Ontraport vs Infusionsoft (2023): Don’t Pick the Wrong One!

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Today in this post I am going to review Ontraport vs Infusionsoft and help you decide which is the right choice for you.

To stand out in the cluttered market today, you’ll need all the help you can get. You can’t afford to have your business falling through the cracks thanks to different systems cobbled together.

You’ll need to segment your email lists better, automate highly-targeted campaigns, and increase conversions more effectively.

Fortunately, we have email automation and eCommerce platforms like Ontraport and Infusionsoft.

They are both all-in-one platforms for email marketing and CRM. And believe me, your pocket has to be prepared before you invest in either.

Today, we’ll have a face-off between these two closely related platforms in terms of their features. These two apps have made email marketing more enthralling and trouble-free.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the cookie always crumbles at some point with software solutions. There is no perfect platform without flaws regardless of their great functionality.

So, what platform is better to grow your business? Fret not, attention to detail is my specialty. And like they say, ‘the devil is in the details.’

Plus I’ll let you in on other Ontraport alternatives.

Oh yes, Let’s Go!

FeaturesOntraport Infusionsoft
Starting price$79/mo$79/mo
Free plan available?No, it just has 14-days free trialFree for one month only
Split testingYou can A/B test landing pages,
forms, emails, SMS messages, and
retargeting Ads
Only allows you to A/B test emails 
Automation templatesAvailableAvailable
Landing page builderOntraport has responsive
block-based editor 
The landing page builder is similar to Ontraport
Zapier integrationAvailableAvailable
Explore moreExplore OntraportExplore Infusionsoft

What do I like about Ontraport over Infusionsoft?

  • When it comes to complex tag scenarios, Ontraport is excellent. If you’re working on a complex email campaign you can filter hundreds of tags to help you send highly-targeted emails.
  • For the functionality and features, Ontraport’s pricing gives you value for money.
  • It offers so many customization options for your landing pages and email campaigns. You can add whatever you see fit. From videos to hosted email links, testimonials, etc.
  • Ontraport offers A1 customer support giving you a broad range of support options.
  • They have awesome email deliverability.
  • They have a state-of-the-art membership site that customers can use as learning platforms.

What do I like about Infusionsoft over Ontraport?

  • Infusionsoft upgraded its UI this year and made the user experience so much easier and straightforward.
  • In terms of autoresponders, Infusionsoft is a winner as it’s got a clean yet consistent interface that’s easy to follow and implement.
  • It’s easy to A/B test your campaigns and track different metrics compared to Ontraport’s complex A/B testing feature.
  • It’s got an awesome drag and drop email and landing pages editor. The campaign builder is state-of-the-art.
  • Infusionsoft helps you to track your affiliates better and more efficiently than Ontraport that might not show some clicks properly.

Ontraport vs Infusionsoft: In-depth comparison


All the shiny features and promises offered by the two platforms can distract you. However, if you can’t easily navigate and use the software you can’t get any of its advantages.

Ontraport has a relatively simple dashboard.

You can easily import your contacts to get started. And that’s where the simplicity ends.

Ontraport interface

I had an issue going back to the homepage after creating a landing page or clicking on a campaign. It’s super annoying to click back through my entire dashboard just to get to the homepage.

Also, you have to upgrade to a paid version to access all the features on your dashboard. That’s a kicker.

On the bright side, they have detailed information about each page to help you navigate. Just click on the info icon and a help window will pop up with links to relevant videos and documentation.

Infusionsoft by Keap, on the other hand, has a pretty gorgeous interface. The upgrade did them a huge favor.

The new look is simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate. You can’t compare it to Mailerlite or Mailchimp but it’s not as complex as Ontraport.

You can get a bit overwhelmed by the dashboard at a glance but it is much better compared to the previous UI.

Infusionsoft interface

I like how you can customize the interface depending on what you need.

Seriously, you can remove widgets and sections that aren’t relevant to your campaign.

Cool, right?

Under the appointments tab (on your dashboard), you can track your daily activities including daily sales and campaign activities.

Oh! And they’ve got an Android and IOS app. It’s not as functional as the desktop app but, that’s something.

Winner: Infusionsoft. The 2020 upgrade made it super simple and easy to use. Ontraport tries but it’s still not beginner-friendly.

Listing management

Your contacts are not just a number but special snowflakes. All of them are different and they expect you to treat them like that. Meaning your segmentation has to be pretty much awesome for that to happen.

