SEOPressor Connect Review: The Best On-Page SEO WordPress Plugin

It is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. It comes in with the most advanced  features to make you rank higher in Google search results. 


In this in-depth SEOPressor Connect review post, I’ll be helping you decide whether this on-page SEO plugin is worth for you or not. I will present you the features, and the ways in which SEOPressor can help you in boosting your rankings and search traffic.

If you are struggling hard every time optimizing your post for a keyword, this plugin would be the best bet for you. It  keeps you aware of all the common mistakes while optimizing your content for SEO.

Features of SEOPressor Connect

SEOPressor comes to many advanced on page SEO features, than any other plugin. In terms of features, this plugin is a clear winner over Yoast SEO and EasyWPSEO.

Here are some of the most useful features that SEOPressor comes packed with.

  • On-Page Analysis
  • SEO Intelligence
  • Semantic Builder
  • Crawler Control
  • Link Management

Real-time SEO score and keyword density

Multiple keywords

SEOPressor supports targeting 3 keywords for a post. Targeting merely a single keyword maybe ineffective to optimize your content for SEO.

The plugin then analyzes the usage of the mentioned keywords in your content and displays you the SEO score of the post. The score will be calculated based on the usage of keywords in headings, title, description, alt tags and others.

You need to just hit the refresh button after making the changes to your content, to display the keyword score.

It also displays the keyword density in the content. For example, if you’ve used your main keyword two times in a 100-word post, then the keyword density is 2%.

Keyword over-optimization warning

Sometimes you may go overboard while optimizing your content for a keyword.

By this, you become a victim of keyword stuffing and you hurt your rankings. Your content will be sandboxed due to over-optimization.

SEOPressor warns you if your content is highly over optimized for the keywords.

Automatic smart linking

You can automatically add SEO-friendly internal links to your content.

You need to enter the keywords and their links in the internal links section of the plugin settings. Now, every time the keyword is mentioned in your blog posts, they will be linked to the mentioned URL.

You save lots of time manually linking to all the related content in your blog posts.

This feature makes your internal linking process easier.

As you may already know that strong interlinking of content boosts on page SEO of your site and drastically improves on page user interaction. It turns out to be a strong signal of quality content on your site.

LSI keyword research

Lsi keywords

This is one of the advanced SEO strategies out there.

You may know it or not, making your content semantically rich is the future of SEO. SEOPressor Connect comes loaded with features that makes your content semantically rich by automatically making your content easily readable by machines.

You need to include related keywords, along with the main keyword in your content. By this, you increase the chances of your content ranking for the keyword.

For SEOPressor plugin to suggest LSI keywords for your content, you need to enter the Bing API key in the settings of the plugin.

Now, SEOPressor displays the LSI keywords in the post/page editor page.

You need to include those related keywords naturally in the content, so as to avoid keyword stuffing.

Rich snippets

Rich snippet support

Structured data is one of the powerful on-page SEO factors.

You may have come across the star ratings for the search results in SERPs. This is due to rich snippets support.

SEOPressor lets you add rich snippets to your content so that it will standout of other results in the search page.

Schema markup settings

Shema markup enhances machine readability. That means, Google can understand your content better than ever before.

Social media SEO

SEOPressor has the features to add Facebook open graph tags and Twitter Tags support for your blog content. With this, the content you share on social media sites will be presented in a great way.

Although it is possible for you to manually setup graph tags and Twitter cards, SEOPressor makes it very easy to accomplish the tasks.

Dynamic crawler control

SEOPressor helps you easily control how search engines crawl your site.  It lets you create XML sitemaps, set robot rules, manage URL redirections, also helps you set a canonical link, etc.

It also lets you manage broken links on your site, without over-heading the CPU usage.


SEOPressor comes with three plans Starter, Professional, and Insider.

For most of the people, Starter or Professional plans would be great.

Starter plan comes with support only for a single site. If you are looking to install SEOPressor on multiple sites that you own, you can opt for professional plans.

SEOPressor Connect Pricing

All the plans come with 60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied fully. You will not be questioned anything.


At last, I would say that SEOPressor is great if you want to make the most of the on-page optimization. It saves you a lot of time and ensures that your content is keyword optimized all the time.

Hope you found this review of SEOPressor helpful.

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