Top 7 Reliable Vidnami Alternatives in 2023 (AI-Based)

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Vidnami is an AI powered video creation tool that has gained a lot of popularity among online marketers, product creators, entrepreneurs, etc.

Recently in August 2021, it was shut down and its technology assets were acquired by Godday.

If you were a Vidnami user you may be hunting for the perfect Vidnami alternative.

In this blog post I will present to you the top 7 AI powered Vidnami alternatives.

The alternatives I have presented in this post are quite similar to Vidnami and you will notice similar features too.

So without waiting further, let’s look at Vidnami alternatives.

7 Best AI powered Vidnami alternatives reviewed



Stoodaio is an AI-powered web app for you to create, host, and publish highly engaging videos in less than 3 minutes.

With its human-like text-to-speech engine, you never need to spend time writing the scripts. Its AI engine produces the voiceovers in any of the languages or accents you want.

Stoodaio media

Similar to other video-making apps like Pictory, you can turn any of the existing content into highly converting videos using its AI rewriter.

 Stoodaio embedding video

With Stoodaio’s own lightning-fast hosting servers, you don’t have to worry about hosting your videos. So you just need to create and start driving traffic to your videos.

There’s more!

Stoodaio video syndication feature

Stoodaio has its own content syndication feature for you to immediately publish videos across the top 25+ social media sites within a fraction of minutes. You can customize the video dimensions to suit your social media site. This is really great to drive good traffic and to increase video views.

Unlike other Vidmani alternatives on this list, Stoodaio has an agency feature. With this, you can charge a premium fee for your clients and offer them video ranking services as a free bonus or charge additional fees.

Stoodaio pricing

Stoodaio is hosted in JVZOO Marketplace. Right now, they are offering a one-time discount on their pricing plans.

The lowest plan is priced at $68.55. With this, you won’t get agency features. To get access to this feature, go with the higher plan at $70.84.


  • With its agency feature, you can offer video making services and charge a premium fee for videos. Also, offer syndication features as a paid service.
  • Has a built-in voiceover recording system.
  • Has its own premium video hosting solution


  • Both pricing plans limit your video creation credits.
  • A.I. writer has a word count limitation, it writes about 1200 words.
  • Lacks social media calendar feature unlike Promo.

Bottomline: Stoodaio is an affordable video-making tool that comes at a one time fee. Its AI writer, built-in voiceover recording, hosting, syndication, and agency features are really worth the investment.



Promo is one of the simplest yet powerful video marketing tools suited for entrepreneurs, businesses, and digital marketers.

Promo video editing feature

With this, you can create interesting video ads, social media videos, non-profit videos, product videos, explainer videos, and much more.

It integrates with Getty Images and iStock powering up your media library with 100M+ premium photos and videos. You can favorite media files you use frequently to save time searching for them.

Promo filtering the music

You can customize the videos using its pre-built templates and design the assets to match your brand. Similar to other Vidnami alternatives, you can add background music to videos.

Promo media library

You can search the music by genre, mood, tempo, instrument, and filter by most popular and newest.

Promo changing the aspect ratio

To save your time in video creation, you can prepare multiple brand kits and apply them in just one click. You can change the aspect ratio to vertical, square, and wide.

Note that Promo doesn’t support 4K resolution. You can download videos as mp4 either at 780p or 1080p. To save bandwidth, you can use its video compressor tool and choose to compress in HD or Full HD.

Promo social media calendar

The best part is Promo also comes with a social media calendar tool for you to get a bird’s-eye view of all the content you have planned.

Using its video resizer tool, you can optimize the video dimensions in one-click for various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. With Promo’s social media presets, you can easily set the width and height for specific social media platforms.

Also, it comes with a slideshow maker. You can create a captivating slideshow with videos, images, or both. This is great if you want to create presentations for your webinars, training, etc.

Promo pricing

Promo costs $199/mo, you can create unlimited videos with resell rights and custom branding. An annual plan saves you 50%.


  • You can add subtitles and captions to videos, customize the size and color of your video subtitles.
  • Comes with a social media calendar to plan and schedule your content ahead of time.
  • Built-in video compressor tool to save bandwidth.