Let’s talk about Ontraport.

Their contact management and segmentation are A1.

They have an in-built CRM system that manages your contacts addresses, purchase history, landing page interactions, and much more.

Once you add your contacts, you can add short notes on each contact for salespeople to follow up. It’s one of the coolest things I have seen on an email marketing platform.

Ontraport list management

Also, you can easily categorize your tags in groups. When dealing with hundreds of tags, the ability to filter and group them comes in handy. The filtering options make less of a hassle when working on complex email marketing campaigns.

I also loved how the contact details are updated automatically giving you a dynamic list. Whenever a contact qualifies to be a member of a certain group, they are automatically added. They are also automatically removed if they lose the qualification.

There’s also the option to manually drag people to the segment you see fit based on their actions.

With Infusionsoft, you can also categorize people in different tags. It does exceptionally well managing a huge volume of tags.

It has a way of enabling you to score every single lead. You can create different tag categories on existing tags to fine-tune your funnels.

I liked the use of conditional funnels which are a lifesaver in moving your contacts along the buyer’s journey. As a result, you’re able to send special deals to the contacts most likely to convert.

Additionally, you can add multi-channel marketing details to your email campaigns by collecting social media account details and phone numbers. Be as detailed as you want to!

Infusionsoft list management

Winner: Ontraport. The contact management is super immersive and one of the richest I have come across. It helps you give your audience a truly unique and customized experience.

Email broadcasts and templates

The only way to make your campaigns stand out is by having stunning email templates.

Let’s see what these two platforms are made of.

Ontraport allows you to create Simple Mail, Ontramail, and Raw HTML email.

Ontraport email types

I was completely sold after looking at the three options. It’s the one area that Ontraport has made easy peasy. Even newbies can thrive.

Simple Mail is simple and the easiest to write as its name suggests. The Raw HTML Email allows you to create an email in HTML format for inserting internal as well as external embedded links.

Ontramail has all the goodies. It has beautiful pre-built templates for you to customize as you see fit. They’ve made creating beautiful and responsive emails a breeze. I kid you not!

Email templates

Also, you can opt to design a template from scratch on Ontraport. The drag and drop block-based editor allows you to work wonders. I love that they have CTA buttons, coupon offers, FOMO-themed emails, etc. I got nothing but praises for it.

To top it all you can save your template to use later saving you time. And even share them with the community for a price.

As for the email broadcasting feature, you can create and schedule one-off emails to send to a group of contacts or to incorporate automated emails into campaigns.

One thing that got me confused with Infusionsoft, is calling email newsletters ‘Broadcasts.’ That was annoying straight off the bat.

With that being said, clicking on the ‘Broadcasts’ gives you a handful of email templates to choose from.

The same range as in Ontraport but they are pretty modern and clean. But if you’re looking for hundreds of templates, go for Mailchimp.

Infusionsoft email types

But what got me was their block-based editor. It’s amazing! It’s an easy to use drag-and-drop tool that allows you to spruce up your templates however you see fit.

It’s straightforward, responsive, and very intuitive. Plus, you get to preview it before you can send it out. Same as in Ontraport.

Winner: Ontraport. Infusionsoft has a great block-based editor, hands down. But when it comes to functionality and customization options, Ontraport rivals Klaviyo. It’s way up there.

Automation builder

In most cases, the main reason we invest in an email marketing tool is to slash some work off our table.

Ontraport visual campaign builder is its centerpiece. I have to say it’s for a good reason. Every little thing you visualize makes it easy for you to work through your sales funnel.

I liked that they have a range of in-built automation templates for you. If you’re not sure what to do, these autoresponders are a great point to start.

They also come accompanied with a checklist for you to counter check if you’ve got everything you need before a campaign kicks off.

Ontraport campaigns

The unique thing about Ontraport automation is the ability to automate sequences across different marketing channels including SMS and social media platforms. You can set your triggers and actions for these platforms as well.

And the cherry on top of the cake, you can collaborate with your co-workers by sharing workflows with them. Cool, right?

Ontraport is more reliable when it comes to automated marketing because it has more data and information about your contacts than any other platform.

You can literally tell every page visit, clicked links, filled forms, purchase, and capture the entire sales call conversation.

And guess what? It gets it all done automatically!

Ontraport automation workflow

Infusionsoft may not be the best automation tool in the market but it’s easier to use than Ontraport.

