ConvertKit Black Friday 2019: Save $1100 With ConvertKit Today

ConvertKit is one of the leading email marketing automation tools in the market.

It is a software made especially for creators like bloggers, course creators, trainers, and podcasters. It was founded in 2013 by Nathan Barry, and since then the growth of ConvertKit is commendable.

It is the email marketing app of choice for big names like Pat Flynn, Ramit Sethi, and many more people.

If you are any form of creator, you may need to consider ConvertKit.

ConvertKit Black Friday Deal

This Black Friday, ConvertKit is running an awesome deal.

On this occasion, you get access to their Creator Starter Kit for only $289.

ConvertKit Black Friday Deal

Here are the things you’ll be getting with the Creator Starter Kit.

Creator starter kit
  1. 12 months of ConvertKit
  2. Creator Pass courses & coaching
  3. 3 months of Teachable
  4. Email sequence templates
  5. I Am A Blogger book
  6. Authority ebook

You have lifetime access to all the courses and templates that are offered in the deal.

On regular days, if you want to get access to the things they’re offering, it’ll cost you $1,400+. But on this occasion, you’re gonna get all these things at a special price.

ConvertKit features

As a complete email marketing software, below are some of the features that ConvertKit has got to offer you.

  1. Automation: It lets you build visual automation workflows. This feature alone helps you totally automate your email marketing. The automation is far more superior than what most of the email providers like MailChimp, Aweber, and others offer you.
  2. Broadcasts: It helps you send one-off emails or newsletters to your subscribers. It really helps you a lot to stay in touch with your base. You can also let ConvertKit automatically send out broadcasts by scanning your blog’s RSS feed. This feature is great to send blog post updates to your subscribers periodically.
  3. Sequences: Sequences are the feature specially made for creators. It enables you to send a set of emails over a period of time. This is a perfect feature for you to create 7-day email courses, and stuff similar to this.
  4. Forms: ConvertKit enables you to build highly attractive forms for lead generation. The features provided by ConvertKit are quite good.
  5. Landing pages: ConvertKit comes with an in-built landing page builder. You can visually build a landing page with their editor. If you don’t have a mechanism to build your landing pages, you can make use of ConvertKit’s own landing page builder.
ConvertKit integrations

It also has dozens of integrations with popular apps and services. Along with native integrations, you can also use their Zapier and webhooks service.

ConvertKit is designed and developed keeping ease of use in mind. The platform is ridiculously easy to use and it’s just like plug-and-play.

You don’t need to worry about all the technicalities, and just focus on getting your message heard by your subscribers.

Wrapping up

ConvertKit Starter Kit is perfect for any creator who’s just starting out or looking to move to ConvertKit.

Although there are a number of email marketing services, there is only a handful of that software that can truly compete with ConvertKit.

But, when it comes to ease of use and learning curve, ConvertKit beats them all.

If you are interested in knowing more about ConvertKit and how it compares with other email marketing software, refer to my review.

I hope you found this ConvertKit Black Friday deal helpful.

Any doubts? Leave them in the comment section below.

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