Today in this post, I will review SamCart vs ClickFunnels and help you decide which is best for your business.

Both SamCart and ClickFunnels are cloud-based platforms for selling your products and services. But the latter is focused more on landing pages and sales funnel building side of things

Let’s analyze the features of both platforms.

Best for EntrepreneursMarketers
Product/course developers
Trial14 days paid trial14 days paid trial
Built-in A/B testingYesYes
Email marketing3rd party integrationsIn-built email marketing
Pricing starts at$39/mo$97/mo
Product pageExplore SamCartExplore ClickFunnels

What do I like about SamCart over ClickFunnels?

  • SamCart has better cart and checkout mechanisms as it’s a dedicated checkout platform.
  • SamCart comes with really good digital product selling and delivery mechanisms
  • It comes with more powerful checkout pages and templates than that of ClickFunnels
  • It is way cheaper than that of ClickFunnels. If you already have a funnel, ClickFunnels feels like overkill.
  • It comes with one-click checkouts and order bumps similar to ClickFunnels

What do I like about ClickFunnels over SamCart?

  • ClickFunnels’ funnel building process is more advanced than SamCart. SamCart has just the basic funnel features.
  • ClickFunnels comes with a larger number of customization options than SamCart as it has more features and appeals to a wider audience.
  • ClickFunnels has a built-in autoresponder for sending the followup sequences which is lacking in SamCart.
  • ClickFunnels has a good number of integrations with 3rd party platforms whereas SamCart has only a few.
  • It comes with A/B split testing features even in their beginner plan, while SamCart doesn’t.

SamCart vs ClickFunnels: Features compared


SamCart interface

SamCart’s interface is really good, all the features are neatly arranged. You can easily access the features from the drop-down menu.

You can easily get started with the platform with no prior knowledge. To know, you can read my in-depth SamCart review.

ClickFunnels Interface

Similar to SamCart, with ClickFunnels also the features are logically arranged in the navigation bar. This helps you quickly access the features.

Unlike SamCart, ClickFunnels comes with a search assistant for you to quickly find out the features. Due to the fact that ClickFunnels comes with a wide range of features, this makes sense.

Winner: Tie. Both of these tools have good interfaces.

Funnel building

SamCart’s funnel features are not as powerful as ClickFunnels. Because the latter is a dedicated funnel building software.

SamCart funnel building

Just click on the new funnel, enter the funnel name and the description. Then add the upsell or downsell offers you may have already created. Although you have a good number of templates to create your sales pages, it doesn’t really come close to ClickFunnels in terms of full-funnel building experience.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels entire focus is on the funnel creation and is a big brand in funnel building.

ClickFunnels allows you to create various types of funnels like

  1. Sales funnels
  2. Tripwire funnels
  3. Leads funnels
  4. Followup funnels
  5. Launch funnels

Tripwire funnels are used to attract customers by selling low-priced products often with a loss.

Launch funnels are used to launch a new product or a service and create a marketing buzz around the product. This helps you know people’s interest in the product.

ClickFunnel funnel building

To make your funnel creation process easier, ClickFunnels provides you with beautiful templates that you customize as per your needs.

To create a new funnel, click on “Build a funnel”, choose the template and go on customizing the different stages of the funnel.

ClickFunnels provides various templates for each of the funnel pages you create.

ClickFunnels funnel pages

You can split test the different variations of the funnel pages and know which one works best for you.

Winner: ClickFunnels as it’s a dedicated funnel building software. If you’re using SamCart, I recommend you to have a funnel building system in place as you may feel some features to be lacking in SamCart.

Page building

SamCart page builder

SamCart’s page building process is very easy and straightforward. You can build the pages either from scratch or make use of its built-in templates.

The features are neatly arranged within the major sections like – content, collections, and settings.

SamCart elements and widgets

You will find all the elements and the widgets under the content tab, block templates for the featured area, header, CTA, and guarantees will be available under the collections tab.

Next is the settings tab, where you can customize the page style, fonts, and the checkout forms.