  • Lacks 4K video support
  • There is no agency feature unlike Stoodaio

Bottomline: Promo comes with all the tools built-in that you need in the video creation process. Its calendar tool helps in planning your content ahead of time.



Pictory is an online video creation and marketing tool you can use to take your business to the next level.

Pictory comes with lots of features like creating highlights of video, editing videos using text, adding captions, adding subtitles to video, transcribing a video, etc.

Pictory video content creation

You can repurpose your existing content into short videos, i.e. convert your blog articles, scripts, video clips, etc. into short videos.

If you have any long-form videos or webinar recordings, you can highlight what matters most to the audience and convert them into short videos, increasing the reach and engagement. You can customize it with your own intro and outro.

Pictory text to video content repurposing

For voiceovers, you can choose from the automated voice overs or record your own voice.

It integrates with Hootsuite for you to post and schedule on social media channels.

As a Vidnami alternative, it comes with most of the features that Vidnami offers like clip selection, summarization, smart captions, and much more. Click here to know more.

Review the accuracy of the stock media selection by AI

Pictory pricing table

Pictory is a freemium tool. Its free plan allows you to create only 3 videos.

When it comes to premium pricing, its lowest price starts at $19/user/mo. It supports 10 minutes video for text to video, 1 GB file upload size for editing, etc. But it lacks Hootsuite integration.

If you need access to all its features, go with their premium plan that costs $59/mo.

Pictory is rolling out new features. Currently, they are working on adding more languages, split scenes, auto voice-over sync, etc. Keep an eye on their roadmap to know all the feature updates.


  • You can extract the highlights and convert them to video.
  • Integrates with HootSuite for social media promotion.
  • Has a free plan for beginners.
  • Allows you to download the transcriptions as a text file, or an SRT or VTT file.


  • The free plan allows you to create only three videos.
  • No support for exporting videos in 4K.

Bottomline: Pictory is best if you want to leverage the power of content repurposing. Its HootSuite integration eliminates the need for external social media promotion tools.


Renderforest logo

Renderforest is an online video maker, logo maker, and website maker tool you can use to create high-quality videos, logos, graphics, and mockups quickly.

With this tool, you can create product mockups using templates in various mockup categories.

Using its logo maker, you can create stunning logos for your brand. Just provide your brand name and the requirements, its machine learning algorithm will design the ideal logo for you.

When it comes to video creation, you can create animated promos, logo reveals, slideshows, add music visualizations, and much more.

Renderforest selecting the templates

You can use its stunning templates. There are various filters available for you to choose the templates, like you can select templates/presets, filter the templates based on the aspect ratio, video duration, frames/sec, and tags.

You can publish your videos under your own domain. If you don’t have a website, you can publish on the Renderforest subdomain.

Renderforest website builder

Renderforest has its own site builder with a drag-and-drop interface. Also, it has various types of blocks and components to create websites quickly.

Renderforest pricing

Renderforest has a forever-free plan, giving 300 MB storage. With this plan, you can only export 360p videos, create up to 3-minute videos and the videos come with Renderforest branding.

If you want custom branding, HD1080p videos, you need to go with their amateur plan at $9.99/mo.


  • Has built-in site builder, logo maker, landing page creator, etc.
  • Has a video maker mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Has a forever-free plan.


  • The free plan comes with a watermark.
  • If you need to create long videos you need to spend more and go with higher plans.

Bottomline: If you want to create websites, logos, along with videos, Renderforest would be the best bet. For agencies, this is the best choice to provide services like website creation, creating logos, videos and sell them at a premium cost.



InVideo is one of the easy-to-use online video editors that comes with 5000+ templates, iStock media, music library, filters, transitions, and animations to create stunning videos that sell.

Its media library is feature-rich with 8+ million videos, photos, & music stocks from ShutterStock, iStock, and Storyblocks.

InVideo video templates

You can trim, crop, and add elements like transitions, fade-in, fade-out loops, stickers, text in the videos to make them engaging and highly interactive.

You can edit videos with 40+ animations, create videos with text-based content, use 50+ AI-powered themes to create compelling videos.

The maximum resolution it supports is 1080p for extracting the videos. It won’t support 4K resolution. InVideo has a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

InVideo invitation maker

Using its invitation maker, you can create a work party, wedding bash, birthday celebration, or a sales event video. It also has a poster maker tool to create beautiful posters for your events or promotions.

