Prolinker Outreach Technique – The Secret Underdog Link Building Strategy

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Did you notice that the link building is becoming harder day by day? The fierce competition in the blogosphere, the blog owners asking for money to land your guest posts on their sites. Seems familiar huh?

The white hat link building techniques, that you learned through years, simply consumes a lot of time. It hurts when you notice that people don’t reply even after opening your link outreach emails.

This post gives you a dead simple way to build winning backlinks. Introducing you the “Prolinker Outreach Strategy”. This strategy helps you to earn links from people who are eagerly waiting to link to you.

Just promise me that you will read the article thoroughly, and you’ll thank me for it.

What is Prolinker Outreach strategy?

Prolinker Outreach strategy is a way by which you reach out to the people who are already waiting to link to a great resource.

Contrary to the traditional link building outreach in which you send out mass emails to many of the website owners, and get disappointing approval rates, in this case, you have more approval rates.

Ok, here are the steps involved in this process.

  • Identify your content that needs backlinks
  • Make a list of all the sites that may link to your content
  • Filter out the sites that do not link to others
  • Reach them to the frequent linkers strategically and follow up

In the section, I’ll lay down the steps you need to follow to accomplish each of the things I mentioned above.

Prolinker outreach strategy explained

#1. Identify your content that needs backlinks

You know what? This is a no-brainer.

In this step, you need to identify the blog posts on your site, that you want backlinks to. But, this step is trickier than you think. You need to select the content on your site that is somewhat unique and is special.

You should NOT opt for generic blog posts like these:

11 Things you Should Follow for Long-term Blogging Success

For example, unique posts like:

As you can sense that the above blog post examples deal around the specific terms and mostly unique with relatively new keywords.

You also need to avoid selecting posts that are based on money keywords. In case if you are implementing this strategy on an affiliate site, make sure you publish some of the unique informational (link-worthy) posts on it and select them as the content you want links to.

#2. List all the sites that may link to your content

This is the most tricky part. In this section, you need to identify the content on authority sites that have mentioned a keyword related to your content you listed down in the step #1.

For example, I want to build backlinks to my post on LSI keywords. To find some of the content that may link to my blog post. I will search something like this.

Find sites

The above search modifier mentions all the content that mentions the term “LSI keywords” in their content but not in their blog post title. These are the exact blogs, you need.

You need to list all of these blog posts. Maybe the top 50 or 70 results.

To make this easier, you need to first head over to the search settings.

Search settings
Results per page

Here select to show 50 results per page.

Now, you need to install this Chrome Extension called Oscraper.

Using this extension you can extract the top SERP results in a notepad.


Once you have all the top ranking content that have your keyword in their content somewhere, it’s time to filter out the sites that may not be a fit to outreach.

Now copy and paste all the root domains in a text file.

#3. Filter out the sites that do not link to others

You can also use SERPWorx Chrome Extension.​ It is a premium tool and use Ahrefs to pull data to let you know whether a site is a prolinker.

Outbound links count

If you have no access to Ahrefs, you can also do the process manually by going through each of the sites and notice whether those sites link to others very often.


As you can see in the above screenshot, the article writer is an active outbound linker and also mentioned a keyword that I have a great article on. These are the types of blog posts we are actually looking for.

You need to go through the extracted URL list and filter out all the blog posts that do not link to others. What you’ll be left is with the URLs of the content that may eagerly link to you, if proper outreach is done.

#4. It’s time to outreach and get links

Now, you need to prepare a spreadsheet containing the first name of the blog owner, email address, site name, post URL you wish to get backlink from.

Here are the ways to find the email addresses of any website owner.

  • Hunter Chrome Extension. You can also use their Google Sheets add-on to make life simpler.
  • Contact us or about page of the website.
  • Using the Google search modifier and wildcard character (asterisk) – “*”
  • Also, remember that some sites offer you a simple contact form.

Below is the screenshot of a demo outreach sheet.

Outreach spreadsheet

With this information, you can make use of outreach tools like MailShake (not an affiliate link) which I grabbed in an AppSumo deal to outreach people. Otherwise, it costs you just $9/month per user. You can also use the tool for other outreach link building like guest blogging.

Or you can also use free tools like Yet Another Mailmerge or Streak CRM for outreaches and tracking opens and link clicks.

Prolinker outreach email

As I have MailShake, it not only helps me send personalized emails and track opens, it also helps me follow up them unless I receive a reply or a click within a predefined date.

Here is one example template which you can copy and use for your Prolinker Outreach campaigns.

Outreach spreadsheet

Prolinker Outreach Template

Hi {{name}}, what’s up?

I’m YOURNAME a professional blogger from YOURSITE.

{{name}}, I came across {{site}}. Nice site. I was reading your article at {{theirurl}}. Nice article. The other resources you’ve linked in the article are great especially that article by {{outboundsite}}.

I also noticed that you discussed {{Topic}} in your post. It reminded me of my awesome work on {{topic}} at {{myurl}}. I’m sure that my article returns value in your readers if you consider mentioning in your post.

Let me know how can I help you.


Here is a follow-up template, in case you don’t receive a reply from the site owner within 3 days.

Hi {{name}}.

We seem to have missed each other after I emailed you a couple of days ago.

Emailing you to follow up.


With these outreach emails, the words you use in the mail is very important. You should not appear commanding or make your pitch too weak.

You could also have noticed that I’ve included the line “Let me know how can I help you”. This makes sure you get positive replies and reminds the site owner that you are free to pay some gratitude for the link addition.

Cross promotion

The last line in the above email template opens new opportunities for cross-promotion.

The 2-3 follow-up emails scheduled over 10 days drastically increase the chances of replies and links.​

Some tips for more reply rates:

  • Always aim at creating win-win situations.
  • Give a reason for them to link to you. (maybe your article is of great quality or their site lacks information in a section and if they link to you, it’ll make their explanation complete)
  • Personalize the email greatly. Don’t do mass emails and sound like typical “Sir/Madam”.
  • You can also create new columns in your spreadsheet like site owner’s location, their interests, and outreach them. Like say “Hi {{name}}, how’s it at {{location}}”. They’ll have no clue that you are using an outreach tool.

Final note

This is a great strategy I’ve been using lately for getting great links to my niche sites. Using a good email outreach tool, makes a great difference as there’ll be advanced customization, scheduling, batching, tracking, and templates options.

I hope you found Prolinker Outreach strategy helpful.

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