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Let’s snap back to basics. Why do bloggers blog? What’s their purpose? These will be the quite tough questions to answer by a blogger.

You may have landed on this page to know the reason why blogging is so popular nowadays. In this post, I will explain you briefly why do people  blog? what’s the purpose?

This post will be helpful for you if,

  • you are a common man interested to know the purpose of blogging
  • you are a blogger struggling to explain the reason ‘why you blog’ for others effectively

So, why people blog?

What are the purposes having a blog?

To share their knowledge

Blogging is an excellent way of sharing your knowledge about a particular topic to a wide audience. You can blog about any topic of interest in the world. The main thing that determines the success of your blog is your passion.

If you are truly passionate about a topic and are willing to write on the topic for a long time, your blog’s going to be a success.

Initially, most of the bloggers who are passionate about a topic, dive into the blogosphere to share their knowledge and showcase their expertise in the field.

To learn and earn at the same time

The best thing about blogging is that, if you take blogging as your profession, you could be a student for your lifetime. How sweet was that?

You learn, share what you learnt, and earn money out of it. Rinse and repeat.

You can learn about something you are interested in, share the same and earn money. Blogging is not a work. It’s fun.

It can be a profession and as well as a hobby. Blogging as a profession is more trendy these days.

You can earn huge bucks with your blog by,

  • affiliate marketing
  • CPC advertising
  • sponsored posts
  • reviews
  • direct advertising
  • product creation
  • plenty more

For some bloggers, money would become the main driving force. To be honest, without passion, bloggers who chase money can’t sustain for a long time.

To promote a product

If you have a soft product, software or an ebook, wouldn’t you like people to buy it? The best and cheapest way to promote a product online is via blogging. You can educate your people about the product and then make them buy it.

Another benefit is that there’s no limit to the extent of interested audience you can reach on the internet. There will be an audience interested in every single type of product online.

All you need to do is write content on your topic, create awareness about the product and sell it to the right people.

Many bloggers, also blog for a particular company as their part-time profession. Their job is to enhance the search presence of the company and to create brand awareness.

Building relations

By blogging in a particular niche, it’s easy to attract the people or fellow bloggers who are interested in the same topic you are blogging in.

By building these relations, you can further boost your blog and share the experience and enhance your expertise in the niche.

These kind of relations are like having friends with the same mindset as yours. You can connect with them on social media sites; chat with them.

With this, blogging would become a less lonely journey

Blogging as side income

Most of the people who are up to 9 to 5 jobs are not satisfied by their income. Most of them do blogging as their spare-time hobby, and earn some bucks out of it (ex: to pay rents, bills or travelling expenses).

Blogging would be an alternate source of revenue for them.

For these people, their blog also acts as a backup to their main job, if anything goes wrong.

Creating an online empire

Creating and developing online assets like authority websites, niche sites and YouTube channels are of great importance now.

Everything has become online. With the ever increasing number of internet users and explosion in consumption of information, the demand for more and more information has been created. That’s where blogging comes to play.

Building a strong authoritative online presence and building an online kingdom is more profitable, considering the aspects.

Creating blog brand awareness and also personal brand awareness is also a trend nowadays.

For satisfaction

Blogging gives a sense of satisfaction that you are doing something that involves the creative part of your brain. As it grows to be your good hobby, it surges your feel-good hormones that gives you a sense of achievement. You develop a good addiction to blogging.

Most of the passionate bloggers have this good addiction. Having short term and long term goals in blogging, and by achieving them you can transform blogging to a gamification system and feel motivated.


Blogging is more than just a hobby. You can learn, earn, express and help others through blogging. It’s a perfect example for win-win strategy. Blogging is the first step for establishing an online presence, building an online empire.

Blogs satisfy the ever increasing growth of demand for quality information online.

These are the reasons why people blog. Without any purpose, no one blogs.

If you are a blogger, I am interested in knowing for what reason you blog. Comment below.

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  1. Hi Akshay, came to know about your blog from social media.
    Leave it, let me come to the topic!
    Actual purposes of blogging may be different for every blogger but, I blog because its my passion. I wanna follow my passion because its great to follow your passion!
    You shared a couple of purposes and I like the way you explained them in a smarter way.
    This is my first ever visit to your blog.
    Looking forward to read future blog updates 🙂
    ~ Ahmad from TutorialsFist [dot] com

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