If you’re running a business, you probably have a roadmap or a vision for it. Maybe not in writing, but you definitely know where you want to go.

And, as you are already managing all the projects and tasks inside Notion, why not manage roadmaps too?

In fact, I will encourage you to do so.

With Roadmaps, you can have a visual representation of where your business is right now and where it wants to go.

It can also help in communicating high-level strategies with stakeholders.

And, if you manage roadmaps in Notion along with all the projects and tasks, it will make the entire planning process more effective & efficient.

So why not start using roadmaps right away? (of course in Notion)

Need some help?

Okay. Your wish is granted!

Here, you will find 3 Notion Roadmap templates that you can start with. You can also customize it based on your workflow or the stakeholders your business has.

Product Designers Notion Template


🌟 Score: 95/100

Tailored for product designers, this template aids in research, UI best practices, and roadmap creation. It offers 21+ templates, covering inspiration, user research, design, information architecture, and more.

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Product Updates For Notion


🌟 Score: 90/100

Created by Notion enthusiast Red Gregory, this template tracks major product feature releases and builds public roadmaps. Includes updates database, tags, and a public roadmap for showcasing future updates.

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Public Roadmap


🌟 Score: 90/100

Created by the makers of Kanban mail, this template uses the Kanban system to manage SaaS and digital product roadmaps. Track feature launches, gather user suggestions, and showcase future plans.

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Product Notion


🌟 Score: 85/100

Organize projects and product backlogs with this template. Includes filters for tracking bugs, development, and to-do tasks.

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