Pressable Discount (2020 Apr) : Get 2 Months Free Access!

Pressable is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers and is well known in the industry for their excellent support.
Compared to its competitors, features offered by the Pressable for its price are really good.
Ease of use
You don’t need any technical skills to use Pressable as the support team handles everything for you.
The monthly pricing is little high. If you want to save money, go with annual billing.
Support is really excellent and they have live chat, knowledgebase articles, and ticket system.

Today in this post, I am going to present you the Pressable discount.

Pressable is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers out there. Pressable is owned by Automattic, the same company behind most of the popular services like, JetPack, WooCommerce, and many more.

Pressable Discount!

This offer is for limited time!

Pressable Discount!

This offer is for limited time!

Pressable is a well known managed hosting provider. It is offering a discount of free usage for 2 months if you purchase their annual plan.


Managed WordPress hosting

Starting price

$25.00 /mo
FeaturesJetpack premium
Personalized onboarding
Proactive maintenance
Daily backups
Staging environment
Speed optimized servers

Free migrations


Free SSL & CDN




Pressable discount: Free usage for 2 months


With managed hosting, the hosting provider will manage your site, handles all the technical aspects and security issues including updates, backups, maintenance, uptime, scalability, prevention of malware, etc.

Pressable has gained so much popularity and is well known in the industry for its excellent support. There are live chat, community support, and knowledgebase articles available to assist you 365/24/7.

Pressable gives you 2 months of free usage if you purchase an annual plan. You can use it for free for 60 days and if you don’t like the hosting then they will refund the money with no questions asked.

No coupon is needed to get this discount. You need to just head over to the pricing page and get the annual billing.

Pressable features

Pressable features

Types of hosting

Pressable offers 4 types of hosting.

  1. Managed WordPress hosting: With this hosting, Pressable itself handles maintaining the sites, managing the servers, security, handling backups, and troubleshooting the bugs if any. With your site hosted on Pressable, you can sit back and relax easily as your site will be safe in the hands of the team of WordPress hosting experts.
  2. Agency hosting: If you run an agency handling multiple clients websites, Pressable is the best choice to go with as its onboarding team will assist you in setting up multiple sites and helps run your business smoothly.
  3. WooCommerce hosting: Pressable with its highly reliable 12 hosting servers ensures your business growth. It also integrates with Jilt, an email marketing software and has access to JetPack that provides all the necessary tools you need to improve your business.
  4. Enterprise hosting: If you have traffic loaded sites then Pressable handles your traffic surges. It has fast loading data and cache servers, server-side optimizations, NVMe SSD storage that is 10x faster than the normal SSD technology.


Pressable backup your site daily and stores it for 30 days in its own database. If you want to restore the data, you need to do it manually by outreaching the support team. You are free to request the restore at any time you need.



Pressable integrates with LetsEncrypt to provide you the free SSL certificates thus securing your sites from malware, hackers, and any other external attacks. They also have DDOS protection and prevent any suspicious activity and block the threats.

In case of any emergency security issues, there is a dedicated team of WordPress experts to help you in resolving the issue and prevent it from happening again.

To provide its customers with high-level security Pressable integrates with JetPack. It provides great security, backups, malware scanning, and also provides daily security scans.

With its automated resolutions, it prevents malware, threats, brute force attacks and also sends you the email notifications. It also monitors your site for the downtime, keeps the plugins updated and keeps the backup of your site. These features are available only in the premium plan. But JetPack offers all these features free for Pressable users.


Pressable has fast loading servers that take your site’s performance to the next level. They have 12 reliable servers that enhance your site’s performance.

Pressable also manages the cache issues and has a global CDN that guarantees fast site loading times and handles the traffic load.

Pressable keeps all the WordPress core installations up to date and keeps the site secure. In case of any downtime, JetPack will notify you.

WordPress installation ease

Pressable settings

With Pressable you can install WordPress within a few minutes. If you have any queries or if you struggle with the installation then the support team will assist you and takes care of everything.

Also, their system administrators will help you in configuring your site architecture. So there is no need to worry. You can outreach the support team at any time for assistance.


additional domains

Unlike Bluehost, Pressable doesn’t offer free domains. You need to set up your own domain. With Bluehost you will get the domain free for 1 year after which you need to renew.


Unlike Bluehost or Inmotion hosting, Pressable has restrictions on bandwidth usage. It’s bandwidth calculation is based on your pageviews.

If you want unlimited domains, unlimited web storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited subdomains you need to go with Bluehost. Inmotion also provides unlimited bandwidth and supports unlimited email accounts on all of its plans.


Pressable pricing varies on the usage limits – basic use, moderate use, and high volume use.

Basic use:

Basic use pricing



WordPress installs

PageviewsBuy Pressable


$ 25.00 /mo



Get now


$ 45.00 /mo



Get now


$ 90.00 /mo



Get now

Moderate use:

Moderate use pricing



WordPress installs


Buy Pressable


$135.00 /mo



Get now

Agency 2

$180.00 /mo



Get now

Agency 3

$225.00 /mo



Get now

High volume use:

High volume use pricing

WordPress installs


Buy Pressable


$750.00 /mo



Get now


$1,500.00 /mo



Get now

You can try out any of these plans for 90 days.

All these plans come with features like enterprise architecture, personalized onboarding, free migration services, free SSL certificates & CDN, staging environments, access to Jetpack premium, and many more.

Pressable costs more compared to other popular managed hostings like WPX or SiteGround. If you are an advanced WordPress user, then you need to certainly go with higher plans of pressable as the lower plans have more limitations.

If you are on a budget I suggest you go with either WPX hosting or SiteGround.

WPX costs less than Pressable and offers good features at a reasonable price. The starting price is $20.83/mo with access to 5 websites, 100GB storage and bandwidth. The site BloggingX is hosted on WPX.

On the other hand, SiteGround starts at $3.95/mo. It’s Grow Big plan costs $5.95/mo for unlimited websites and ~ 25,000 pageviews.

For SiteGround to handle ~ 100,000 pageviews, you need to pay just $11.95/mo.

Pros and cons


  • As it integrates with JetPack, Pressable customers will get access to all of its features for free
  • Provides free migration services
  • Excellent support


  • Pressable supports only the WordPress CMS.
  • Basic plans lacks live chat support
  • Costs high compared to other popular hostings
  • Pricing limitations on the pageviews


Does Pressable offer me migration services?

Absolutely yes. The support team will help you in migrating all of your sites and it also comes with automated migration plugin for site migration.

Does Pressable support multiple sites?

Pressable only supports subdirectory multisites not subdomain multisites.

How good is Pressable when it comes to security?

Pressable offers excellent security with its Let’sEncrypt and JetPack integrations.

Does Pressable give me access to any themes?

Yes. Pressable integrates with JetPack premium which provides you access to 100+ free and premium WordPress themes.

How does Pressable assist WordPress newbies?

Pressable provides access to where you will get plenty of tutorials and resources needed to learn WordPress.

How often does Pressable backup my site?

Pressable backups your site daily and store it in its database. You can restore them with 1-click at any time you need.


Pressable is a good choice only if you are an advanced WordPress user and have high traffic sites. You need to pay more for a large number of pageviews.

If you are just a beginner you can go with SiteGround hosting as it comes at a very cheap price and provides great features even with its lowest plans.

If you are on a budget, inmotion and Bluehost are also the cheap and best alternatives to Pressable.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you :-)

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