10 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2021

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Here are some of the best lifestyle blogs you need to follow.

The lifestyle niche is on buzz nowadays. There are dozens of niches within lifestyle making many popular bloggers dive into this niche.

If you want to stay ahead of trends in home, food, travel, fashion, make sure you follow some of these best lifestyle blogs.

I’m sure you love this compilation.

Here are the 10 Best Lifestyle Blogs

#1. ABeautifulMess

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Founder: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Blog founded date: 2007

Founder story: ABeautifulMess was founded by twin sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Both these home buddies grew up together by spending time making crafts at home.

This made them start this blog, and they encourage people by providing DIY decor and crafts solutions to decor their homes.

The blog has been featured on some of the press articles. Forbes ranked ABeautifulMess #2 among top 10 Home Influencers of 2017.

They love writing and have published three books till now. The first is “Photo Idea Book”, which covers all about photoshoots, the second is “Happy Handmade Home”, which includes about home decor, and the third one is “Weekday Weekend” with full of recipes.

Topics covered: The blog covers everything related to crafts, home decor, recipes, photography, and blogging.

Monetization: Sponsored content, courses, books, Google Ads, and eCommerce

#2. CupOfJo

 Joanna Goddard

Founder: Joanna Goddard

Blog founded date: January 2007

Founder story: Before starting CupOfJo Joanna worked as an editor at Cosmopolitan. After working for various women’s magazines, Joanna became editor in chief of an award-winning quarterly Italian lifestyle magazine Bene.

Later on, she quit Bene and worked as a writer at Glamour and New York magazines.

During this time, Joanna started the blog CupOfJo as a weekend hobby, but it turned out as her profession.

Joanna, with her dedication, made her blog as one of the best lifestyle blogs to follow.

Her blog has been featured on great publications. Forbes recognized CupOfJo as one of the top 10 lifestyle websites for women.

Topics covered: The blog covers fashion, beauty, food, travel, relationships, and lifestyle.

Monetization: Advertising, affiliate products, and sponsored posts

#3. JulieBlanner


Founder: Julie

Blog founded date: 2008

Founder story: During Julie’s college days, she was into catering. That’s when her passion for cooking was born. She used to spend her time cooking and baking on her grandmother’s farm.

Before starting her blogging career, in 2002 she started “Coordinately Yours”, an event planning firm, where she used to plan weddings and parties.

Later in 2008, she turned her signature style into a lifestyle blog with DIY solutions, home design tips, entertainment tips, and recipes.

Her blog was recognized as Better Homes and Gardens’ Best entertaining website, Southern Living’s Entertaining Blogger to Follow.

She has been featured in The Washington Post, Traditional Home, Better Homes, and Gardens, Midwest Living.

Many of her recipes have been featured by MSN, Popsugar, Country Living, Woman’s Day, Parade, Country Living and many more.

Topics covered: Blog covers entertainment, recipes, and home design

Monetization: Affiliate products and sponsored posts

#4. CamilleStyles

Camille Styles

Founder: Camille Styles

Blog founded date: 2008

Founder story: Camille is a texas-based blogger. She inspires others to live a healthy life through her blog. She provides delicious recipes, great tips on health and wellness, lifestyle, and fitness.

Initially, Camille Styles started an event managing company. Later it turned out as a one-stop destination for entertaining and style enthusiasts.

Camille is a creative writer and author of the best selling book “Camille Styles Entertaining”.

She has been featured on The Oprah Magazine, House Beautiful, HGTV and many more.

Topics covered: The blog covers lifestyle, home, travel, health, and wellness.

Monetization: Affiliate marketing and Google Ads

#5. BlondeSalad

Chiara Ferragni

Founder: Chiara Ferragni

Blog founded date: 2009, 2015 (relaunched)

Founder story: Chiara is an Italian blogger, influencer and businesswoman who collaborated with various fashion and beauty brands including Tods and Pantene.

Chiara founded this blog in 2009 as a travel and fashion magazine.

After seven years, her fan following increased to 7.3 million on Instagram, and she got more than 14m page views per month on her website. Later in 2015, Blonde Salad was relaunched as a Lifestyle blog.

The blog has been featured on top sites like Forbes and The Guardian. Ferragni has been listed twice on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and listed on 55 magazine covers.

In 2017, Ferragni was ranked first on the Forbes “Top Fashion Influencers” list.