You can customize the pages for both desktop and mobile devices. SamCart allows you to hide the page title on mobile and desktop devices if you don’t wish to display it.

Unlike some other competitors like ThriveCart, SamCart offers plenty of multi-step forms, pop-up templates, full width, and much more. As per your needs, you can choose the template.

Similar to SamCart, ClickFunnels’ page builder also has a very user-friendly interface with no distracting sidebars. ClickFunnels has logically arranged its features so that users can save time in searching the features.

ClickFunnels page building process is much faster than SamCart as it will auto-load the mockup once you add the product image.

ClickFunnels provides a number of elements compared to SamCart. Each of these elements has various style options for you to play with. You can customize them as per your needs.

With both these platforms, you can create the pop-ups either by making use of the built-in templates or from scratch.

Also, with ClickFunnels you can split test the 2 variations of the pages.

With SamCart, you can split test the two variations of the checkout pages to boost the conversions. Split testing is available only in its highest plan that costs $199/mo.

Winner: ClickFunnels. It comes with a powerful page builder and also is available with any of its paid plans.

Email marketing

SamCart doesn’t come with a built-in autoresponder for you to send the emails and the follow-up sequences to your customers. For this, you need to make use of external integrations like MailChimp, Aweber, Convertkit, and more.

Similarly, you don’t get the marketing automation features with SamCart.

The only way is to integrate with tools like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign and HubSpot if you want to automate your workflow.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels comes with its own sequential builder to send the followup sequences. But it lacks the visual automation builder that many other funnel building softwares like Kartra offers.

ClickFunnels calls its email as follow up funnels.

With ClickFunnels, you can neatly manage the leads as lists and also add proper tags for easier segmentation.

ClickFunnel email marketing

If you want to send the broadcast emails, you can make use of the ClickFunnels 40+ email marketing softwares integrations.

ClickFunnels also comes with automation features but not as powerful as some other funnel building softwares like Kartra.

Winner: ClickFunnels as it comes with a separate email marketing software called Actionetics. But it comes only with its highest $297/month plan. Even if you want to integrate these tools with other autoresponders, ClickFunnels comes with more integrations as you can see in the above screenshot.

Membership sites

ClickFunnel membership sites

ClickFunnels doesn’t have a separate feature called membership sites. To create a membership site, you need to create a membership funnel and customize it.

There are many membership funnel templates available and you can select one and just import it to your account.

Membership funnels have membership access and membership area.

ClickFunnel membership funnels

With membership access, you can customize the funnel pages with drag and drop builder. Whereas under the membership area, you can create and organize the sections and lessons.

Based on the membership plan that customers purchase, you can restrict the content. This encourages customers to go with higher membership tiers.

To be honest, ClickFunnels membership features are not as powerful as Kartra or Podia. If you are looking for the best membership site platform, I highly suggest you go with ClickFunnels alternatives like Kartra, Kajabi, Podia, or even Kyvio depending upon your needs and budget.

Winner: ClickFunnels, as it comes with membership funnels allowing you to build membership sites with ease. On the other hand with SamCart, you need to integrate it with services like MemberPress.

Shopping cart and marketing options

Both ClickFunnels and SamCart come with features like 1-click checkouts, upsells, downsells, and bump offers.

But unlike Kartra, these platforms lack behavioral adaptive marketing and dynamic OTOs features. You cannot offer the products based on the customer’s previous behaviors or the purchases they made.

SamCart comes with additional features like coupons, cart abandonment, post-purchase upsells, etc. as it is a dedicated cart and checkout management platform.

Affiliate marketing

SamCart affiliate marketing

SamCart’s affiliate management setup is very easy to get started. You can enable or disable the affiliates option for individual products.

ClickFunnels comes with a backpack feature for creating the affiliate program.

One disadvantage is that the lower plans of both SamCart and ClickFunnels lack affiliate management features. To access this feature you need to go with its highest plan which costs $199/mo and $297/mo respectively.

