SERPed Review 2020: It’s Time to Replace ALL Your Favorite SEO Tools!

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I can't stress enough the importance of a powerful SEO tool for your business. Without investing in a good SEO tool, you're just losing money.

There are a plethora of SEO tools in the market. Among them, a few of them, change the entire way in which you do SEO. SERPed is one of such tools, that is making some serious noise in the industry.

In this SERPed review, I'm going to review the tool in detail and also walk you through the various features of the tool.

The popularity of SERPed is mainly due to the tons of features this tool has got to offer and as well as the way in which this tool saves you a huge amount of money by incorporating some of the best features of SEMrush, Majestic SEO, Moz and others in one single platform.

In one simple sentence, SERPed team describe themselves – “All in One SEO Tools suite with 45+ tools for Keyword Research, Ranking, Backlinks, Lead Gen, Advanced Reporting & More in one single account”.

Note: Currently SERPed is open only for the people they personally invite. But using this BX exclusive link, you can get access to the tool anytime.

SERPed Review: A complete showdown of the features

The main selling point for SERPed is the vast amount of features it comes with. It comes with features more than any other SEO tool in the market at this point in time.

Tools that SERPed replaces:

Backlinks and keyword research tools it replaces:

  • Ahrefs – $99.00 / month
  • SEMRush – $99.95 / month
  • Majestic – $70 / month
  • Moz – $99.00 / month

Other SEO tools it replaces:

  • WhiteSpark – $20.00 / month
  • RegisterCompass – $37.00 / month
  • Pingdom – $14.95 / month
  • BackupBuddy – $12.50 per month
  • MySiteAuditor – $79 / month

Total:  $531.4 /month worth of tools is replaced by SERPed at a price of $79/month

PS: You'll get SERPed at the price of MySiteAuditor alone!

Whereas, SERPed comes at a price of $79 / month. That's nearly the price of MajesticSEO alone. In addition to these, you can access all the best features of the above-mentioned tools under a single platform. It saves you a lot of time.


As I've said you earlier, the SERPed tool comes with tons features. It's just way too much. Let us look at some of the main features of the tool.

Keyword research – find golden nuggets!

First off, let us look at some of the features of SERPed, that makes your keyword research process a breeze.

Ultimate research

Ultimate research

In this feature, you just need to enter the seed keyword. The tool does the research and returns you all the keyword ideas.

The keywords SERPed returns also comes populated with various data like monthly search volumes, CPC, traffic value, PPC competition, and also other options.

If you have a topic idea in mind, just enter it in the keyword explorer, you'll get all the keywords related to your topic that you can target.

This tool is very faster than Google Keyword Planner and is a great alternative to it. Recently, Google Keyword Planner shows a rough estimate of the keyword volume, whereas this tool manages to display the actual monthly search volume.

You can also filter the keyword results, by using filters option. There are options for you to filter out the keyword results based on their CPC, volume, words, and others.

What ranks where?

What ranks where

This is a competitor keyword research feature. This module pulls all the keywords a site is ranking for. In the above example, I entered my domain name.

The tool returned the keywords my domain is ranking for. By knowing the top keywords your competitors are ranking for, you can craft content strategically targeting those keywords. It prevents you from manually brainstorming new keyword and topic ideas.

Once you found some keywords that you think are worth targeting, you need to head over to the keywords analyzer.

Keywords Analyzer

Keywords analyzer

This is the best feature of the SERPed tool.

This tool analyses the top 10 results for a keyword in every aspect. It pulls up data like SERPed rank, Alexa rank, social signals, MozRank, DA, PA, total number of links(Majestic), number of referring domains, citation flow, trust flow, age of the domain, word count of the articles, and many other data as you can see in the screenshot.

The data presented by this tool is great in analyzing the competition of the keywords, with the help of keyword difficulty score that SERPed displays – before targeting it .

You may be asking me, what's the use of this data when there are other tools like LTP for analyzing the competition. If you are a quite experienced SEO player, you know that no automatic keyword difficulty checker tools are 100% accurate.

It's always best to analyze the competition of the keywords with good tools and relevant data in hands.

For me, I typically look at the social signals, DA, links, referring domains, age and word count to determine the competitiveness of any keyword.

Although, I can do it by using many tools like Ahrefs toolbar, Mozbar, word counter, and domain age checkers, having all the relevant data of the keyword presented in a single screen is great for analysis.

