Top 7 Reputed Document Sharing Sites and their Benefits

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Best documents sharing sites

In this post, I will list out the top free reputable document sharing sites, along with their role in SEO and building brand awareness.

For a long time, document sharing has been one of the most effective ways to build tier-1 backlinks to your site. In recent past, many of the bloggers, even repackaged their posts to documents, sprinkling some links back to their blog and shared it on those sites.

Later on when webmasters realized that it led to duplicate content issues, they started uploading spun content on document sharing sites. Here the problem is, Google even crawls and indexes the content on the document sharing sites.

Google can now clearly detect the spun content on the web with its semantic and artificial intelligence.

No worries. But you can still make use some of the reputed online document sharing sites to enhance your SEO and brand awareness.

Top 7 reputed document sharing sites

The sites are sorted in the descending order of their reputation.

  1. Slideshare: There is a misconception that this is just another slide-sharing site. That’s untrue. In addition to slides, you can also upload PDFs and other form of documents in this site. Creating a great profile, and achieving great visibility helps to drive traffic back to your blog.
  2. Scribd: It is known as digital documents library. It’s a perfect platform for you to publish, discover and discuss original writings. The best thing about this is that you can even upload audiobooks to this site.
  3. Issuu: At first you may think this as digital magazine sharing site. But it is well suited for publishing your own writings, documents and gain exposure to your brand.
  4. AuthorStream: In this platform you can publish your slides, and original writings. Creating and uploading awesome slides would be a great way to dominate this rapidly growing document sharing site.
  5. PdfSR: Focused only on PDF documents. They allow you to upload documents and your writing in PDF format.
  6. Zoho
  7. Wattpad

The document sharing sites you select should have high domain authority. Along with it, choosing a site with high Alexa rank for sharing your documents also helps a lot in driving traffic back to your blog. It is also a sign of high interaction within the site.

What are the benefits of these sites for blogging?

In these sites, you can create profiles and follow other people of your interests. You can build relations with popular document uploaders and writers. It helps you in the long-run.

When it comes to growing your brand, you can write some quality articles in the form of documents and upload them to these sites.

There is no rule like your document should be long, and should have a  high word count. You can create compact documents with little information shared in a highly impactful manner.

You can create a document that’s 200 words long, yet filled with unique content, that delivers value.

All that matters is quality. If the content in your document is of high-quality, readers who come across your profile are likely to visit your blog and become a loyal reader.

Wrap up

With the help of these document sharing sites, you can build good backlinks to your other affiliate or niche sites. But I would suggest you to refrain from getting too many backlinks to your authority long-term sites, via this technique.

In the document you upload, I advise you link out to some of the reputable articles online.
I would suggest you to at least mention your brand name.

By this, readers who come across your documents, get to know about your brand.

I hope you found this little blog post on best document sharing sites helpful. Let me know if you’ve got any additional tips to make the most of these sites.

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