Who am I?

Akshay Hallur is the founder of BloggingX, InfoSparkle, and many other online ventures. He is a professional blogger, digital marketer, and a trainer.

He has educated thousands of budding entrepreneurs and businesses to help grow/start their online businesses, through his trainings, blogs, YouTube channel, FB community – Digital Marketing Hackers, and also his podcast.

His blog BloggingX (previously GoBloggingTips) helps aspiring bloggers and businesses to leverage the power of the internet and content marketing to spread their brand message. As a trainer he has trained many brands and he also has multiple online courses related to blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc,

How can I help you?

If you are eager to get trained by me, here are the some of the fields I have expertise in and therefore can help you.

  • Blogging and content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing​
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Online course creation
  • Facebook ads

Interested in getting mentored?

Drop me an email at or!

Blogging Kickstarter Training

Day #1

  • Blogging basics
  • Choosing a niche
  • Choosing a domain
  • How to start a WordPress blog
  • Basics of WordPress
  • How to find topics to blog about?
  • Anatomy of a perfect blog post

Day #2

  • What is SEO?
  • Stealth keyword research tactics
  • On-page SEO site structure
  • Backlink building
  • SEO competitive analysis
  • Ways to earn money in blogging
  • Monetization for your blog

Day #3

  • AdSense/ affiliate marketing
  • How to increase your income
  • Online resources & communities
  • Q&A session

This will be a three days one-to-one training, the two sessions on each day will be for 3 hours. The third day is for an hour Q&A session, if you have any doubts. 

Amazon Affiliates Kickstarter

  • Finding a profitable Amazon niche that converts well
  • Site structure for Amazon Affiliates
  • Tools and tweaks to make the site creation and updation a breeze
  • Understanding the buyers' psychology
  • Keyword research strategies for Amazon affiliates
  • How to research content? Or outsource it at affordable rate?
  • Content strategy to create trust
  • Proven conversion rate optimization techniques to at least 1.5x income
  • Proven link building strategies exclusively for Amazon affiliates
  • Weekly personal followup for 3 months regarding the progress of your site

This will be a two days (total four hours) one-to-one training. You'll learn everything related to setting up and growing a successful Amazon affiliate site.

What others say about my training?

Akshay has been a great help to me, He guided me through marketing strategies. Now I am able to make more out of my efforts. With complete revamp of my old outdated landing pages, CRO, and implementing strategies according to his suggestions, I got great traffic and I boosted my conversions greatly. Thank you Akshay!
Harmandeep Singh
Founder | Delhi School Of Digital Marketing
Being a Blogger, I have been working with micro niches and I have been quite successful in my domain. However I wanted to widen my horizons and give Amazon a shot. I would like to admit that I personally found Akshay's course on Amazon affiliates very helpful. Akshay was very clear in conveying the concepts and was amazingly patient to answer the queries. He also revealed and explained one of his high-earning Amazon sites. Therefore, I highly recommend Akshay's affiliate for anyone who intends to make a living out of Amazon affiliates.
Sathish Arumugam
Founder | TrafficCrow
Akshay clearly knows what he talks about. I have taken his consultation on Amazon niche site building and I was awestruck by the preparation he has done. He had walked me through the entire process of bringing a site to earn the sales. I am in the planning phase of my first-ever Amazon affiliate site and I will surely share the progress once it attracts some sales.
Rahul Radhakrishnan
Rahul RadhaKrishnan
Founder | Rahul Radhakrishnan

What other bloggers say about me?

Akshay is a master bond builder!
"Akshay knows his blogging stuff. He provides immense value and is a master bond builder. Yep, he walks his talk. Subscribe to BloggingX to get your blog in order."
Ryan Biddulph
Founder | BloggingFromParadise
Akshay hits the bull's eye!
"Consistently generating high-quality content and earning a loyal audience is lot harder than it looks. Akshay is the man who knows how to hit the bullseye with his incredible blogging skills."
Ankit Singla
Founder | MasterBlogging
Akshay provides proven and practical tips!
"Akshay has amazing writing skills. He knows how to optimize the content both for Google and people. He knows how to captivate readers with engaging content. If you are looking for "proven and practical tips" to take your blog from zero to next level, don't miss out reading his blog."
Anil Agarwal Pic
Anil Agarwal
Founder | BloggersPassion
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