InVideo pricing

InVideo is a freemium tool. It has a forever-free plan. If you want to access premium features and custom branding, go with a business plan at $30/mo.

With annual plans, you can save 50%.


  • Has a forever-free plan.
  • Has dedicated poster maker and invitation maker tools with pre-built templates.


  • Lacks subtitles and transcription features.
  • No 4K video support.
  • You can’t create videos from highlights unlike tools like Pictory.

Bottomline: InVideo is an easy-to-use tool to create videos and posters. It also has a forever-free plan. A great choice for beginners.



Moovly is a drag-and-drop video editor to create professional-looking videos. You can choose from various video styles like footage-based videos, whiteboard videos, motion graphics, cartoon, or doodle style.

You can auto generate subtitles in any of the languages you like, add voice-overs choosing from hundreds of artificial voices, add animations and effects to make the videos engaging. You can import/export your subtitles as standard SRT, CSV, or XLIFF files.

Moovly text to speech conversion

Moovly integrates with Google Translate so you can automatically translate your text and subtitles to any language.

It has a feature-rich media library with 1.3 million free media objects. In addition, you can also purchase media files from the iStock library of Getty Images. You can integrate Moovly with your cloud DAM (Digital assets management) server containing all your brand media assets.

You can also upload the files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box.

Moovly video editing

Moovly comes with various video editing features like splitting or trimming, resizing, changing volume level, speeding up a video, slow motion, play with opacity, mix transparent videos, loop a video object or pause it.

When it comes to adding music, you can add multiple soundtracks, including voice-over, background music, or supporting sounds. You can control the volume, apply fade-in/out effects, and split sounds.

The best thing is you can use your videos as presentations, by adding pause points to the video generating a slide-like pause view.

Moovly is a fully white labeled tool. If you have an agency, you can hide logos, web, and mail domains to completely customize to reflect your brand.

Moovly pricing

Moovly has a free plan. The lowest premium plan costs $49/mo, supporting 25 downloads or exports per month. The max plan costs $99/mo with 50 downloads or 50 exports/mo.


  • Fully white-labeled solution
  • Integrates with Google Translate, so you can translate subtitles to any language.
  • You can integrate Moovly with your cloud DAM to manage your assets.


  • Premium pricing plans have limitations on the video downloads.
  • To access text to speech features, you need to shell out $99/mo.

Bottomline: Moovly is best to create studio-level professional-looking videos. Also, it is a great choice for teachers and students to create educational content for academics.



With Offeo, you can build ads and marketing videos to maximize your brand reach.

It comes with 3M+ Shutterstock images/footage, and templates for various categories like product sales, gaming, animations, real estate, and much more.

You can easily remove the backgrounds, add animations in one-click. Also, Offeo supports 20 languages. You can upload your own fonts in any of the languages.

You can customize the dimensions to suit your social media channel. You can specify the dimensions for:

  • Square formats: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  • Vertical formats: Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Tiktok.
  • Landscape formats: YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

When it comes to adding music, you can choose from over 5000+ soundtracks with 30+ different themes or add your own music.

Offeo calendar

It has its own social media calendar for you to give ideas for creating your next content.

Offeo pricing

Unlike other tools, Offeo lacks a free plan. It has monthly and annual plans. Monthly plan costs $19/mo, and the annual plan costs $12.42/mo.


  • Animation effects are really good.
  • Has social media calendar to give you video creation ideas


  • Limited support for languages.
  • Lacks subtitle generation and transcription features.
  • Doesn’t have a free plan or trial.

Bottomline: Offeo is an affordable video creation tool best suited for beginners to professionals. But compared to other tools on the list, it has quite a limited number of features.


As video creation is booming, getting the right video creation tool is very essential. Professional video editing tools require long production times, good hardware, and technical know-how.

So comes the need for online video creation tools like Vidnami.

Stoodaio is a perfect choice if you are an individual or have an agency offering video editing services. Its AI rewriter, text-to-speech AI engine, content syndication, and hosting services are really worth the money you spend.

Promo is best for agency owners to create and sell unlimited videos with resell rights and custom branding.

I hope you find this post on Vidnami alternatives helpful.

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