How to Make Impact with Short Blog Posts?

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Well, then, how to make the most of these short posts? How to mean more in a few words? How to make an impact?

Here are the tips that enable you deliver the maximum value in your short posts.

Decide what you want to convey

After writing a paragraph, look at the title once. Make sure that the words that what you are typing is still relevant to the title.

The blog post should convey exactly what it wants to convey with some evidence and links.

Make a blog post outline, it comprises of main points. Make sure that the points hit the nail. Now expand the points. Add evidence, some links for proof and your views.

This strategy is helpful in speeding up your blogging speed. I’ve experimented this strategy. I noticed that I can produce an impactful compact blog post of 500 words in an hour.

Set that target

While writing short posts, you need to limit the word count. This is especially important if you stick to shorties.

If you limit word count, you force yourself to weed out unwanted and filler words.

It may be difficult for the first time. However, once you learn this art, it would be easier for you to publish short posts. That’s the way journalists cover lots of news in little space. For them, the space is money.

Whatever you do, whatever you convey, you should do it in your target word count. It saves time. You get some time out of your busy schedule.

It forces you keep the stuff to the point. 

Add images

The whole web world is moving towards the visual stuff. Adding images, infographics or videos to your blog posts increases the time page visit duration.

Images speak louder than voice. I’ve to stress on this. If you include images, there is an increased chance of your readers feeling your every word.

They tend to read word by word, understanding the essence.

You have to use images such that they reflect the pitch in which you are writing. It should tell readers, in what way they should read your post.

Read more at: How to Choose Perfect Images for your Blog Posts

Present an instance, may be a metaphor?

Expressing complex feelings need a lot of words. Instead, you could share an instance or a happening.

Instead of saying, “He was very much afraid that he barely could move.”

Put it like,
He was like a rabbit caught in headlights.

It helps you penetrate your readers’ mind.

Learn to use metaphors in your blog posts. Metaphors are as solid as metals.

Edit, edit, edit…

Editing is important. This is the thing that you should do ONLY AFTER writing your blog post.

REDUNDANCY. Sometimes you may want to convey a message deeply. You may act like my grandma. She says what she wants to say, the same thing, in different ways.

Most a times writers like you are overwhelmed. They think the sentences that they wrote was not stressed. They repeat the sentence repeatedly. It leads to redundancy. It hurts the reader experience.

In order to make users value your words, you should say it once. Have you ever noticed that people who give repeated advices or suggestions, lose their value over time?

Proofreading helps in getting rid of redundancy.

  • Another trick is to substitute less powerful words with impactful words.
  • Always use active voice. It takes less space, cause more impact.

Once your draft is ready, you have to proofread it. This will be easy. Because your blog posts are short right? The whole process of editing may take only 5 minutes. It’s worth the time.

While editing, be conscious about your word choice. Think about the better alternatives you can use for your words.

Let me know if you are opting for short posts in your blog. Comment out the reason. What strategies are you following for your posts?

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