Today in this blog post I am presenting you the Black Friday deal. is an all-in-one community platform best suited for creators and brands. Black Friday deal

This Black Friday✨, they are offering a huge 25% OFF on Circle’s Pro plan.

Please note that this discount is only applicable to the annual plans for the first 12 months.

This offer is for limited time!

This offer is for limited time!

Circle offers two main plans: the Professional Plan and the Business Plan. The Business Plan includes many automation workflows and customization options.

On Black Friday, there is a 25% discount available for both of these plans.

By purchasing the annual plans, you can save $300 for the Professional Plan and $660 for the Business Plan.

Circle Black Friday deal

This deal will be available on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Get 25% OFF on Circle now

Key features


At its core, is an easy-to-use community platform that empowers individuals and organizations to create engaging communities around their interests.

It helps you bring together your friends, family members, colleagues or any other group of people to share their opinions, experiences, and ideas. With its multiple features such as private messaging, topic channels, virtual events, polls/surveys and more – is the perfect platform for any type of community.

circleso spaces

1. Private messaging & topic channels – You can chat one-on-one with anyone in your network or create topic channels around your interests and invite people into them. This makes it easy to discuss topics around your passions and collaborate with others.

2. Virtual events – Host virtual events such as webinars, seminars, workshops, and more without any hassle. This can help you engage a large audience or even have smaller focused discussions on specific topics.

3. Polls & surveys – You can quickly and easily create polls and surveys to gauge the opinion of your members. This is an effective way to get immediate feedback on any topic, whether it’s related to your community or a new product or service.

4. Activity feed & Nnotifications – Keep up with the latest conversations with your activity feed and notifications settings. You can also customize how you wish to be notified so you never miss an important update.

Courses has a courses feature.

courses in circleso

It allows you to create courses with multiple topics, assign tasks, upload resources, enable discussions, and more. This makes it easy to build and manage your course content all in one place.

You can also invite members into the course so that they can follow along and discuss topics. This allows for an interactive learning experience, making it easier for everyone to stay up to date.

Activate Circle’s Black Friday deal

Circle automation workflows

In addition, Circle has recently introduced workflows for community automation, which are only available on their business plan. There are several types of workflows to choose from.

Similar to Zapier, you can configure automation workflows, schedule tasks, and perform bulk actions. Circle provides automation workflow templates that resemble Zapier’s zaps, but with the convenience of being integrated directly into Circle.

Circle workflows

For instance, as shown in the screenshot above, you can create an automation to send a welcome message to new members as soon as they join the community. The possibilities are endless.

In the future, Circle will also focus on integrating with various other apps, allowing you to automate actions across multiple apps without relying solely on Zapier.

Why choose is one of the best tools available for creating and managing a vibrant community. Here are some reasons to choose this tool.

  • Simple user interface that greatly enhances the user experience.
  • Comes with many features to engage your members with feature-rich mobile apps and automation capabilities.
  • Makes it easy to consolidate and manage all your communities through a single window.
  • Highly scalable as it is built with modularity in mind


  1. What is is an online community and course-building platform that is best suited for coaches, businesses, and marketers who want to build a vibrant online community.

  2. How to avail Circle’s Black Friday deal?

    I have covered this in the post. Make sure you go through it carefully.

  3. Does Circle offer a free trial?

    Yes, it offers a 14-day free trial.


This Black Friday is the best time to invest in With this tool, you will the power of both courses and communities. You can even sell digital downloads, memberships, and paid events, to monetize your community.

I hope you guys found this post on Black Friday helpful.

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