Kartra Pricing Sep 2022: Cost Breakup And Comparisons

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Kartra is an all-in-one online platform to sell your products, memberships, and services with ease.
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Kartra comes with features like upsells, downsells, BAM, dynamic OTOs, and much more.
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Kartra is very easy to use. It also provides videos for each feature.
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Kartra costs quite high. But it is really worth the money for the features it offers.
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Kartra has a Facebook community, training center, and in-depth articles to assist its customers.
Pricing starts at $99/month

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Do you want to know which Kartra pricing plan best suits your business?

Today, In this post I am going to explain you in-depth regarding the various Kartra pricing plans, the features it offers, the differences in the pricing plans, and much more.

Kartra is an all-in-one feature-rich platform best suited to sell the products, membership sites, and services.

Let’s get started with the Kartra pricing review.

TypeAll-in-one checkout platform
Best for

Selling products, services, and membership sites

Starting price


Can I create sales funnels?


Does it come with in-built email marketing?



Unlimited products
Upsells, downsells, and order bumps
Multiple pricing options
Advanced A/B split testing
Cart abandonment tagging
In-built sales tax calculation

Kartra pricing – In-depth analysis

Previously I have reviewed Kartra and explained in detail all the features it offers. I also compared Kartra features with its competitors like ClickFunnels.

Kartra comes with four pricing plans – starter, silver, gold, and platinum.


Starting price






Host 100 pages

Sell 20 products

Build 2 membership sites

Unlimited pages

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites

Unlimited pages

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites

Unlimited pages

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites


Connect 1 helpdesk

Unlimited helpdesks

Unlimited helpdesks

Unlimited helpdesks


Up to 2,500 Leads

Up to 12,500 Leads

Up to 25,000 Leads

Up to 50,000 Leads

Comes with an agency?





Number of domains supported





Let me explain the plans one by one.

Starter plan

Kartra starter plan

The first plan is the starter plan and it comes with features like:

  1. Up to 2,500 Leads
  2. 1 custom domain
  3. 15,000 emails /mo
  4. 50 GB bandwidth
  5. Host 100 pages
  6. Sell 20 products
  7. Build 2 membership sites
  8. Add 1 additional team member
  9. Connect 1 helpdesk
  10. Agency not included

The starter plan costs $99/mo. If you go with annual billing you can save $240.

The starter plan allows only 2500 contacts and 15,000 emails/mo. To be honest, if you are just beginning this may be enough. But once your business starts growing you many need to switch over to the next tier as your email list also grows.

With a starter plan, you can sell only 20 products. This is enough for beginner bloggers, solopreneurs, or small companies. But remember if you want to sell more to earn more you may need to go with higher plans of Kartra as they have no limitations on the number of products.

The next thing is you can host up to 100 pages. This is really not enough if you plan to have more membership pages to sell your products and services or if you create more funnels to market them.

The starter plan restricts you to create only 2 membership sites while with other plans you can create unlimited membership sites. If your focus is more on the membership sites creation I advise you to go with Podia. Unlike Kartra, Podia allows you to create unlimited membership sites at just $79/mo.

Kartra allows only 1 help desk with its starter plan. If you want to provide excellent support for your customers to make them unstruck, it is a deal-breaker for you as you cannot create the multiple help desks for your multiple brands.

If you host more videos or conduct various webinars then 50GB is not sufficient, so you may need to consider higher plans depending on your bandwidth requirements.

The major disadvantage of this plan is that it doesn’t come with the agency feature. If you have an agency, then this plan may not be for you. This feature allows you to manage all your clients in one single dashboard.

Silver plan

Kartra silver plan

This plan costs $199/mo and if you purchase its annual plan you can save $199/mo.

It includes:

  1. Up to 12,500 Leads
  2. 3 custom domains
  3. 125,000 emails /mo
  4. 125 GB bandwidth
  5. Unlimited pages
  6. Unlimited products
  7. Unlimited membership sites
  8. Unlimited team members
  9. Unlimited helpdesks
  10. Kartra Agency

The silver plan supports 12,500 leads, 125,000 emails /mo, and 3 custom domains.

This plan supports unlimited pages, products, team members, unlimited helpdesks, and membership sites.

Kartra agency is the best feature agencies can avail to manage their clients easily.

With this plan, you will get 125 GB bandwidth but if you need more than this you need to consider higher plans.

