14 Simple Tips to Include Humor in your Blog Posts

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One cannot imagine the world without funny things. Likewise in blogging, humor is essential.

Humor in Blogging

For some sort of stuff, I laugh like a maniac. Whereas others frown upon me.

For some kinds of stuff my surroundings laugh, I sit like a cyclone-hit tree. Ain’t shit funny?

Sometimes people smile, laugh, giggle and roll down without any reason. But even they themselves don’t know the exact reason.

Anyways, everybody likes to smile.

It’s vital to sprinkle some lols in your blog posts.

It pains when you crack a joke and nobody laughs. But no worries here in the online world. You feel no pain. Because you don’t know whether your readers laughed reading your blog posts or not.

However, you have to try best to guess the mindset of your readers, and crack hahas.

Determining the mindset of your audience

Every person’s mindset is different. You have to include humor in your blog posts, according to the section of the audience you have.

Google Analytics data will come in handy at this time. Knowing about the country, gender, interests and even time of the visit of most of your audience, helps greatly to dispatch humo targetedly.

Just make use of this awesome article to determine what sorts of humor work great for your audience.

Proven tips to include humor in your posts that’s laughable

The tips that I’m gonna include are laughable by majority of the people. Like CLASS HUMOR!

Use funny metaphors and similes

Similes are funny.

Comparing something to something.

She walked into my office like a centipede with 98 missing legs.
My stomach was hungry and making sound like a growling dog. (my own simile)

With the above simile, you came to know how hungry I am. And also you got the meaning of the word growl.

Let your readers imagine this. Although the above simile may not make you ROFL, it just strengthens the magnetizing effect that my post has on your mind.

Similes express what mere words can’t.

It puts the right emphasis on what you are comparing to.

It often makes readers laugh.

Fill in the blanks,

  • He is as fat as (…)
  • They are as dumb as (…)
  • I was as hungry as (…)
  • I lost my mind like (…)
  • It’s like (verbing) a (noun) in (noun)

Maintain a swipe file

Maintain a swipe file or memo. I find Notepad txt file very handy.

This file is for scratching the humor that you come across while surfing the web.

The moment you come across a joke or lols that you think you can include in your blog posts, then just scratch it.

While writing any of the new blog posts, just scan that swipe file. You get an idea of what humor you can include in your blog posts.

This file is like your personal arsenal. You get the perfect humors on your hands to use in your future blog posts.

Make fun of yourself

To make jokes you need someone right? If you make jokes about someone or some people, you may have the risk of being screwed online.

For this purpose, you are the best person.

Make fun of yourself. Recall the dumb mistakes that you’ve done in your career, your life.

Recall the humorous moment you came across your life, that many of your readers may also have come across. Make them feel like you are also a human being like them.

Feel them good. Make them think – I’m in the right place. This is where you hook them right in.

It’s like,

someone asks you, “Are you an idiot?”. You replied, “Yeah! I’m a BIG idiot”.

What’s there in it? You’re not going to lose anything. Or by this, your reputation on that person’s mind will not be altered in any way. Right?

Instead of using,” Many of the people do this mistake”. Say, “I often make this mistake, like a dumb … “.

Fill “…”  with something funny.

Include memes and funny images

Images and some memes, express what the words can’t.

Memes add expression to your humor. It’s like showing your readers, how to respond or take the joke you just made!

Memes are very easy to make. Just collect some meme images available in public domains, that are free of copyright, edit them with Photoshop or even Paint.

There are also some of the meme generators online like Meme Generator – Imgflip. Make use of Wikipedia. It has a great collection of the creative common meme images.

Or make your memes. (your face)

Don’t overuse memes, it can distract your readers. Use them sparingly to drop some lol bombs.

Grammar troll
Remove clutter, and feel like a grandma!

Other tips

Here are some of the humor-seeding tips that I don’t want you to ignore.

  • Make fun of your previous successes.
  • Make use of idioms and phrases.
  • Include some joky conversations.
  • Read your old posts, make a note of what made you laugh in your old posts.
  • Rewrite your previous blog posts, and add humor.
  • Make a list of most happy, sad, humorous and probable common situations you witness in your daily life.
  • Include those situations wherever suitable in your blog posts.
  • Learn the habit of viewing the happenings around as funny. Include those situations as funny stories in your posts.
  • Identify what unique thought pattern you’ve got. Make fun of that in your blog posts.
  • The irony is that I’m not implementing the humor strategy on my blog. I’m advising my readers something, that I’m not doing. It’s shame on me.

Up to you

I’ll surely add humor stuff to my old blog posts. Without it, I’m not eligible to advise my readers about it.

What about you? Did you find this post helpful? Are you ready to include humor in your future posts?

Let me know more.

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