Looking for the best LMS platform to create an online course and share your expertise with the world? Teachable and ThriveCart Learn are great options for creating and selling your course globally.

But which of the two is better?

As a content course creator, I can help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

Together, let’s jump into this Teachable vs. ThriveCart Learn comparison.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a popular course creation platform that comes with many features to keep your students engaged and interested in your offerings.

teachable logo

Besides online courses, you can also provide extra digital products. These include membership sites, coaching sessions, and downloadable content.

In addition, this no-code platform helps you market and sell your content.

Also, it helps analyze trends and makes course creation easier with AI integrations.

What is ThriveCart Learn?

ThriveCart is a checkout system, and recently, it has created an LMS platform called ThriveCart Learn. This platform is also a good choice for creating and selling online courses. Furthermore, you can use it to offer flexible drip content, coaching sessions, and more.

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With Learn, you get the benefit of using the sales funnels and checkout pages from ThriveCart without extra cost. But, if you want to access some exclusively LMS features, go for the paid LMS version called Learn+.

At first glance, both platforms may seem similar. But a more detailed look will help you understand the areas in which each platform excels, so you can decide which of the two is right for you.

Let’s start with the similarities first before moving on to the differences!

Similarities between Teachable and ThriveCart Learn

Unlimited courses

When you plan to grow your business, you need a platform that can adapt easily and affordably. Both platforms fit this bill but in different ways!

Teachable offers unlimited courses under its advanced Business Plan which costs $499 per month while all the other plans have a cap. For example, its Basic plan limits courses to five courses while the Pro and Pro+ limit courses to 50 and 200 respectively.

In contrast, ThriveCart’s Learn plan has unlimited courses included with the subscription.

Plus, now there’s a limited-time special offer of a one-time payment of $495 for a lifetime of free access.

Basic design and customization options

Your digital offering must reflect your business branding. To make it easy for people to recognize and remember, your landing pages, checkout pages, and courses should use your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo.

The good news is that both platforms offer custom branding features. With just a few clicks, you can convert an existing template into a page that reflects your business.

None of these platforms come with full-fledged website builders as such. You still may need to use your WordPress or Squarespace.

Both platforms integrate with leading tools to help you do more. They also integrate with Zapier, through which you can reach thousands of apps and tools. But, using Zapier entails extra costs.

But I would be more biased towards the integrations of Thrivecart, as they have deeper integrations with various email marketing software and also have webhook support.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs help your students and partners to sell courses on your behalf. Do you know that affiliate programs are the most important client acquisition method for 40% of US firms?

Teachable offers affiliate functionality, but only in the $119 plan.

On the other hand, ThriveCart’s affiliate functionality is a part of your subscription, but if you want to access an advanced affiliate center or generate reports on user behavior like the amount of time they spent on the page, you have to subscribe to Learn+.

In this sense, affiliate programs are available on both platforms, but you have to pay extra.

Additional fees

Besides the monthly subscription to Teachable or the one-time lifetime payment of ThriveCart, be prepared for additional costs.

Teachable -> 0% (Pro and Pro+ plans) to 10% (Free plan) as a transaction fee on your earnings + Zapier/third-party integrations.

ThriveCart Learn -> Payment processing fees from Stripe, PayPal, etc. + Zapier/third-party integrations.

Now that we know the similarities, let’s see how these two platforms differ.

What do I like about Teachable vs. ThriveCart Learn?

Student experience

Teachable makes it easy to enhance your student engagement and interaction. You can use a wide variety of content formats, like PDFs, text, videos, images, and more, to explain something to your students.

Teachable content formats

Using these multiple formats can help students with different abilities to understand your lessons, and can greatly enhance their experience and satisfaction. But with ThriveCart Learn, your options are limited to just text and videos. It does not support PDF downloadables.

You can also set up groups and discussion boards to help students interact with each other. It’s also a platform to offer one-on-one coaching lessons to students for some extra income. With Teachable’s mobile app, your students can access courses from anywhere.

Another aspect I love is course compliance. Though it’s natural for students to skip ahead, you’d want them to follow a specific order for better understanding and retention. With Teachable, this is easy to implement. Also, you can monitor their progress.

Teachable course compliance

Overall, Teachable offers many features to elevate your students’ learning experience. It’s a specialist course creation platform when compared to ThriveCart Learn.

Student analytics

True to being a course creation platform, Teachable offers detailed student analytics. On the dashboard, you can know how much progress a student has made through the course, the performance in quizzes and assignments, video engagement, and more.