This plan is best suited for medium-level businesses and companies.

Gold plan

Kartra gold plan

Gold plan costs $299/mo, you can save $800 by purchasing the annual plan.

It comes with features like:

  1. Up to 25,000 Leads
  2. 5 custom domains
  3. 250,000 emails /mo
  4. 250 GB bandwidth
  5. Unlimited pages
  6. Unlimited products
  7. Unlimited membership sites
  8. Unlimited team members
  9. Unlimited helpdesks
  10. Kartra agency

With the gold plan, you will get upto 25,000 leads, 250,000 emails/mo, and 5 custom domains.

Similar to the silver plan it supports unlimited products, memberships, helpdesks, and pages.

It provides a bandwidth of up to 250 GB. If it is not sufficient, just go with a higher plan. But for most people, this is more than enough.

Platinum plan

Kartra platinum plan

The platinum plan costs $399/mo. You can save a huge amount of $1440 by going with its annual plan.

  1. Up to 50,000 Leads
  2. 10 custom domains
  3. 500,000 emails /mo
  4. 400 GB bandwidth
  5. Unlimited pages
  6. Unlimited products
  7. Unlimited membership sites
  8. Unlimited team members
  9. Unlimited helpdesks
  10. Kartra agency

This plan comes with up to 50,000 Leads, 10 custom domains, 500,000 emails /mo.

Similar to other plans like silver and gold it also supports unlimited pages, products, memberships, team members, and help desks. It also has a Kartra agency.

It provides a 400 GB bandwidth. If you want more than this you can contact the support team for enterprise-level accounts.

If you want to earn more and grow your business to a higher level, I suggest you utilize Kartra’s unlimited memberships, pages, products, helpdesks, etc.

Here is the reason,

With unlimited helpdesk, you can create separate department-wise helpdesks like account helpdesk, affiliate helpdesk, technical helpdesk, etc. This helps your customers outreach the right department so that they will get resolved their issue quickly thus achieving customer satisfaction.

Also, with unlimited products, you can set up your own affiliate program to earn a recurring income by inviting other affiliates to promote your product. This helps you market your products faster thus taking your business to the next level.

With unlimited membership sites and unlimited pages, you can create more beautiful and highly converting pages that attract visitors to buy your products and services.

Kartra discount

Kartra Logo

Kartra is providing a 25% discount on all the pricing plans if you go with annual billing.

This is the best offer for you to make use of.

Click on the below button to get the discount.

Kartra 25% Discount - Reveal

Kartra is an all-in-one platform you can use to sell your products, services and membership sites.

Kartra 25% Discount - Reveal

Kartra is an all-in-one platform you can use to sell your products, services and membership sites.

If you don’t like Kartra you can get the money refund with its 30 days money-back guarantee.

Comparing Kartra pricing with its competitors

Kartra vs ClickFunnels

Click Funnels Logo

ClickFunnels costs $97/mo but this lowest plan allows you to create only 20 funnels and 100 pages. This plan lacks follow up funnels and provides only 3 payment gateway integrations.

While the second plan i.e. platinum plan costs $297/mo and supports unlimited pages, funnels, and follow up funnels. It provides 9 domains and 9 payment gateway integrations.

If you are more into funnel building then ClickFunnels is the best way to go as the funnel features offered by ClickFunnels are very advanced compared to Kartra.

Kartra vs BuilderAll


Unlike Kartra or ClickFunnels, BuilderAll is a freemium platform that comes with dozens of features.

The pricing starts at $19.90. The marketer plan costs $29.90, essential plan costs $49.90, and the highest plan i.e. premium plan costs $69.90.

Compared to Kartra, BuilderAll has unique features like webinar builder, chatbot builder, social proof, Facebook Live streaming tool, YouTube live streaming tool, directory builder, much more. To be honest, Builderall is a jack of all and master of a few.

The funnel features offered by BuilderAll are inferior to ClickFunnels.

If you want to know all the features it offers, make sure you read my BuilderAll review.

Kartra vs Podia


Both Kartra and Podia are the best membership site platforms you can consider.

But Podia is a cheap alternative to Kartra. Podia has two plans, mover and shaker.

Mover plan costs $39/mo whereas the shaker plan costs $79/mo. But the mover plan lacks the membership sites feature. Also, Podia gives you two months of free access as a discount if you purchase its annual plans.

