Podia Discount (Sep 2019): Get 2 Months FREE Access Worth $158

Podia is an all-in-one solution for online creators. It comes with course creation, membership sites and also digital downloads
☆ 4.9
For the price, the features provided by Podia is amazing. They’ve got multiple features.
Ease of use
☆ 4.7
Podia is very straightforward to use. The options are so easy to discover and predictably put.
☆ 4.7
For the features they offer, Podia is greatly priced. Their competitors charge hundreds of dollars.
☆ 4.7
The support offered by Podia is good. They can reach out the support team via email and tickets.
Click on the above button to get 2 months free access

I'm gonna present you the discount for Podia platform in this post.

Podia is one of the most effective all-in-one platform for online course creator and also product owners.

It comes in with various features like online courses, membership, digital product downloads, email marketing and also affiliate platform to promote your products.

How to avail Podia discount?

If you want to avail a good discount on Podia, you can consider using this link.

Here when you head over to the pricing page, you can see the 2 months free trial. There are no specific Podia coupon codes for you to use.


If you consider going for mover or shaker plan, you can save $78 or $158 on your purchase.

They do not have any coupon or promo codes. This is the only discount they have.

This discount will be available only with the annual plan.

And with all the plans there'll be a 14-days free trial. So, you can fully try out of the software before giving it a go.

Overview of Podia

As I discussed earlier, it's an all-in-one platform for:

  • Online course creation
  • Membership platform
  • Digital downloads
  • Affiliate platform
  • Email marketing

Once you create your account on Podia, and login you can see the below screen.

Interface with Podia

Here you can can create your membership site, online course or a digital download.

As you get all of these features inside Podia, you don't need to use multiple tools for accomplishing these.

These tools tightly integrate with each other inside Podia.

Whether you are a person selling online courses, memberships, digital products, you can do all the things inside Podia itself.

Podia is a great alternative platform to Thinkific and Kajabi.

Wrap up

Make sure you avail this offer when purchasing Podia. If you are thinking of getting separate solutions for course creation,. memberships, and digital product selling – Podia is a one-size-fit-all solution for you.

There are no coupon codes for Podia. This is the only discount you can get on Podia.

Hope you loved this discount on Podia.

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