One Funnel Away Challenge Review 2022 (Bait and Switch?)

OFA Challenge
One Funnel Away Challenge is the training program about building sales funnels for your online business to increase the ROI. The training is provided by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen over the course of 30 days.
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In this blog post, I’m going to present you One Funnel Away Challenge review.

I assume that you already know the power of sales funnels. If you are running an online business, it’s crucial for you to implement sales funnels to get more profit out of the money you spend.

There are high chances that you are already getting a good ROI out of the advertising dollar you spend. But it’s always important to maximize your returns as the ad costs are rising. That’s where implementing sales funnels comes into play.

By this time, you may already know that Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels) is the authority figure when it comes to sales funnels.

One Funnel Away Challenge is an online training program developed by the man himself – Russell.

The OFA makes a big claim that you are only a funnel away. It led to many backlashes. Personally, I don’t agree with this. If you think a “funnel” is some magic that makes you successful online, you’re mistaken. It takes multiple funnels, improvements, and multiple skills like copywriting, traffic generation, email marketing, messaging, and many more to be successful.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) is the ultimate sales funnel training program from the people behind ClickFunnels. It is themed around “Mission Impossible” sequels.

One Funnel Away training coaches

The core training will be provided to you by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen over the course of 30 days.

Let us know a little bit about each of these coaches:

  1. Russell Brunson: In the last 15 years, Russell Brunson has helped millions of entrepreneurs and businesses by popularizing the concept of sales funnel and also through his books (like DotComSecrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, etc) He also co-founded ClickFunnels which helped businesses easily implement complex sales funnels in their businesses.
  2. Julie Stoian: She is a digital marketer and a coach helping multiple businesses scale their business to 7-figures with her proven growth hacking strategies. She is also the co-founder of several popular online business brands such as Create Your Laptop Life ®, Funnel Gorgeous ®, Digital Insiders, and more.
  3. Stephen Larsen: He’s an affiliate marketing coach and also an offer designer. After failing multiple times in 2013-14, he got into ClickFunnels through DotComSecrets, attending Funnel Hacking live events and met Russell Brunson in 2016. In 2017, he designed the curriculum for the first 2 Comma Club Coaching programs, which helped many get their first million.

All these three coaches have their own B2B coaching businesses, which they have scaled through the power of online funnels. They are actual practitioners

Along with you being coached by these coaches, you also get access to interviews with the top 30 two-comma club entrepreneurs.

I’ll discuss some of these things further in this post.

Why did I sign up for OFA?

Look, I’m no ClickFunnels fanatic! But I’m certainly a funnel fanatic.

I’m already an established blogger with multiple blogs and also training programs.

As I’m focusing on expert business, I felt the need of triangulating my perspectives on marketing with other industry leaders.

For me, the main selling point is with One Funnel Away Challenge you get access to 30+ business models of two-comma club entrepreneurs and also implementation videos.

Because, I firmly believe that getting as many proven patterns as possible, mix ’n’ match them, is the most effective way to succeed.

I firmly believe in the following quote by Robert Greene.

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

Picking up the top 20% strategies of the top entrepreneurs in the OFA summit interviews, and implementing them in your own business can do wonders.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, why not learn from experts?

Do you need to have ClickFunnels to get the most of OFA?

Look, initially, I also had this question.

As I told you, I’m not a ClickFunnels fan. I already have my funnels built in WordPress.

I bought OFA as I wanted to get an idea about the business models of various top online entrepreneurs.

Once you learn really great proven strategies, you don’t need to necessarily use ClickFunnels for implementing them. You can feel free to use any ClickFunnels alternatives that I’ve discussed.

But still, almost all the top two-comma digital entrepreneurs who are interviewed on OFA have based their business on ClickFunnels. In the implementation sessions, they actually show live into their ClickFunnels account on how they got it all working.

In case if you are already having a funnel building system, you fear you’ll be sold to ClickFunnels, and the technicalities won’t bother you, you can consider skipping the implementation sessions – although I won’t recommend you do that.

Russell himself in his 3rd or 4th session told that you don’t necessarily need to have ClickFunnels going forward in the challenge. It’s totally optional.

ClickFunnels is an upsell for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

So, in short, almost all the strategies they’ll be presenting will also be accomplishable even without ClickFunnels. But with ClickFunnels, it’s gonna be much easier.

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What will you get in One Funnel Away Challenge?

Mission training

This is the main training.

Everyday for the next 30 days you’ll get access to Russell Bruson’s live training sessions. One session will be unlocked everyday for the next 30 days.

Here’s the mission map.

One Funnel Away Challenge mission map

Pre-training: The first week will help you shatter all your negative beliefs, limiting mindsets, and help you become more receptive to their training. In short, the week #1 will help you a lot to synthesize their future training better.

Week #1: You’ll learn about the concepts of testing, offer sequencing, stories (The Epiphany Bridge), etc.

Week #2: This is all about implementing the hooks, origin stories, epiphany bridge, etc. Crafting a epiphany bridge story is very important to create that “aha” moment in the minds of your audience about the new opportunity.

Week #3: In here you’ll be learning about funnels and implementing them. There’ll be a live walkdown through the ClickFunnels and also explanation of members areas, OTOs, sales pages, sequence pages, etc.

Week #4: You’ll be learning about various traffic generation mechanisms, dream 100, hooks (for traffic generation), etc. In dream 100, you’ll be learning how to leverage the power of partnerships to drive viral traffic and leads to your offer.