Long Tail Keywords – Drill it down…

Long tail keywords

This feature is nothing but the keywords provided by Google suggest.  It displays the same list of autocomplete keywords you get with tools like UberSuggest.

As you can notice in the above screenshot, you can check for related searches for a keyword, related domains, and drill down the selected keyword further to find the super long tail keywords that typically have lower competition and are super-targeted.

The long tail keywords feature of this tool helps a lot in finding some hidden gems to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic back to your site.

Once you come across the keywords that you think are worth it to target in your content, you can select those keywords and export them a spreadsheet.

Domain research – know what matters to you

Site Explorer

Site explorer

Site Explorer pulls the data from various tools like Moz, MajesticSEO, and also SERPed, to display the essential data about a site (maybe your competitor).

They pull data for both the versions of a site ( with ‘www' and without ‘www'). So, users can check which version of their site is stronger and then they can plan all their SEO activities for that version.​

You'll get to know the basic metrics of the domain you entered as you can see in the above screenshot.

Anchor text

You'll also get to know backlink data of a site. The report helps you great to analyze the diversity of the anchor text of your site or your competitors'.

It will also present you the most important data i.e. Topical relevancy. There's a lot of chatter going on about topical optimization of a site over keyword optimization. Google is moving towards machine learning.

The desire of knowing the topical relation between various entities, gives you a boost in rankings for your site if you get backlinks from the sites are tightly topically relevant to yours.

This section lets you visually view, in what topics you have citation and trust flow.

Note: SERPed is launching a completely new layout for ‘Site Explorer'. They are also adding new features like – Spam Score, Link Velocity, Link Age, and Anchor Text Language. This will make Site Explorer at least 5x better than what it is today.

Bulk URL Analyzer – such a time-saver!

Bulk url analyzer

In the same way, you did for keyword analysis, if you wish to analyze the data and some key metrics of some selected sites and URLs, you can make use of batch URL analysis.

Once you enter the list of URLs you need to analyze, the SERPed will return some of the key metrics like rank, age, Alexa, social signals, DA, PA and much more. Knowing this vast amount of data of every URL individually, that too using separate tools is a time-sucking task.

Knowing this vast amount of data of every URLs individually, that too using separate tools is a time-sucking task!

In this regard, SERPed saves you a lot of time by aggregating all the data you need to know about the URLs.

Backlinks Explorer – rip open the backlink profile of your competitors' site

Backlinks explorer

You can also find the backlinks a particular site has. As you may know, powerful backlinks can make a great difference when it comes to search rankings and organic traffic. Link building should be the thing you should be doing if you wish to boost the organic traffic of your site.

The backlinks explorer feature of SERPed helps you filter out the backlinks that matter the most to you. You can filter the backlinks based on the anchor text, CF, TF, link type and dofollow/no follow nature of the links. This helps you filter out the backlinks that are contributing greatly to the rankings and matters the most for a domain.

By knowing these most important backlinks of your competitors, you'll get an idea about the strategies they are following to boost their organic traffic.

Domain finding – find expired domains easily

In case if you rely on PBN building or want to get the expired domain to rank your sites higher in a short span of time, this module of SERPed will be very helpful for you.

Aged Domain Finder

Domain finder

This tool helps you find the domains that are expiring or have expired recently. You can search these domain based on the keywords in them, TLDs, and also the domain source (like GoDaddy)

You can only find the domains that are beneficial for your SEO purposes using the filters that let you filter the domain results based on PR, domain age, DA, CF, TF, MozRank, Price, and the number of backlinks as I've shown you in the above screenshot.

Most of the expired domain search engines like FreshDrop and RegisterCompass costs you $37.00 / month. But with SERPed the expired domain feature is completely free and comes along with the package.

Akshay strongly recommends: 7 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

Top Expiring Domains

Top expiring domains

The top expiring domains feature returns the domain that is being expired, according to their value determined by some factors like age and DA. As you can see in the above screenshot, with the help of the search bar, you can search for any keyword, and the SERPed tool would return you the expired domains based on the keywords you entered.

With this feature, you can easily get any niche specific expired domains for building PBN or for your whole new site.

Expired Scraper – My favorite feature to find expired domains

Search for expired domains

This is one of my favorite features of SERPed you get in very few of the tools.