Their visual campaign builder is also a strong marketing centerpiece for them.

With Infusionsoft, automation is divided into Goals, Sequences, Traffic Sources, and Notes each with a set of options.

For instance, Goals give you a set of actions for a contact to take in order to trigger a reaction i.e. they can fill a form to get an email. Traffic sources have options like Facebook or Twitter.

I liked that they have pre-written emails for you to customize for your sequence. It saves you the time it takes to manually create drip emails for your contact lists.

It also allows you to see what happens under each campaign and easily make any changes if need be.

Infusionsoft automation

The biggest challenge was the learning curve before understanding the whole she-bang.

Winner: Ontraport. They both have classic campaign visual builders. However, Ontraport enables you to build laser-focused campaigns. It’s very similar to ActiveCampaign so if you’re looking for a more affordable option, ActiveCampaign works.

E-commerce CRM

Ontraport has a pre-made eCommerce management area that lets you create product listings and integrate them into your email series.

Everything to do with your online store takes place on the Ontraport platform. Besides, you can integrate your Shopify or WooCommerce store with Ontraport.

The integration isn’t as deep as it’s with Klaviyo but it allows for a fully customizable eCommerce platform.

But you’ll have to outsource a payment gateway for the actual money transfer.

Are you looking for hassle-free upsells?

Well, Ontraport offers a one-click upsell form for your sales strategy.

I have found Ontraport eCommerce to be the best in the market. Especially when you add the reports section in the mix. It even makes work easy for the tax man when it’s time to give Caesar what is due.

Reports and insights

Ontraport has a Partner (Affiliate) that allows your affiliates to login and get their links and promotional assets.

Infusionsoft isn’t that different from Ontraport. It’s almost like copy-paste in terms of functionality.

They also have an in-built eCommerce feature that does everything other than the actual money transfer handling.

Your clients will get a seamless eCommerce experience without noticing the ‘digital handshake’ with the money transfer gateways.

All you have to do is set up the product listing, email series, tags, and Infusionsoft handles the rest.

eCommerce reports

But it’s disappointing they don’t have a Shopify integration. Unless you use Zapier.

Infusionsoft also has a very flexible affiliate center that allows you to manage and track your affiliates. Your affiliates can also log-in and grab the necessary details.

Winner: Tie. Both platforms offer sales tracking and in-built eCommerce features. You also have to pay up to access these features on both.

Forms and landing pages

Ontraport has an easy to use drag and drop landing page builder to help you create fully customizable and responsive pages. You can opt to create from scratch or use the pre-designed templates.

Landing pages

The intuitive block-based editor makes it super easy and fun to add headers, footers, and other special offers. Plus you can save your creation and share it with the Ontraport community.

It is very easy to use the form builder. You can create forms of all shapes and sizes. From full-page forms to popups, exit-intent forms, and scroll-based forms.

The bread and butter, lead capture. Ontraport forms track Google Analytics IDs, UTM variables, and referrers. Cool, right?

With Infusionsoft, the whole process for building landing pages is not so different from Ontraport.

You have the option of choosing a pre-made stunning and responsive template or creating one from scratch.

The difference comes with the forms. There are no ready-made templates to customize and the drag and drop editor is a bit old-school.

Plus, the whole process of embedding forms via HTML or JavaScript is such a bore. In short, too much work.

Here are some features of Infusionsoft landing pages and web forms.

Forms and landing pages

Winner: Ontraport. It gives you a seamless experience in creating both forms and landing pages.

Still with me? Did you say “yes” YEAH! Let’s continue;


When it comes to reporting, Ontraport has analytics in spades.

We’ve already seen the reports under sales on the eCommerce feature, now let’s look at the performance of individual campaigns. Simply go to the Reporting function on the dashboard.

The reports will give you immersive insights on the opens, CTR, unsubscribes, etc. It also allows you to group your emails based on the insights you get.

It also allows a Performance Mode reporting system that allows you to keep a track of campaigns in real-time. You get to see how customers are interacting with your site, forms, landing pages, and email campaigns.

Ontraport reports

One big limitation is that for accessing marketing ROI stats and UTM filters stats, you must have an Ontraport Pro account.

Another is the complexity involved with viewing a report. You’ll need a user guide and some experimenting to figure out how it works.

For Infusionsoft, the reporting data is grouped into easily comprehensive chunks.

