Top 5 Cheap Moz Alternatives For SEO! (2021 Tested)

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Moz has been one of the most popular SEO tools from a long period. But as of now, Moz is not the best premium SEO tools out there. There are many of the Moz alternatives that are both cheap and better than Moz in terms of data they return.

If you take a look at Moz Pro, their pricing starts from $99/month. When you compare this price to the data it presents to you, you’ll realize that you’ll burn money by investing in Moz.

The Moz has very limited backlink index. For new sites, it takes months for the Moz to index the backlinks. The OpenSiteExplorer by Moz shows – “It looks like we haven’t discovered link data for this site or URL.” even after the site is up and running for 3 months or so.

The $99 plan comes with supports for only 5 keyword research reports per day, support for only 5 campaigns, lacks in features and is limited.

The Moz is no more the best SEO tool you can get. There are much better SEO tools that you can get your hands on, for the money.

Let us look at some of the best Moz alternatives you can get that are absolutely worth the price.

Best Moz alternatives you can buy

#1. SEMrush


SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools that I’ve ever tried. I’ve been using it since 2015, and I can’t imagine blogging without this awesome tool.

In one of my previous blog posts, I reviewed SEMrush in detail.

In the beginning days of my blogging career, this tool helped me to grow my organic traffic by 17% in 30 days that too in a highly competitive blogging niche.

When you compare the pricing of Moz and SEMrush, with SEMrush the plan costs you $99/month almost same to that of Moz. But the SEMrush tool gives you access to a ton of features that Moz can’t just manage to give.

Features of SEMrush

  • Organic traffic report: This report gives you a list of all the keywords that a site is ranking for in search engines. Currently, they support the keyword databases of Google US, Google UK, Google NL, Google AU, Google CA, Google IN, and 3 more. Their keyword database is larger than any of the SEO competitor analysis tools on the internet.
  • Backlinks report: They have managed to report the newly found backlinks of the new sites faster than Moz and some other popular tools. The SEMrush has managed to index the backlinks of my site within a week I acquired them. This is quite great. You can research the backlinks of your competitors, and steal the best backlinks by replicating their link building strategies.
  • Comparison: You can put up to 5 sites side-by-side, and compare those sites in every aspect. This will be very helpful in knowing the areas you need to work on to gain a competitive edge over others.
  • Position tracking: It lets you track the position of your content for the keywords you are targeting over time.
  • Dozens of other features: The SEMrush tool also comes with dozens of other features like display advertising, PLA research, Traffic analytics, historical organic traffic analytics, keyword analytics, keyword difficulty checker, and the recently added Lead generation tool. The SEMrush has been expanding the array of features it offers. The platform is being developed faster than any other similar tools in the market.

If you are a reader of BloggingX, you can avail the 15-days SEMrush free trial offer. Make sure you avail this offer, try out SEMrush for full 15-days, and decide.

#2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs logo

The Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools out there. The main area where Ahrefs excel over other tools is the backlinks index. The backlink index of Ahrefs is bigger than any other tools on the internet.

If your next goal in online marketing is backlink building, Ahrefs would be the great go, as it indexes backlinks faster than any other tools including Moz.

For backlink analysis of my competitors, I use Ahrefs.

The prices start at $79 per month when compared to $99/month of Moz. This is great when compared to the wide array of features that Ahrefs offers you.

Let us look some of the features of Ahrefs that makes it a good alternative to Moz Pro.

Features of Ahrefs

  • Biggest backlink database: If you want the best backlink analysis tool, hands down. Ahrefs is the go. I was literally shocked how this tool sometimes manages to index the backlink, within 2-3 days of me building it. On the other hand, Moz takes months to index a new site.
  • Organic data: Similar to that of SEMrush, Ahrefs also offers a good amount of keyword data of the sites you want to explore. It also supports dozens of countries in terms of keyword databases.
  • Outgoing links: This is one of the best features of Ahrefs. It also collects the information regarding what are all the sites that a site links to. This is very essential in the case of broken link building. Rather than checking the pages manually for broken links, you can just use Ahrefs.
  • Content explorer: This feature alone beats BuzzSumo out of the water. This feature enables you to check the content on a specific topic that is viral on the web with good social shares. This is very helpful in coming up with a topic idea, that’s already proved to be viral in your niche.
  • Keyword research: Similar to that of SEMrush you can also look up the competition of keywords you are willing to rank for. The volume, CPC, and the keyword difficulty. But the difficulty score is not so accurate and is limited.
  • Keyword tracking: It will also record the position at which you are ranking for keywords over time.

Undoubtedly, it’s the best Moz Pro alternatives.

This is a good alternative to Moz. It also comes at a cheap price than that of Moz.

#3. SERPstat


I grabbed this tool recently at an AppSumo deal for $49 lifetime. If you are a subscriber of my blog, you probably have read the email by me regarding the deal. The regular pricing of the tool is at $69/month.

This is cheap when compared to both SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Here are some of the features of the tool.

Features of SERPstat

  • Keyword research: This feature enables you to look for the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. Although the keyword database size cannot be compared to that of SEMrush, it is developing at a faster rate.
  • Backlink analysis: The tool also has a good size of backlink index, almost comparable to that of SEMrush. But the main problem here is the lack of data filters so that you can’t filter backlinks by nofollow or dofollow.
  • Keyword tracking: Similar to that of SEMrush and Ahrefs, this tool also comes with keyword tracking mechanism to track the changes in your rankings for given keywords over time. In case, if you are looking for only a rank tracking tool you may want to go for SEO Powersuite- Rank Tracker.

SERPstat is comparatively a new tool when compared to others I’ve mentioned above.

