Viraltag Complete Review with Coupon Code

If you are serious about automating and effectively managing visual social media marketing or promotion like Pinterest and Instagram, this tool is a must-try.

It's the Buffer of visual social media.​

  • Features: Good set of features for managing visual social media sites.
  • Price: Decent price for all the features you get.
  • Ease of use: Super-simple to use, even if you are newbie to these kind of tools.
  • Support: Support is good with  email and chat support.

If you are a serious visual marketer and use Pinterest and Instagram for your business, Viraltag would definitely  save you a lot  of time.

10% OFF and $15 Credits

You'll get $15 credit discount along with 15-day free trial and 10% OFF all the plans.

10% OFF and $15 Credits

You'll get $15 credit discount along with 15-day free trial and 10% OFF all the plans.

In this post, I'll review Viraltag  and  along  with that, I'll provide you the discount for the tool.

Overview of ViralTag

Viraltag is one of the best Pinterest tools. It is the missing tool for Pinterest and Instagram. Experts call it as Buffer for visual social media sites. As you may know that, Buffer and Hootsuite doesn't support social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. That's where Viraltag comes to play.

These are some of the key features of Viraltag:

  • Social media integration with Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Bulk or single image posting.
  • Explore content from feeds, popular images and also design images.
  • Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics and Viraltag built-in statistics for monitoring your performance.

If you are interested in trying out Viraltag, I'll provide you the discount to get a free trial of 15 days with $15 credit in your Viraltag account. Along with it, the coupon also applies 10% discount on the plans you opt for.

Complete review of Viraltag

When you sign up for a plan in Viraltag, you'll be presented with the welcome screen to add your social media accounts.

Viraltag start page

You can connect to the API of the social media sites on this page.

Once you click on the connect button, you'll be prompted to give permission for Viraltag to access your social media site accounts.

You can post images along with the link to your networks by the use of post image feature in the dashboard.


You can upload the images from Facebook, Dropbox, search for new images, Flickr, Google Drive and Instagram.

That's very handy.

Here I am uploading an image from my PC.

Post image

I'm using Pinterest here, so I need to select the board. If you are using all the rest of the social sites here, there'll be multiple options here to choose from.

As you may have noticed in the screenshot, there's an option to schedule the post to future date and time. You could also queue the postings.

Bulk editor

If you need to upload multiple images at once, you need to select or drag and drop multiple images it opens the bulk editor mode. You can select the social networks you want to post to. Then you can either schedule or add the images to queue for posting.

When you schedule a post, it will appear in the dashboard as below.

Viraltag queue

There is an option for you to discover the content via feeds, popular content or design one in the content section of Viraltag.


In the above image, I searched for the term “SEO”. Now you can select your favorite content and post it right away or add it to schedule, as you do with Buffer.

There are also content categories to choose from.

After you post your content, it's crucial to monitor the performance of the content you posted. That's where reporting section comes to play.

Analytics viraltag

Viraltag offers integration with Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics and also it has an inbuilt Analytics that lets you monitor the posts you made on various social networks.

It is also based on the statistics. Determine the best time for you to post content on your favorite social media sites.


Viraltag pricing

There are three plans available in Viraltag. Those are the pro, business, and brand plans.

The demo I showed is of pro plan. It costs you $24/month

Honestly, it is the plan that is suitable for most of the users as it is affordable and decent.

Business plans come with additional features like UTM tracking and team workflows.



You can chat with them for support or mail them.

The user-interface is very easy and a no-brainer to use. There'll really be no need for support.

There are also dozens of tutorials and videos that help you in every aspect of using the tool.

On signing up for Viraltag, you'll get free trial and credit of $15 in your account.

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  1. I started using ViralTag 7 days ago and I must say it is the best automation tool I’ve used. And it is damn easy to use and works flawless.

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