This feature helps you find the expired that only have links to some specific domains. For example, in the above screenshot, I've only searched for the expired domains that have links from

Rather than searching each expired domain for the backlink profile and searching for the best of them, this feature is great in terms of getting expired domains with authoritative backlinks in one shot.

Auction Master

Auction master

This feature helps you join the auction of any domains within one dashboard.

You need to search the keyword to get the expired domains that are listed for auction. The auction rate of every expired domain will be updated periodically. Along with the price, other metrics like PR, DA, MozRank, CF and TF are presented.

You can use the filter option in this tool to sort out the expired domains that may matter the most to you.

Site Management – Monitor your site easily

Site Manager

Site manager

You can add your site and as well of your competitors under the project section of the tool. After adding them, you need to head over to the “Site manager” section. There you can see the overview of the site, essential metrics, added inner pages for tracking.

Site statistics

The site statistics pages help you to keep track of all the essential data like Moz metrics data, social shares, Majestic SEO data, and others in a single platform. You need not use multiple tools to keep track of the metrics of your sites.

It also helps you to spot out if your IP address is blacklisted, the presence of XML sitemap and Robots.txt.

In simple words, this feature helps you display the updated essential data of your site that you need to check periodically.

Seo review

You can also analyze your site for any SEO errors or recommendations. At the left sidebar, you can notice some of the aspects on which the SERPed returns you the results.

The SEO analysis will be run and it reports you.

  • URL analysis
  • Title/meta tags
  • Image analysis
  • Heading tags
  • Content SEO analysis
  • Code analysis
  • Mobile friendly analysis
  • Social analysis

Along with these reports, it also suggests you some tasks to do to improve the SEO of your site.

Backlinks Manager – Get alerts if your backlink is removed!

Backlinks manager

Manually tracking the backlinks that are built to your site, and periodically checking whether the backlink you built still exists and deleted by the website owner can be a daunting task.

This feature helps you keep track of all the backlinks that you built to your site. You can manually enter the backlinks or import a CSV file containing all the backlinks to your site.

Backlinks monitor

As you can see in the above screenshot, I've been tracking some of the backlinks of my site.

The SERPed tracks the presence of the backlink on that site to my site. If it notices that the backlink is not present, it will mark the backlink as “Not Found”. As of now, all my backlinks shown in the screenshot are active.

If you are carrying out guest blogging campaigns and is struggling to keep track of the backlinks you built and manually checking them periodically this “Backlinks manager” tool is for you.

Uptime Monitor – Make sure your site keeps rocking

Uptime monitor

This feature notifies you whenever your site goes down. You can set up  email alerts, so that whenever your site goes down, you'll get a mail. Along with this, you can also be aware of the times when your site takes very long time to respond to the user queries.

Tracking the uptime of your site is very important. Rather than blindly trusting your web hosting provider to provide you 100% uptime, get your hands dirty and track the uptime of your time.

You'll be surprised to know that even the many popular web hosting services which promise 100% uptimes have some downtimes periodically.

Cashflow Manager


SERPed also includes a great “Cashflow” tracker. Rather than messing up with spreadsheets, this is a simple income and expenses tracker for your online business. You can also export the reports, ad PDF, print it, and mail it.

Keeping a track of your cash flow is very crucial. Regularly monitoring the cash flow is required.

Site Backups – Don't pay extra for backups

Site backups

With SERPed, you need not use any backup plugins or services like BackUpBuddy.

You just need to enter your hosting and cPanel details. The SERPed will handle all the site backup for you. After adding a new account, you need to set the backup frequency, and that's it.

If you have multiple sites and various PBNs, it may be hard for you to manage the multiple backups. But SERPed offers you to manage the backups of all the sites under a single platform.

Rank tracking – Quantify your link building efforts

The SERPed also comes with a “Rank tracker” tool.

There are the following rank trackers that track the rankings for your entered keywords.

  • Local tracking
  • Global tracking
  • Instant check
  • YouTube tracker (for YouTubers)
  • Amazon tracker (for FBA business)
Local rank tracker

This tool also replaces your need to use local keywords tracker tools like Whitespark. With Local SEO rank tracker, you can enter any local keyword, and track the rankings of your site for that local keyword over a period of time. You can literally select any country's city with this tool.

Along with local tracker, SERPed also have “Maps Tracker”. It tells the accurate local ranking. This is a kickass addition for local SEO and I love it.​

This is  great to find accurate rankings to local search queries in that particular location, that may be otherwise not accurate in other locations.