Topics covered: The blog shares amazing tips on beauty, lifestyle, travel, and fashion.

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, and sponsored ads

#6. GalMeetsGlam


Founder: Julia Engel

Blog founded date: 2011

Founder story: Julia started this blog in her college days. After graduating from college, she got a full-time job, but she used to spend her free time with the blog.

While on weekends, outlets on the blog made her happy and kept her motivated to work for the blog.

When she earned higher revenue than her job she decided to quit and became a full-time blogger, she put all her efforts on GalMeetsGlam from 2013.

Since then, with the support and encouragement of her family and friends, she started working seriously on the blog and built a team and launched products.

Now the site has become one of the best lifestyle blogs to follow. She was nominated as one of Forbes’ Top Influencers in 2017.

She has worked with some brands including Tory Burch, Tiffany & Co., and Nordstrom.

Topics covered: The blog covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. You can find the best travel guides on the blog.

Monetization: Affiliate marketing and eCommerce

#7. TheSkinnyConfidential

Lauryn Evarts

Founder: Lauryn Evarts

Blog founded date: 2010

Founder story: The Skinny Confidential was initially a fitness blog that later turned out as a lifestyle blog. Lauryn is a wellness enthusiast and got her nutrition certification through ISSA.

Lauryn released her own book “The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide and a Body Guide”. It is a monthly subscription service that keeps updated with new workouts and meal plans.

In partnership with her husband Lauryn hosted an entrepreneurial podcast “The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER” which got over 54 million downloads.

She is a serial entrepreneur and is passionate about photography and home decor.

Her blog has been featured in SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, The Gary Vee Show, and People Magazine.

Topics covered: The blog covers beauty, wedding, wellness, fitness, and travel.

Monetization: Books, affiliate marketing, and brand collaborations

#8. SincerelyJules

Julie Sariñana

Founder: Julie Sariñana

Blog founded date: Feb 2009

Founder story: Julie is a Mexican-born blogger ranked as one of the top lifestyle influencers to follow. She has over five million followers on Instagram.

Sincerely Jules started as a result of Julie’s love for fashion and creative expression. Initially, she has just launched the blog to document her inspirations, thoughts, and lifestyle photos. Later it turned out as a full-fledged business.

Julie succeeded in gaining around 5.1 million followers on Instagram. She has collaborated with Revolve, Scunci, SK-II, and many more.

For spring style capsule collections Julie has partnered with an international surf company, Billabong.

She lives with motto ‘ Dream, Believe, Achieve’ and helps her readers do so.

Topics covered: She inspires her readers through great content by sharing amazing lifestyle tips and thoughts.

Monetization: eCommerce

#9. BarefootBlonde

Amber Fillerup Clark

Founder: Amber Fillerup Clark

Blog founded date: 2012

Founder story: Amber was very passionate about hairstyles at her young age. She used her creativity to express her hairstyle ideas with likeminded people.

To express her views and to document her creative hairstyle ideas, Amber started BarefootBlonde. Amber loves documenting and journaling.

Along with this blog, Amber started “Barefoot Blonde Hair” in 2016, a clip in hair extension company which helps others to improve their lifestyle.

Topics covered: At BarefootBlonde, Amber provides tips and tutorials related to hairstyles, lifestyle, and travel advice.

Monetization: Affiliate products and eCommerce

#10. HBFit

Hannah Bronfman

Founder: Hannah Bronfman

Blog founded date: 2012

Founder story: Hannah is a health and wellness enthusiast. With her blog, she helps people providing practical advice and tips related to health, fitness, and beauty.

In her college days, Hannah’s friends used to ask her recommendations for health and beauty products. When Instagram was launched, she used it as a media to share her lifestyle tips and beauty secrets.

She used to hashtag each post with #HBFIT, which was grabbing good attention and a huge following. This made her start the blog HBFit.

HBFit is one of the most popular lifestyle blogs in the industry. The blog provides surefire tips and makes people lead a healthy life.

She is the author of the book “Do What Feels Good”, it is all about her life journey. She has included all the tips to stay healthy and balanced.

Topics covered: The blog covers health, beauty, and fitness.

Monetization: eCommerce, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and reviews

Wrap up

There are hundreds of lifestyle blogs on the internet, and I found these worth following if you’re into lifestyle stuff.

If you think I missed any important lifestyle blogs, make sure you leave them in the comments.

I hope you guys found this list of lifestyle blogs helpful.

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