WP Engine Alternatives: 5 Reliable Hosts That Don’t Break Your Bank!

If you are looking for a good reliable WordPress managed hosting solution and not looking forward to getting WP Engine, you are on the right place. I’m going to discuss some of the best WP Engine alternatives.

Hosting your site with a reliable server is crucial for your online business. For any low traffic site, a shared hosting is more than required.

But once your site starts growing or your business is entirely dependent on the site, a well-managed server is required to ensure no downtime and speed.

RankProductFeaturesPricing starts at
1Kinsta – Our pick!Hosting powered by Google Cloud (Free CDN)$30/month
2WPX hosting World-class support and security (Free CDN)$24.99/month
3FlywheelA great managed WordPress hosting$92/month
4SitegroundAn affordable hosting provider$3.95/month
5A2HostingFastest shared hosting provider $3.92/ month

WP Engine competitors and alternatives

There are various managed hosting solutions out there on the internet which does the hard lifting of technical aspects for you. Like, updating WordPress, plugins, themes, backups, and security.

However, among these, WP Engine is the most popular one due to the fact that they offer the most lucrative affiliate program for its promoters than any other managed hosting solutions.

As always, popularity does not mean high quality. The biggest limitations when it comes to WP Engine is its small traffic limit for even the highest plan.

And also, Matthew Woodward reported WP Engine of deleting his live data, deleting his RSS subscribers, and also injecting malicious links in his blog.

WP Engine is not at all worth the money in this competitive hosting world.

Here are some of the best WP Engine alternatives that you need to consider to host your site:

There is no short of good managed hosting services for your WordPress site.

#1. Kinsta – Powered by Google Cloud

It's the top WP Engine competitor, and is very reliable host.

Keep reading.

Kinsta pricing is similar to WPEngine, but it’s more reliable and of high quality managed hosting solution.

Kinsta pricing

They host your sites on Google Cloud platform and are well managed. They have 8 plans ranging from the Starter plan at $30/month all the way up to the Enterprise 2 plan that costs you $900 / month.

Even their basic plan provides you with 50 GB server bandwidth + unlimited pageviews & visitors, unlike WP Engine.

1. How we count “visits” | WP Engine® – They are often criticized for overage charges
2. How Kinsta Counts Visits – Very clear documentation

With this hosting, you can enjoy the speed and reliability of Google Cloud platform without getting your hands dirty with all the nitty-gritty stuff involved with managing the server.

All the plans include free SSL and also free CDN so that your site will load fast.

You don't need to again invest in any other CDNs.

With Google stressing more and more on page load times, and attention of the visitors dropping day-by-day, CDNs matters a lot.

When it comes to support they have an excellent live chat support system and also email support.

Kinsta is the best reliable alternative to WPEngine. The uptime of the server to super-guaranteed as your sites will be hosted on high-end Google Cloud servers.

#2. WPX Hosting – Best WPEngine Alternative

WPX is where I’m currently hosting this site. This is the best WordPress hosting solution I've come across.

WPX was previously Traffic Planet hosting. Last year or so, they rebranded it to WPX.

The reason I’ve opted for WPX is that they offer great value for money than any other hosting providers. The customer data, security, speed, and support is of greatest importance for them.

Wpx pricing

The features like free site migrations of all the sites, DDOS protection, and much more are the features that WP Engine has failed to include in their plans in spite of charging hundreds of dollars.

The support provided by WPX is super-fast. I often get my issue resolved within 5 minutes by their support ninjas. I’m surprised by their response. They even are good at solving WordPress specific issues.

Wpx vs digitalocean

The first screenshot is with Nginx cache and the second screenshot is with WPX with W3 Total Cache. In both the cases, I have exact plugins and themes with no modifications done.

The WPX hosting is even recommended officially by Shane from Thrive Themes which is also a big winner for me.

This hosting can easily handle a great amount of traffic, due to their optimized SSD servers and great backend optimizations.

Recently they introduced their WPX Cloud CDN, that is home-crafted by them keeping WordPress in mind. I'm personally using WP Fastest Cache along with their WPX Cloud for good page speed.

#3. Flywheel – Hosting with best Phone support

Flywheel comes with a set of pricing plans both for single sites and also for bulk hosting needs. The hosting is quite cheaper than Kinsta but definitely costlier than WPX. It is also a major WP Engine competitor.

Flywheel pricing

All the plans come with free site migrations, free SSL certificates, no overage charges (WP Engine is bashed for overage charges), free SSL , free CDN, and much more.

Like that of WPX or Kinsta, they also offer you nightly offsite backups, so that you don’t have to worry about backing up your site regularly.

With a managed hosting in place, you need not worry about technical stuff involved in building a website. They handle all the security and updates for you to run your online business hassle-free.

The support provided by Flywheel is excellent. They have email support, live chat and also a helpline number that you can call on Skype or Hangouts for super-fast assistance.

Although emergency support is there for 24X7, the main support is 9am – 7pm CDT which may be a downside for some people.

Flywheel is a great alternative to WP Engine and offers much more value for money.

#4. SiteGround

SiteGround may not be a perfect alternative for any managed hosting solutions, but the high tier plans provide all the features that managed hostings like WP Engine provide.

I would treat the managed hosting provided by SiteGround as a competitor to WP Engine.

Siteground pricing

Let me explain GoGeek plan here. With all the essential WordPress features like the one-click installer, SSD storage, 24X7 support, it also has many features like WordPress staging, 30-day backups and restoring, PCI compliant servers, and also high-speed servers due to fewer accounts hosted on servers.

As SiteGround takes the security of its users seriously, they also make sure your WordPress installation is regularly updated along with all the plugins and themes. They also do regular monitoring for any security issues on your site.

The sites are loaded fast with SiteGround due to their SuperCacher feature with which you can select what level of caching you require between Static Cache Option, Dynamic Cache Option, Google PageSpeed Option, HHVM Option and also Memcached Option.

This makes sure that your site utilizes fewer resources and loads super-fast.

SiteGround is a great shared hosting provider with all the perks that managed WordPress hosting comes with.

They also have a premium 24X7 support and also you can call them up on Skype anytime for expert assistance.

#5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a great hosting provider. I have personally hosted some sites with them. I’m really very impressed with the quality of service and page load times they provide.

In fact, in terms of page speed, they beat other hosts like Bluehost and even SiteGround out of the water.

A2 hosting plans

Their Turbo plan is the fastest of all the plans. It comes with unlimited site support and costs you around $9.31 monthly. They provide you free SSL for all your sites and also anytime money-back guarantee (which is quite shocking).

The plans come with 24/7/365 Guru crew support and you can also call them up on their multiple toll-free numbers located all over the world.

The multiple site backups are available like Server Rewind Backups and also Off-site backups. The security is also great with free hack scans and patchman enhanced security tool.

Even their most basic plan comes with features of WordPress staging, which is great for testing and making modifications to your sites.

If you are looking for a managed shared hosting solution, you can’t go wrong with A2 Hosting.

Wrapping up

These are some of the good WP Engine alternatives you need to consider if you need to save lots of money and avoid overage charges.

The ones I recommend strongly are WPX and Kinsta Hosting, those are the top competitors to WP Engine. The hosting that I’m currently using is WPX. The features like backups, security and also traffic handling capacity matter a lot as you scale up your site.

Hope you found this post on WP Engine alternatives helpful. Although there are many more alternatives, I think these are the ones that I can personally recommend.

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