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Sellzone (formerly Sellerly) is one of the leading Amazon marketing tools powered by Semrush. It helps Amazon sellers grow their businesses.
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Exclusive 30 days trial for BloggingX readers

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Sellzone (formerly Sellerly) is one of the leading Amazon marketing tools powered by Semrush. It helps Amazon sellers grow their businesses.

The tools available with Sellzone are:

  • A Keyword Wizard
  • Listing Protection
  • Traffic Insights
  • Split Testing
  • Listing Quality Check
  • Amazon Product Research
  • Amazon PPC Optimizer
Sellzone trial

If you are an Amazon seller and want to improve your business, you can consider trying out Sellzone trial, and decide whether it is best for you or not. Sellzone is offering a 7 day free trial, but for BloggingX users it has extended the trial to 30 days for just $1.

Sellzone: Features reviewed

Keyword Wizard

Sellzone Keyword Wizard

If you want to increase your product visibility and dominate Amazon search, this is the tool you need to consider. This helps you find high-volume, low-competition keywords. You can use its broad match, exact match, and phrase match filters to find the relevant keywords. You can use its include and exclude filters to find the right keywords quickly.

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This tool has a unique feature called “search term” which gives you a list of frequently searched terms for your listing.

Sellzone’s keyword wizard consists of 200+ million keywords. This tool is very similar to Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool if you are familiar with it.

Listing Alerts

Listing Alerts in Sellzone

Listing Alerts helps you always stay on top of your listings. It monitors and tracks the listing and sends you alert notifications to act immediately when any changes occur.

The tool tracks:

  • Product Title, Description, and Images
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Buy Box Statuses
  • Price Changes
  • Listing Suppression (if you’ve connected your Amazon Seller account)

Depending on the pricing plans, the number of Amazon product listings you track will vary. You can track up to 100 Amazon product listings with the growth plan which costs $50/mo, while the pro plan ($85/mo) allows you to check up to 500 listings.

Track the listing issues

Click on “track your listing issues” to automate the alerts monitoring.

Tracking keywords in Sellzone

Here you need to choose what to track and whatnot. If you are tracking listing suppressions, don’t forget to connect your Amazon Sellers account.

Sellzone notifications

You can choose SMS/email to send alert notifications. You can enable the daily digest and instant alerts notifications, as well.

Traffic Insights

Amazon Traffic Insights

With this tool, you can analyze the listings traffic and the sources from which you are getting the traffic. It is even possible to analyze the traffic insights of your competitors’ listings so that you can adapt your strategies accordingly.

Traffic Insights reports in Sellzone

The overview report gives you a graphical representation of the data to analyze the insights easily. You will get various reports like; reach by channel, Amazon organic traffic, Google organic traffic, referring domains, and shopping Ads keywords.

Split testing

This tool helps you split test different variations of your listings and decide which converts better.

Sellzone split testing

You can split test the title, price, description, or the main image. However, you can only run one test per product page at a time. Additionally, you can run separate split tests on different product listings at the same time.

For this too, first, you need to connect your Amazon Seller account.

Listing Quality Check

Listing Quality Check in Sellzone

The Listing Quality Check tool audits your amazon listings and gives you insights on how you can further optimize your listings to improve their visibility and thus conversions.

Listing Quality Score in Sellzone

It gives you the listing’s quality score, which determines the health of your listings. You can always aim to improve this score.

While auditing it evaluates how well your listing has followed Amazon requirements, style guides, and the best practices.

Product Research

Product Research in Sellzone

If you are new to Amazon selling, this tool helps you identify the in-demand products to sell on Amazon using the freshest Amazon data.

Furthermore, the Sellzone FBA Calculator can help you determine whether your chosen product is likely to be profitable.

PPC Optimizer Tool

This is a great tool for managing and optimizing ad campaigns for profitability. It gives you a list of all products to advertise in your campaigns.

PPC Optimizer Tool in Sellzone

For the products you select, you need to set:

  • Daily advertising budget
  • Start and end dates
  • Custom bid
  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) target

Upon setting up your campaign, the tool will compile a list of relevant keywords for your product. For each product, the tool will create four campaigns.

Sellzone pricing

Sellzone pricing

Sellzone tools are recently moved to the Semrush app centre. You can buy the tools individually.

You can visit this page to know the pricing of each of these tools.


If you are an Amazon seller, Sellzone is one of the most useful tools you can consider for improving your business. The tools it offers are very helpful and are worth the money.

You can easily get started using the tool with no learning curve.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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