

Let’s take a look at both!

Helium10 vs Jungle Scout

Helium 10
Jungle Scout

On the surface, Helium10 and Jungle Scout are quite similar. However, I believe Helium10 can actually win over Jungle Scout from certain points of view. In the end, though, this is all a matter of preference and what you are looking for.

In terms of features, Helium10 and Jungle Scout offer roughly the same features. However, Helium10 is more in-depth and, perhaps, more suitable for the more advanced users (in general).

Both tools offer a Chrome extension, which is amazing. However, the Chrome extension offered by Jungle Scout is paid, while the Helium10 Chrome extension is free.

I believe this gives Helium10 a serious competitive advantage over Jungle Scout precisely because it allows people to test some of its fundamental features for free.

Last, but not least, pricing is a matter you do have to consider. Jungle Scout starts at a lower price than Helium10, but does not provide the same features and does not provide plan customization options. Overall, it is a less expensive tool – but you are also getting less for your money.

Helium10 vs Viral Launch

Helium 10 1
Viral Launch

Both Viral Launch and Helium10 display the same range of features, but Helium10 goes more in-depth with more options (especially when it comes to keyword research and market research).

Overall, they are similar tools, but Helium10 might be more suitable for those looking to perform more advanced research for their Amazon stores.

The pricing points of the two products are similar, with Helium10 being on the more expensive side (especially with the add-ons).

For the money, however, you are getting not only more features, but also a more solid customer support approach (which is something Viral Launch users have actually complained about in the past).

Helium10 vs Sellics

Helium 10 2

It should probably come as no surprise that Sellics and Helium10 too are very similar in terms of features. However, Sellics’ features seemed a bit more user-friendly to me at least.

Their pricing point is based on how much you sell on Amazon, which is also interesting. In general, the prices are lower than in the case of Sellics, but the depth of the features is definitely not the same.

In this department, Hellium10 wins for offering you the best bang for your buck.

It is also worth mentioning that you can only try Sellics for free for 14 days. After that, you will have to settle on one of the paid options, according to the number of sales you have on Amazon.

Helium10 vs Amazeowl

Helium 10 3

I have to admit I loved the branding of Amazeowl. Even more, I believe it is a very good tool when it comes to beginners.

At the same time, I do not feel the range of features it offers is suitable for Amazon business owners who want to perform advanced research.

Amazeowl is a lot cheaper than Helium10, and it might be a great solution if you want to test the waters and see how such a tool could influence your sales on Amazon. If you want to be able to dig deep into the market and the keywords, however, you might want to consider another tool.

Helium10 vs SellerApp

Helium 10 4
SellerApp Logo

SellerApp is another great tool Amazon sellers can use, and which is relatively comparable with Helium10 as well.

Both tools offer roughly the same features, but the same as in the case of Jungle Scout, Helium10 goes more in-depth in terms of what each feature can do (as well as the number of features overall).

Both of them offer free Chrome Extension options, and they are roughly the same in terms of features and quality – so it’s a draw when it comes to this criterion in general.

In terms of pricing, however, SellerApp is actually more expensive than Helium10 from two points of view. First of all, their plans start out at $99 (which is higher than in the case of Helium10) and they can be a lot more expensive than that as well.

Secondly, if you look at pricing from the point of view of what you get for the money, I do feel Helium10 has more to offer. Again, it depends a lot on what you are looking for specifically, though.


I think this is a tool more than worth trying out if you sell on Amazon.

This type of tool should be indispensable to pretty much every Amazon seller these days. The reason I believe this is precise because they offer a lot of options and because they provide you with real, accurate, useful data.

Helium 10 tops the game when it comes to the number of features it offers, to their depth and scope, as well as to usability (yes, it is stuffy and yes it might feel overwhelming at first, but once you get used to it, everything will be really easy).

Would I recommend Helium10?

Absolutely, it is a great tool and a great opportunity for Amazon sellers to upgrade their game and become really successful at their trade.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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