#4. Majestic SEO

Majestic logo

The Majestic SEO is the almost comparable to SEMrush is terms of backlink index it offers.

Although there’s a lite plan with $50/month, the standard plan starts from $100/month.

The various features of Majestic SEO are:

Features of Majestic SEO

  • Site explorer: The Majestic SEO comes with a good site explorer that pulls out the backlink data. Along with that, with standard plans, the historical backlink data is also available. This is a very helpful feature to take a look at the backlink history of an expired domain before buying it.
  • Clique Hunter: It helps you to find link building opportunities by identifying the sites that are currently linking to more than one of your competitors.
  • Topical backlink data: In this era of contextual relevancy, it’s quintessential to only get the backlinks that are relevant. The Majestic SEO incorporates the use of Trust and Citation flow metrics to group the backlinks according to the topics. This feature of Majestic SEO is great to get good topically relevant backlinks to your site.
  • Keyword checker: The tool also comes with keyword checker that lets you check the rankings of the content for any keyword.

The Majestic SEO is great for backlink research, but not at all for keyword research.

#5. SEO Powersuite – Comes at One-time Price

Seo powersuite

If you are not willing to spend monthly money on premium products that I’ve reviewed above, SEO Powersuite may be for you. There are various softwares available with the suite like Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass, and Link Assistant.

The whole suite costs you $249. If you wish to get only one module out of these, it costs you $99.75. If you wish to get all the features of SEMrush and other tools, you may need to buy the complete suite.

Let me review the softwares one-by-one.

SEO Powersuite features

  • Rank Tracker: This software lets you track the keywords you are ranking for. You need to enter the URL you need to track and also the keyword. The software will automatically fetch the position at which you are ranking, based on the check frequency you’ve set. It also offers you graphs that let you to see your rank progress all at once.If you are looking forward to check a very large number of keywords for the position at once, then there is also proxy support built in the software. The software also displays the keyword effectiveness and other metrics.
  • Website Auditor: Manually fixing all the on page SEO factors may be a time-consuming job. With the help of Website Auditor, you can check the on page SEO effectiveness of your overall site or an URL. The tool also reports you the broken links that it finds on the page you are auditing. The keyword analysis feature also helps you  optimize your pages for specific keywords.
  • SEO Spyglass: This is where the most useful feature comes in. This tool enables you to spy on the backlinks of your competitors. The backlink database is really great and is comparable to Majestic SEO but not Ahrefs. The great thing is that this tool pulls up backlink data from various sources and also presents it in a good way to analyze for possible toxic links.
  • Link assistant: The Link Assistant tool is made especially to make finding link prospects and outreach process easier. If you consider building links via guest posts, you can carry out the processes like finding the blogs to guest post, maintaining the emails and keeping track of links earned.You can also use this software to send emails to multiple users at once. You can also create email templates and save it inside the software so that you can reuse the templates repeatedly and it is a convenient feature.

The SEO Powersuite also comes as a limited free plan. It’s better to try out the effectiveness of the tool in the free version than jumping to the pro version right away.

Akshay strongly recommends: SEO Powersuite Review: Is It Still Relevant? (10% Extra Discount)


After you’ve read this blog post, you now can clearly say that the SEMrush (15-day free trial) and Ahrefs are the clear winners when it comes to the best alternatives to Moz Pro. These two tools also come with a couple of free lookups with limited data daily. With this, you’ll get an idea about what tool you can get your hands on.

If you would not like to shell out money monthly, then I would recommend you purchasing SEO Powersuite, trust me, it’s still better than Moz.

Hope you loved some of these alternatives to Moz.


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  1. i am using ahrefs as a paid customer and i am happy with ahrefs. the nice article will soon might be use others also.

    1. semrush gives good results as compared with all alternatives.
      Recently switched to keyword tool and it’s a great alternative with a much cheaper price

  2. Great list Akshay. You put all the efforts to compile the best moz alternatives. I have been using Ahrefs and it’s doing the job for me.

    Thanks again for the compilation.


  3. Hi Deep ,
    Thanks for sharing awesome information about tips of search engine optimization ,I read your post with full concentration but some seo tools are paid.If is it possible than share with me alternative solution for seo tasks .
    your post is excellent and helpful for me to optimize my new website on different search engines.

  4. Hi Akshay Hallur
    I’m visiting your blog first time, but when i read your articles then get awesome knowledge about blogging, but i want to know
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  5. I just hear the “cheap” word from your Blog. I think Ahrefs SEO tool provide better features with less price compare to other. The best features I like is “Content explorer”. Thanks for the Blog.


  6. thanks for the article…. i checked all of these tools u have reccomended in athe article… and finally i decided to go on with ahrefs and now by your recommendation i got one of the best to for seo research… backlink tool on ahrefs is very very useful for me…. thankyou for the cool article

  7. Moz was playing a powerful role in the SEO market I knew. I always thought it was the best source of SEO service. Now I am known by reading this ravishing article that MOZ is not the best one, some other SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs are considered the best alternative of MOZ.
    Thanks for wonderfully waving my knowledge.

  8. Thank you for writing such a great article and showing the alternatives for Moz!! I have used none of them but we have to try one. Thank you listing all the tools.

  9. Thanks for sharing the list of tools with us and I appreciate your knowledge and your way of presentation.

    In my past, I have used SEMRUSH and Majestic SEO, both tools are just amazing and easy to use and both tools offers the in depth details for any websites and the good news is that we can use them for free of cost, up to the certain extent.

  10. Although cheap that do not know there is not cheap when spending large sums of money to register ahref. Thank you for sharing your usefull

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