Infusionsoft reports

However, to see the performance of individual emails, check the campaign page for the details. You’ll find more immersive data on specific emails here.

I especially liked the sales pipeline summary. It goes as far as giving you the forecasted revenue and stage of the lead on your funnel.

Winner: Ontraport. If you’re looking for comprehensive analytics, it delivers. However, Klaviyo does better in terms of immersive analytics and reporting. So if reporting is your most important feature, give it a shot.

A/B Testing

Ontraport split testing

With Ontraport, you can split test at any stage of your automation campaign. Impressive, right?

And guess what? You can A/B test landing pages, forms, emails, SMS messages, and retargeting Ads. You don’t get more immersive than this.

For automated campaigns, add a ‘split’ element wherever you want to A/B test. You’re able to split test the subject line, content, images, and sender’s name.

Infusionsoft split testing

Infusionsoft on the other hand only allows you to A/B test emails. You can’t A/B test automation, landing pages, SMS, forms, etc.

It works the same way as the Ontraport email A/B test and that’s where the similarities end.

Winner: Ontraport. It allows you to A/B test everything. From landing pages to forms, emails, SMS messages, direct mail, and retargeting Ads. ActiveCampaign also offers a 5 star A/B testing feature and it’s more pocket friendly.


Ontraport integrations

Integrating with other applications makes it easier to expand your platform.

When put side by side with its competitors like ActiveCampaign, Ontraport has fewer integrations. But thanks to APIs assistants such as Zapier, PieSync, WebMerge, and Apiant, you can add almost any third-party tool.

Infusionsoft integrations

Infusionsoft integration list is almost the same range as Ontraport’s.

They are both integrated with Zapier, and PieSync, opening a world of other API integrations.

Winner: Tie. They don’t have a massive list of integrations but they are connected to Zapier and PieSync which are API assistants making it easy to add almost any app.


Which software allows you with the top of the line support?

I have to say I love the Ontraport customer care approach.

They have a live-chat available at all times as you browse the app. In my case, I receive answers almost immediately when using the live chat. They also offer email and phone support.

But what got me was the generous self-help toolkit. From Facebook groups to the rich knowledgebase, Ontraport Education training, video series guides like Marketing Automation Masterclass.

The coolest thing ever? They host an annual Ontraport conference and give you the opportunity to find your email marketing expert to help with your campaigns.

Infusionsoft also has plenty of options. You can contact call centers in the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada. Or ask their active community, read guides from their knowledge base, watch video tutorials, or customer webinars.

It’s not as impressive as Ontraport but it works.

Winner: Ontraport. The wide range of support options takes it to another level. Other customer giants like Aweber still struggle to keep up.


Affordability determines the software you’ll opt for regardless of the functionalities.

Everyone has a budget. Even the big giants.

Ontraport has 4 tiers to help you stay on your budget. Okay, it’s more like blowing it.

You got basic, plus, pro, and enterprise.

Ontraport pricing

To get the full Ontraport experience, you need to sign-up for the Pro and it’s a whopping $279/ month.

You can add some extra features like contact capacity and emails at $99 per 10000 people.

It’s damn expensive! Ifyou are looking for cheaper alternatives, you can also look at some good Ontraport alternatives.

Well, it comes with a free trial of 14 days. That’s something, right?

Infusionsoft, on the other hand, helps you stay on budget. It’s got 3 tiers, Grow, Pro, Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft pricing

For the total Infusionsoft experience, you got to shell out $199/month (Infusionsoft package) for 500 contacts. I almost scream saying it’s a reap-off.

The Pro will give you the pipeline automation, segmentation, market automation so it’s better at $74.

And you’ll have to pay so much more for 2500 contacts compared to tools like Mailerlite that charge $15 for 2500.

And I hate that you have to worry about ‘new-user coaching’ fees. WTH is that?

Anyway, you can look at other Infusionsoft Alternatives to get a more pocket-friendly option.

Winner: Ontraport. It may look expensive at a glance but you get value for money. More contacts and unlimited emails.


Now you have it!

What’s it going to be?

I’d tell you to use Ontraport if:

  • You have a huge contact list
  • You need advanced analytics
  • Customer management and advanced CRM functionalities are vital.
  • You need A1 customer support.

Use Infusionsoft if:

  • You’re looking for a cool campaign-builder
  • You need an easy-to-use interface.
  • You have just a few contacts.
  • you need sleek email templates.

Let me know what you choose.

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