Week #5: Here you will be asked to take action on the learnings. This is where you may feel the need of getting ClickFunnels. You are also offered to apply for Funnel Hackathon to expedite your funnel building process.

You’ll be notified on a daily basis, as the new sessions will get unlocked.

All the sessions presented by Russell are strategy-based, not technical.

Coaching calls and strategies

Along with Russell’s core mission training, you also get access to previous coaching calls with Stephen Larsen.

I really liked the expertise of Stephen when it comes to psychology of creating irresistible offers. And he is more of an accountability partner for you and pushes you to take actions.

Also, Julie has her limited sessions when there are any technical things that need to be explained.

There are also some strategy sessions presented to you by Jim Edwards (the author of Copywriting Secrets).

The sessions from Jim Edwards seem to be added more recently. I’ve read his book Copywriting Secrets, and is my recommendation when it comes to copywriting.

Interviews and implementation

As I told you already you also get access to interview and implementation sessions from 30+ two-comma club digital entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the experts whose summit interviews you can access:

  • Trey Lewellen
  • Liz Benny
  • Garrett J. White
  • Alison J. Prince
  • Dana Derricks
  • Julie Stoian
  • Stephen Larsen
  • Stacey Martino
  • Ed Osburn
  • Tyler Shaule
  • Rachel Pederson
  • Jeremy McGilvrey
  • Peng Joon
  • Myron Golden
  • Jaime Cross
  • Dan Henry
  • Joe McCall
  • Spencer Mecham
  • Anissa Holmes
  • Dean Holland
  • ohn Lee Dumas
  • Rob Kosberg
  • Natalie Hodson
  • Pat Rigsby
  • Caitlin Pyle
  • Akbar Sheikh
  • Rhonda Swan
  • David Asarnow
  • Raoul Plickat
  • James P. Friel
One Funnel Away Speakers Raw

For every expert, you have two training sessions.

The first will be the core interview. This will be super important, and you’ll learn the principles by which they operate their business and their model.

Second will be the implementation session, wherein they will be walking through their ClickFunnels setup and explaining the different moving pieces and how they all come together in their business.

Most of these experts are surprisingly transparent and have well internalized the fact that “transparency is the future”.

As you have people from different backgrounds here like eCommerce, health profession, skincare, real estate, fitness, dentistry, etc. it’ll be a really great opportunity for you to widen your perspective and think outside of the box.

Below each summit interview, you also have a PDF download to their entire 30 day plan.

Honestly they say that this would be the exact step-by-step plan and principles they follow if they lose it all and want to start all over again.

Note: Please don’t skip any of these interviews, thinking that it’s not your forte. You’ll miss picking up some of the proven patterns.

The One Funnel Away Challenge kit

If you buy the physical version of the OFA, you’ll get access to the following physical goods in the form of a kit.

One Funnel Away Challenge kit
  • “30 Days” Hardcover book – 550 Page Hardcover Book. Where you have interviews of all the 30 2-comma club members.
  • One Funnel Away Challenge workbook for promoting active learning throughout the training.
  • MP3 Player for listening to OFA on the go.

I got OFA’s digital version as I ordered it during lockdowns. So, I can’t talk much about these.

But needless to say, having a hardcover book with 30+ digital business blueprints inside is absolutely valuable.

Pricing and how to avail 50% discount

One Funnel Away Challenge costs you $100.

While checking out, you’ll be presented with two options.

One Funnel Away Challenge plans

If you need the physical version, then you need to pay upto $29.95 extra for shipping.

When you compare all the things you’ll be getting for a fee of $100, this is something that’s really great.

On the other hand, if you just want the digital version of One Funnel Away Challenge, here’s how to avail their secret discount.

  1. Get their LeadFunnels Swipe File for $7
  2. Reject the upsell you’ll get after the purchase
  3. Now, you’ll get the digital version of OFA
Offer to the One Funnel Away Challenge

You’ll get access to the purchase of Lead Funnels swipe file, and also an offer to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

But, I highly recommend you get the physical version of the One Funnel Away Challenge as you’ll get access to the physical book, workbook, and mp3 player.

FAQs on One Funnel Away Challenge

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is the main training program by Russell Brunson for helping you to adopt sales funnels in your online business.

How to get one funnel away challenge for half price?

For getting One Funnel Away Challenge at 50% discount, you need to get any one of the other ClickFunnels tripwire offers and follow the techniques shared in this blog post.

What are the upsells of OFA?

ClickFunnels is the main upsell for One Funnel Away Challenge. It helps you easily implement whatever you’ll be taught in the training.

How can I promote One Funnel Away Challenge?

You need to sign up as an affiliate for ClickFunnels. There inside the affiliate dashboard you’ll get a link to promote OFA.

Is there any refund for One Funnel Away Challenge?

Yes, if you have any issues or you didn’t like the program you can get a refund of the OFA within 30 days.


I would recommend you to get One Funnel Away Challenge, if you’re new to funnel building or want to get different perspectives and business ideas from various experts.

I personally felt that the OFA Summit Interviews are priceless and are even more valuable than the core mission training. Because the content of the core training can be found in Russell’s books like DotComSecrets, Expert Secrets, and also Traffic Secrets.

But however, embracing the visual medium for learning can make a real difference in your life to accurately comprehend the teachings.

As I told you earlier, even though I’m not a user of ClickFunnels and am not planning to use it, I still got One Funnel Away Challenge.

Because, I’m open-minded and want to further refine my affiliate and expert business.

Hope you liked my review on One Funnel Away Challenge.

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