Both of these plans support unlimited products, customers, emails sent, sales, and files hosted.

If you are a course creator, Podia is the best value for money as you can host unlimited courses with zero transaction fees whereas Kartra is not suited for course creators.

Kartra vs Kajabi


Kajabi costs high. It has three plans, the basic plan costs $119/mo with 3 products, 3 pipelines, and 1 website.

The growth plan costs $159/mo with 15 products, 15 pipelines, and 1 website. The highest plan for the pro plan costs $319/mo with features like 100 products, 100 pipelines, and 3 websites.

Kajabi is best for course creators and if you think it is not affordable for you, go with affordable Kajabi alternatives like Podia or Thinkific.

All these plans include unlimited landing pages and marketing emails.

Unlike Teachable, it doesn’t come with transaction fees.

Kartra comes with a visual sequence builder with YES or NO booleans and If-Then automation to define your marketing strategies which is lacking in tools like BuilderAll, ClickFunnels, and Kajabi.

Kartra features

Kartra checkouts

Kartra provides you the gorgeous checkout pages that you can optimize as per your needs. These pages are 100% SSL secured with 256-bit encryption protocol and work well with various devices like desktop, laptops, tablets, or phones.

There are full-page, pop up checkout, single-step, and multi-step forms available.

Also, it provides 1-click transactions, multiple pricing points, rescheduled payment dates, modify the pricing options, and much more to increase the transactions.

Kartra’s checkout

Similar to its competitors, with Kartra you can provide upsells, downsells, cross-sales, and bump offers to your customers for increasing the sales.

Discounts and coupons promotion

You can also offer them discounts and coupons if you promote the products during any special events or seasonal events.

The best thing is you can add tags for the customers based on their behavior and send the follow-up emails accordingly.

Kartra memberships

The features offered by Kartra membership include:

To create beautiful membership sites, Kartra comes with powerful drag and drop editor with excellent customization options.

You can structurize the modules inside each membership and drip them over a period of time.

It also comes with a comment section for you to interact with the members and answer their queries.

You can have multiple memberships tiers for providing premium content to the users. This encourages users to go with the higher membership plans and also helps you in earning a recurring income.

Kartra funnels

Kartra’s funnel

Kartra calls funnels as campaigns.

You can create a campaign either from scratch or make use of Kartra’s plug and play campaigns.

You can use IFs and THENs automation or YES and NO booleans while creating the campaigns.

Kartra allows you to export and share the campaigns among other Kartra users.

You can even create and sell your creative campaigns in Kartra’s marketplace at a fixed price and make money out of it.

Kartra affiliates

Features offered by Kartra affiliates include:

  1. Flexible commissions and payment milestones
  2. Review and approve affiliates
  3. Custom landing pages for your affiliates
  4. Transaction-based or subscription-based
  5. Custom affiliate portals
  6. Joint venture brokers
  7. Multiple commission tiers
  8. Subscribe and tag your affiliates

Kartra agency

Kartra’s agency feature

This feature is the best for agency owners to handle all of their client’s websites from a single dashboard.

You can also provide them the login credentials with custom permissions.

You can custom brand the reports and charge a fixed fee for the services you provide.

Visual sequence builder

Kartra’s visual sequence builder

You will find this type of visual sequence builder in tools like ActiveCampaign or Drip.

Kartra’s visual sequence builder tools

While creating the sequences, you can add as many sub sequences as you wish inside the main sequence.

Kartra’s unique features

Behavioral adaptive marketing

With this feature, you can market the products for the customers based on the actions they take, the products they purchase, their interest, and history.

This helps you in targeting the right audience to promote your products thus increasing the conversions.

Dynamic OTOs

OTO featureKartraKajabiClickFunnels



Only one






Order bump




Dynamic OTOs allow you to offer different one-time offers like upsells, downsells, and bump offers.

Kajabi doesn’t allow you to offer downsells as a dynamic OTO whereas ClickFunnels doesn’t have this feature.

FAQs on Kartra


Kartra is the best platform to market your products and services. If you want to sell unlimited products, services, and membership sites, go with higher plans of Kartra.

If you are just a beginner you can get started with BuilderAll as it has a free plan and the premium plans are also highly affordable.

If your main focus is funnel building, ClickFunnels is the way to go. If you are a course creator Podia is the best value.

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