Next, let us look at the most-used Global tracker tool.

Rank tracker

You just need to enter the keywords under a specific site project. The tool will track the position of the site for the keywords you entered. It checks the rankings every 4 days.

The tool will also represent the changes in the rankings in the form of a line graph under the column “Overtime” as you can see in the screenshot. For viewing the graph, you need to let the tool collect sufficient data and then click on the graph icon.

Client Acquisition – A smart way to build email list

This is the most unique feature that this tool has got to offer. Tools like MySiteAuditor charges $79/month just for this one feature. SERPed site auditor feature comes absolutely for free along with package and even is better than the MySiteAuditor.

You can create a platform for your readers by using which they can analyze the SEO of your site. You need to embed this in a lead generation pop up or a landing page on your site.

Your readers need to enter the data like name, email, and phone number (as shown in the screenshot) to get the SEO report of their site.

Seo report popup
3rd party integrations

This helps you boost your list building results drastically.

You can integrate this feature with various major email marketing software or just enter the autoresponder code. In the “Leads” section (see screenshot), you'll get the names and email addresses of your readers who have opted in.

Other tools that are awesome

  • Link Indexer Pro
    Backlink indexer
    Link Indexer Pro helps you to index the backlinks you've built fast. You can index the backlinks of a site using services like SERPed indexer, BacklinkIndexer, and LinkPipeline. You need to enter the API details in the settings to use the BacklinkIndexer and LinkPipeline services.The backlinks you build will be indexed by Google in a week or two. But when you manually index the backlinks the Google indexing process will take a day or two. By this, you get the rankings boost quicker.
  • Google Index Checker: With this feature, you can enter a list of URLs and the tool will let you know whether the URLs are being indexed in Google. Although you can do the same thing manually, this features saves you a lot of time while checking multiple URLs.
  • Spintax checker: If you regularly spin the articles to be used on your PBNs, you can make use of this tool to check the uniqueness of the Spintax generated by your article spinning software.
  • Grammar checker: This is a basic Grammar checker tool that comes along with the SERPed package. It's not a replacement for tools like Grammarly and Whitesmoke.
  • Content curator: This tool lets you curate the top ranking content for any keywords easily.
  • Content restorer: It displays you the various versions of a web page as stored by the WayBack machine in an easily accessible way.
  • WordPress Manager
    Wordpress manager
    SERPed has a great plugin that you can install on any of your WordPress sites. This plugin allows you to keep the themes, plugins, and all other things from all your sites to be updated from a single interface. This saves you a lot of time and reduces risk of running your site with outdated themes and plugins
  • Interlinking profiler: This tool crawl through the internal links on your site. If there are any broken links you can fix them easily with this tool. Most of the popular tools only have inbound links feature and some great tools like Ahrefs have the outbound links feature. The “internal links feature is somewhat a unique feature that SERPed offers.
    Interlink profiler
    It also displays you the internal links anchor cloud analyzing the anchor texts of you internal links as shown in the below screenshot. With this, you can make sure that your internal linking mechanism is natural.Anchor cloud

SERPed Pricing and support

Serped pricing

The premium plan is sufficient for most of the bloggers. If you are doing SEO for your clients and also want to let your team members access this tool, then the Ultimate plan would be great for you.

As I explained you earlier in the article, the tool is not yet open for the public to buy (as of writing the blog post). You can only access the tool using this exclusive link for our readers that SERPed team has set for me.

Compared to what you pay for using other tools, the price is very cheap. You'll get the key features of some of the most popular SEO tools in one single tool.

The support team is excellent and is great at solving your queries

Serped support

When you log into SERPed, there's a separate section for support. You can submit a ticket for the team and they'll answer you pretty quick. There are also video tutorials for you to walk through each of the features of the tool.

There's always a wiki guide in case if you wish to read the user guide rather than watching tutorials.


SERPed is absolutely worth the price. I've used the tool in and out, and the tool is great. Except for one or two features are still being developed.

It's a tool that has combined all the key features of some of the popular SEO tools and presented to you in the single platform at a much cheaper price.

I'm one of these lucky guys who got the chance to try out the tool, before the main release.

Hope you liked my SERPed review. Do share the article with your friends. If you are eager to access the tool before it goes public, use this special link to access it.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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