Teachable student progress

Note that a student has to click on “complete and continue” for a lesson to get marked as complete. Besides lessons, you can view video stats as well.

Teachable video stats

Using this information, you can know the preferences of your students and tailor courses accordingly to bring more customers on board.

Course certifications

Downloadable course completion certifications are a great way to acknowledge your students’ efforts and motivate them to learn more.

Teachable allows you to provide course completion certificates with a unique serial number to students who have completed all the learning modules.

teachable course completion certificate

You can even choose from one of three templates to design your certificate. ThriveCart, on the other hand, does not offer course completion certifications.

Other things I like about Teachable

Besides the above, there are a few smaller things that I really love about Teachable. They are:

  • Live chat support is available from 10 AM to 5 PM EST, Monday to Friday. Also, email customer support is available all seven days a week.
  • Well-designed and customizable templates that make it easy to design landing and checkout pages that reflect your brand and preferences.
  • An iOS app to help you monitor progress, generate reports, and more – from anywhere.
Teachable iOS app
  • Teachable leverages AI to reduce your time and effort. You can use AI to create an outline structure, generate quizzes, create content summaries, and more.
teachable ai

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What do I like about ThriveCart vs. Teachable?

Better marketing features

Remember, ThriveCart started as a cart tool before adding an LMS! This is why the checkout pages and cart functionalities are top-notch in this platform. You can upsell, cross-sell, bundle your courses, offer discounts, and more to boost your conversion rates.

TC upsells

You can also set rules to automatically follow up with people who abandon your cart. Research shows that retargeting customers reduces cart abandonment by 6.5%. Also, when combined with other strategies like email marketing, it can increase the chances of a sale by 50%. And ThriveCart makes this retargeting automatic for you!

Its sales funnels also boost sales and increase conversions. You can use any of the pre-built funnels to get started!

More flexibility in drip course content

One of my favorite parts of ThriveCart Learn is the flexibility I get with drip content. I can decide if I want to grant access to modules by:

  • Day and or time
  • A specific day of the month, like the first Monday.
  • A fixed calendar date, like the 1st of every month.
  • After a specific action, like a trial or payment.
TC drip content

Besides these options, I can also offer access to 100% of the content right after the student enrolls and pays for the course. Such flexibility opens up a lot of choices to plan your content, sell it at an extra cost, offer add-on content, and so much more.

You are limited by your imagination here!

Though Teachable also offers drip content, the scheduling choices are not wide.

One-off pricing (without drama!)

The highlight of ThriveCart is its simple pricing. You can now get lifetime access to Learn for just $495. If you add another $195, you can get access to all the features of Learn+ for life.

ThriveCart lifetime deal

That’s it, really! No tracking, monthly payment setup, budgeting, or any other headache.

Teachable, for comparison, has a complex pricing structure with multiple plans and limited features in each plan. Read more about Teachable’s pricing controversy.

Other things I like

A few other things I like about ThriveCart are:

  • Integrates well with the most popular platforms (after all it’s a shopping cart platform).
  • Well-organized. You can create something called projects that can contain videos, entire courses, notes, etc. You can even clone your courses and store them as separate projects for later use.
TC project
  • No limits on courses or students (unlike Teachable’s weird restrictions)

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Verdict: Which of the two is better?

We are down to the wire now! So, which of the two platforms is better?

Given the unique features of Teachable and ThriveCart Learn, my honest answer is – depends on what you want.

ThriveCart Learn is your choice if you…

  • Are already using ThriveCart and want to extend to Learn. To reiterate, Learn is free with a ThriveCart subscription, but you have to pay extra for Learn+.
  • Need a comprehensive sales funnel.
  • Want to bundle, cross-sell, or upsell your courses easily.
  • Are just testing the waters or on a tight budget?

Teachable is your choice if you…

  • Want student-level course analytics, video heatmaps, and retention graphs to take accountability to the next level
  • Choose to issue a course completion certificate (academic use cases!)
  • Require live chat
  • Prefer to add variety to your courses in the form of videos, PDF downloads, quizzes, etc.
  • Want to leverage fancy AI capabilities for course outline and quiz creation.


If you’re looking for a reliable LMS platform, both Teachable and ThriveCart Learn are good choices.

However, Teachable is better if you’re focused on course creation and need specialist features.

On the other hand, ThriveCart Learn is your choice if you’re more focused on the sales and marketing aspects of your courses.

That said, it merits noting that ThriveCart Learn is offering lifetime access to a one-time payment of just $495. This makes Learn the most affordable and bang-for-your-money LMS platform today!