Unlike its competitors, ClickFunnels has sticky cookies which recognize and track the customer who previously had a transaction from the affiliate link. This feature, it enables your affiliates to earn a recurring commission even for the other products that the customer purchases.

First, you need to set up a commission plan and fill in all the essentials, affiliate types, etc.

With ClickFunnels you can create a two-tier affiliate program, run contests for the affiliates, manage all the payments with affiliate dashboard, etc.

Winner: ClickFunnels has a better affiliate management feature, but it comes with its platinum plan that costs $297/month.


SamCart has both email and chat support that replies to your queries within 24 hours. It also has in-depth knowledge base articles to guide the customers.

To assist the newbies SamCart provides a demo. You can request the recorded demo or watch it live.

ClickFunnels has a Facebook group, support chat, documentation, and also a blog to resolve the customer’s queries. As it’s a more popular tool on the internet, you can also find plenty of YouTube videos from its partners and promoters.


SamCart integrates with various email marketing, automation software, membership site platforms, page builders, etc.

These include:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier
  • ConvertKit
  • Intercom
  • AWeber
  • Kajabi
  • InfusionSoft
  • Drip
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • Digital Access Pass
  • ConstantContact
  • WishList
  • Post-Affiliate-Pro
  • Memberpress
  • MailChimp
  • iContact
  • MaroPost
  • OntraPort
  • Opmember
  • WordPress
  • Thinkific
  • MemberMouse

ClickFunnels integrates with most popular payment gateways, autoresponders, automation softwares, etc.

  • Apple/Android Pay
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Keap
  • NMI
  • OntraPort
  • PayPal API
  • Recurly
  • Stripe
  • Active Campaign
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Hubspot
  • MadMimi
  • MailChimp
  • Market Hero
  • Ontraport
  • Sendlane
  • ZenDirect
  • Shopify
  • ClickBank
  • Much more

Both SamCart and ClickFunnels come with Zapier integration to connect with your favorite apps and services.


SamCart Pricing

SamCart is a premium platform that comes with three pricing plans. The lowest plan costs $49/mo, the second plan costs $99/mo, while the highest plan costs $199/mo. If you go with annual billing, you will get a 20% discount.

The lowest plan lacks most of the important features hence you need to go with the higher plans.

And also SamCart lacks built-in email marketing, automation software, and also membership builder. You need to pay extra money for going with any external integrations thus adding the extra cost.

So if you are budget-bound, SamCart is not the best solution for you. You can consider some cheaper alternatives like Podia.

Both platforms don’t come with any transaction fees.

SamCart and ClickFunnels offer 14 days free trial with access to limited features. You need a credit card to sign up for the trial.

ClickFunnel Pricing

ClickFunnels costs $97/mo with access to 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 payment gateways, but it lacks follow up funnels. The platinum plan costs $297/mo – unlimited funnels and pages, follow up funnels, shorts 9 payment gateways, etc.

If your main focus is on funnel building, then ClickFunnels is the best value for money.

FAQs on SamCart vs ClickFunnels

What is SamCart?

SamCart is a cloud-based platform for selling your products, services, and memberships.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is also an online product selling tool, but it focuses more on funnel building.

Can I try out these platforms for free?

Yes. Both these platforms offer you 14 days free trial. You need to sign up with a credit card.

Do these platforms offer any discounts?

I have covered this part in the article. Make sure you read it carefully.

Can I get a money refund if I don’t like the platform?

Both ClickFunnels and SamCart come with 30 days money-back guarantee to refund the money if you don’t like it.

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If you are looking for an all-in-one platform to sell your products, memberships, and services at an affordable price, then ClickFunnels is the way to go.

SamCart costs are high as you need to pay extra for the 3rd party services.

If you are still looking for a cheaper alternative, you can consider Kartra, Podia(review), ThriveCart(review), etc.

I hope you found this post on SamCart vs ClickFunnels helpful.

If you have any doubts, let me know them in the comments section.