How to Write Effective About Page to Showcase your Persona

As a blogger, you definitely might have read about one or more ABOUT ME pages.

Well, I will ask you a question, what drove you to read about that blog author? Weird question? Still, you should answer.

As a blogger, it's important to know the experience of your readers.

Wait a minute, and step back to the time you clicked on the ABOUT page of your favourite blog. What triggered you?

It's definitely the curiosity to know more about your favourite blog's author. Why that curiosity? Because the author is writing exceptionally well, and it suited your taste very well.

So, now you wish to know more about the author, his history, his story, or about his secrets and life.
Most of the readers are often interested in reading the real-life story, and to follow the same in their life.

Whatever it may be, it's the duty of the blog author to present a highly effective  ABOUT ME page.

70% of the blogs I came across are designed and written for bots. In case, if I encounter those blogs, I would exit without waiting a second.
I personally like bloggers who write blog posts in personalistic approach.

Using of the words YOU, ME impresses me a lot.

ABOUT page is definitely a great opportunity to apply much more personalistic flavor to your blog. Which many of the readers including me, love.

Here's the main question, “How to write effective ABOUT page, that readers remember forever?”

I definitely have an  answer for this.

Keep reading…

Add a bewitching personality of yourself

Adding a photo of yourself doing something, eating something or smiling in a way that reflects your interests, attitude, and personality in a unique way is important.

Your photo or Avatar should represent your way of thinking, what kind of a person you are. Readers decide what kind of a person; whether you are friendly, cool, open.

Include a photo from your casual life, it may be a crazy photo, or yourself mad, etc.

Readers by looking at your photo decide how to read the rest of the ABOUT page, and read rest of the content. Readers, reading the page after looking at your photo, feel that you only are narrating  your story.

They view the rest of the post at an angle that they interpret you.

Have a tea

Wait a minute, are you writing ABOUT page or having Tea?

Writing ABOUT page is similar to that of having tea with your friend, but the speaker is you and only you.

Just imagine…

That you are having an awesome tea with your closest friend. Well, how's your conversation? Casual? Restricted? Bounded by some rules? Official? Definitely not the last three.

Write your ABOUT page as if you are having a conversation with your dear friend in person. It helps you a lot in building rapport with your readers.

Readers feel that you are close to them, and have the same mentality as you.

Some sneaky peeky stuffs that you need to include in your ABOUT page, to make your personality much sweeter:

  1. Use the personally appealing words like YOU and ME in the ABOUT page.
  2. Give a warm intro about yourself.
  3. Be direct.
  4. Showcase your positive attitude and points.
  5. Do not forget to include your weaknesses and bad habits. For example, even today, I don't cut my nails; I bite and throw 'em out.
  6. Your favorite singer, actor, food, favorite place to hang out, etc.
  7. Treat ABOUT page as a slam book.
  8. Be open, coz reader is your beloved friend. Moreover, he can't see or scold you. (Lol)
  9. Use some cool words like Damn, FTW, awesome, spunky, wonky, ponky.
  10. If possible, include a funny face or a troll image of you, which represents your true personality to your readers.

Explain your train journey

Blogging is like traveling and it's a never-ending journey towards more and more success.

Many of the bloggers come to your ABOUT page to know more about your blogging career.

They want to know some inspirational stories, and adapt the style of living in their career. Therefore, it's essential to present a great story of your career and living. It's essential to motivate your bloggers and to establish yourself as an authoritative blogger in your niche.

I need to stress that readers, come to your ABOUT page, because they are interested equally on both your personal and blogging life. However, most of the readers come to know more about your blogging life rather than casual life.
So I would suggest you to include both your blogging life and casual life story, but blogging life should be included first.

So start your ABOUT page with your blogging life story.

Questions that you should answer in your Damn blogging story

These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before writing your blogging story in Blog About Page.

Most of the readers expect answers to these questions, while on ABOUT page:

  1. What is blogging according to you?
  2. What drove you to blogging?
  3. Why did you choose your niche?
  4. How you started your blog?
  5. What are the difficulties you faced while a newbie?
  6. What are your weaknesses in blogging?
  7. What are your mistakes as a newbie?

Answering these above questions, make your about page much more exciting, the readers will certainly enjoy reading it.

Include tids bits of your personal life

Many of the blog readers may also be interested in knowing about your personal life. They want to know what kind of a person you are.

Some of the questions that you might want to include in your personal life section are:

  1. Your likes, dislikes.
  2. Your favorite color, music, actor, singer.
  3. Your favorite past time, hobbies.
  4. What character you have?
  5. Your bad habits?
  6. What you hate the most?
  7. What are your negative stuff? It's extremely important to include this part.

If you can see my ABOUT PAGE, you can notice that I've included some random facts list about me.

Amy Lynn Andrew's ABOUT PAGE inspired me to include the list.

The random list of personal stuff is great to read.

Final words:

That's all folks! these are some of the effective tips to Write effective ABOUT ME page, that captivate your readers. ABOUT page is important because it shapes the way that readers see you as. It can also alter the negative views that your readers may have about you.

I think after reading this post, you will update or even create one ABOUT page if you don't have one. I hope you enjoyed this post. If so, do comment and share.

Did this post address what you are looking for?

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