Are you in a dilemma about choosing the right Jasper pricing plan?

Today in this post, I will give you a quick breakdown of Jasper’s pricing plans.

Also, I will compare the features of the plans and explain to you which plan is best for whom.

Jasper is an AI-powered content creation tool helpful for bloggers, content creators, freelancers, marketers, agencies, etc. For a detailed review, you can refer to my post here.

Premium pricingStarts at $39/mo with unlimited words (Creator Plan)
Free trialTry Jasper 7 day free trial 🔥
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Supported templatesJasper provides 50+ proven templates
– Take a look at Jasper AI templates
Explore moreExplore all Jasper features

Jasper pricing

Jasper pricing

Jasper doesn’t have a free plan. It has three premium plans.

Creator plan

Its premium pricing starts at $49/mo. It is helpful for individuals, freelancers, and marketers to automate their content creation efforts.

Using this plan, you can create 1 brand voice and train its AI using up to 50 knowledge assets. It includes only one seat.

Teams plan

It costs $125/mo. It best suits bloggers, content creators, and small business teams.

It includes three seats, three brand voices, and 150 knowledge assets.

You can integrate with SurferSEO and get access to SEO mode to optimize your SEO score.

You can create up to 10 marketing campaigns with just one content brief.

This plan is ideal for most of the users who need long-form content creation pertaining to their brand voice.

Business plan

This is best suited for larger organizations, agencies, and departments that want to use AI to scale their business.

It includes everything unlimited. This means unlimited word count, brand voices, memories, campaigns, and access to all templates.

The best part?

With this plan, you will have access to workflows and custom templates (dynamic templates).

If you’re a developer, you’ll get API access to build custom integrations.

There is a single sign-on access available to authenticate all users’ logins securely.


  • There is a lookback limit of 1,500 characters on the Creator and Teams plans, which means Jasper can read 1,500 characters of context before generating output.
  • On the Business plan, it is up to 10,000 characters. This helps the tool to understand the previous content better and generate high-quality output.

Note: Jasper recently removed the word count limit from its pricing plans. You can now create as much content as you like.

Sign up for Jasper’s 7-day free trial to get hands-on experience before choosing the plan.

Jasper AI discount (Annual plans)

Jasper AI discount

If you want to save money, you can go with Jasper’s annual plans. The Creator plan costs $39/mo while Teams plan costs $99/mo.

With this, you can save up to $312/year.

What Jasper AI can do?

It helps you generate plagiarised free content within minutes. You can use it to write –

  • Blog posts
  • Ad copies
  • Video scripts
  • Landing pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Email campaigns
  • Etc
Jasper AI templates

Jasper provides over 50+ copywriting templates. You just need to provide the input, AI will generate the content for you.

The best part?

Jasper AI custom templates

Jasper has recently introduced dynamic templates. With this, you can create your own customized templates to achieve your goal. Based on your input requirements, Jasper creates a brand new template.

Jasper AI GPT 4 update

Jasper uses Open AI’s Chat GPT-3.5, Neo X, T5, and Bloom language processing models to generate content. Recently it was upgraded from GPT 3.5 to GPT 4. The latter is trained to provide more quality content with precision.

Let’s see some notable features of Jasper.

Long form editor

Jasper long form assistant

If you want to write long-form blog post, you can directly head over to the content editor. It doesn’t use any templates.

So you need to input details like – title, content brief, set the tone of voice, and provide the keywords to steer AI in the right direction.

Jasper inline editor features

The editor has several inline options like

  • Rewrite the content
  • Fix grammar
  • Simplify the content
  • Check with Grammarly
  • Plagiarism checker

Jasper workflows

jasper workflows

These are pre-made campaigns that use existing templates as a series of prompts. Workflows execute in a predefined order based on the input steps.

Here are few of the workflows available –

  • Email Campaign
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Rewrite Content
  • Blog Post Starter
  • Ads
  • Etc.

Jasper chat (Chat mode)

Jasper Chat is an AI chatbot that is trained to interact in a human-like natural language. You can use it to write blog posts, ask questions, newsletters, guides, etc.

Jasper Chat user prompts

Above are a few of the prompts you can use to chat with AI.

To get more refined results, you can even ask follow-up questions.

👍 Jasper Chat integrates with Google Search to provide you with up-to-date, accurate results. It even provides information on data sources.

You can tune AI to achieve accurate results by using Jasper’s enhancer prompts, which make your input more detailed.

Apart from these,

  • Jasper AI has an extension for Chrome and Edge. You can easily access it on any of the web pages.
  • There is also an AI-based image-creator tool called Jasper Art. Based on your input, it generates unique images that are very creative.
  • The Jasper brand voice and memory – allow you to train its artificial intelligence (tone, style) to create content tailored to your brand based on data from your website, documents, URLs, etc.

FAQ on Jasper pricing

Can I use Jasper AI for free?

Yes, you can try it out for 7 days for free. Jasper does not yet offer a free plan.

How much does Jasper AI cost per month?

Its lowest plan costs $49/mo while the higher plan costs $125/mo.

How much is the Jasper annual fee?

Annual pricing starts at $39/mo. On all its plans, you will get flat 20% OFF if you choose annual billing.

There is any word count limitation in Jasper?

There is no limit to the number of words you can generate with any of its plans.


Content creation with Jasper is fast and easy. It speeds up your process by at least 2x, depending on your niche.

Take advantage of its 7-day free trial. Explore its features and decide which plan is right for you.

Consider annual plans if you want to save money.

I hope you found this post on Jasper pricing helpful.