If your current goal-setting process isn’t taking you anywhere, it’s time to start using a new system.

A system that is used by Google, Spotify, Twitter, Linkedin, and so many successful companies.

I am talking about OKR. If you haven’t used them, you’re sabotaging your growth.

I know it’s a bold statement. But, let me explain.

OKR is a powerful goal-setting framework that stands for Objectives and Key Results.

Unlike other traditional goal-setting systems, OKR allows you to have more clarity in your team as well as your organization.

In OKR, you will first set an Objective which will be an ambitious goal. After that, you will be setting multiple Key Results (sub-goals) that will lead to the Objective.

It’s always recommended not to set more than 3-5 key results.

This way, you’re not just setting some vague goals, you are also setting a series of specific sub-goals that, if achieved, will lead to the larger goals.

Suppose you have a marketing agency. And you want to grow it. If you want to use the OKR framework, you will first set an Objective.

Let’s say the objective is: Grow your marketing agency.

Now, you need to set 3-5 specific key results. These can be:

  • Launch video production service
  • Acquire 5 new clients
  • Increase revenue by $30,000
  • Hire 2 new employees

Can you see how specific the key results are?

So, instead of having some vague goals, you and your team will have a specific destination to head-on.

And, as you’re already using Notion for all the project management, you should be using the OKR framework in Notion too.

You may ask why?

Primarily, it will help you set better goals and choose the best projects to work on.

Second, you will be able to make the relation between your OKR and Project database. This will help you to make better decisions regarding your organization.

If you need some templates to immediately use the OKR framework in Notion, try the following ones. These are some of the best OKR templates found online.

The most exhaustive OKRs notion template 📔


🌟 Our score: 97 / 100

By using this template, you can track your OKRs in a structured manner and stay on top of them. You can also use it to track your personal OKRs. It comes with search, sort, and filter options across resources to customize the template as per your requirement and save 100+ hours on Productivity.

This template includes 11 sections including objective, duration, key result, progress status, current value, target value, achievement, owner name, review date, target date, blocked on whom.

It offers bonuses like:

  • Search + Sort + Filter across resources
  • Exhaustive OKR template
  • Save 100+ hours on Productivity

In order for a company to scale up, a periodic publication of OKR guidelines and templates is crucial. The objectives and key results (OKRs) process help companies to communicate, measure, and achieve the goals.

Explore the template

Personal OKRs

Untitled 52

🌟 Our score: 80 / 100

Setting up OKRs is crucial to achieving and pursuing the goals. If you want an OKR setup template that helps you reach your goals, then this is what you need. Its database includes objectives, descriptions, key results, status, progress bars, timelines, etc.

The progress bar helps you see how much effort you need to put in to reach your goal. Using the timeline view, you can see your key results at a glance.

Explore the template