FunnelFlux Review: $75 Coupon and 10% Monthly Discount

FunnelFlux is a powerful reporting affiliate engine that helps you monitor, filter, and find the most profit-making traffic segments.
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There is no more you can ask for in an affiliate tracker than the features packed in FunnelFlux.
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FunnelFlux has a fairly designed industry user interface. It might take you some time to understand
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FunnelFlux is fairly priced compared to other shared and cloud-based affiliate trackers.
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The support team is available via email or chat to ensure that you receive timely responses to your
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Don’t you just hate it when you have to spend high on affiliate trackers whose ultimate results are unsatisfactory?

It takes a lot of exertion for advertising and marketing to be prolific. You’ll need to monitor your campaigns to filter out what’s working and what’s not.

Tracking ads is difficult! I’ve been there and I know the feeling – it is the most demanding particularly in affiliate Ad campaigns.

But here’s the kicker:

What if I tell you that a sales and funnel tracking software – FunnelFlux, can help you keep a beady eye on campaigns you’re running and see which ones are profit-making and which ads should be retracted?

Well, keep reading this FunnelFlux review to learn more about what it has to offer.


Affiliate tracker software and a visual builder.

Starting price


Is free trial available?



  1. Visual Funnel Builder
  2. Powerful Reporting Engine
  3. Funnel Heatmaps
  4. Multi-user support
  5. Lifetime value tracking
  6. Email Opt-in Conversion Tracking



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FunnelFlux discount

FunnelFlux discount

FunnelFlux offers a great discount deal that other tools can’t dare to imitate. It lets you try its services at just $1 for one month with no extra charges or hidden fees.

What do I mean?

Your first-month trial cost (access to all the premium features) is only $1!

This is crazy! Right?

Even better, you’ll be given a $75 coupon if you’re a BloggingX reader and you sign up for the Managed subscription.

Apart from that, you’ll receive a 10% lifetime monthly discount with a self-hosted FunnelFlux subscription.

What is FunnelFlux?

FunnelFlux is a powerful reporting affiliate engine that helps you monitor, filter, and find the most profit-making traffic segments (e.g squeeze pages, CPA, and landing pages) thus minimizing the cost of figuring out the ones that are not worth investing in.

Here’s what I mean.

Suppose you have no idea which traffic channels are profitable and which ones are wasting your efforts and resources.

Or perhaps you’re running several ad campaigns to drive sales of a product or service you offer, and you want to know the exact ad(s) that are generating the most sales then you can do that using FunnelFlux.

As if that’s not enough, you can use it as a visual funnel builder to build simple or complex funnels quickly.

What do I like about FunnelFlux?

Here are some aspects I like about FunnelFlux:

  • It naturally tracks 60+ Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • It gives you the ability to analyze and know the conversion rates of your competitors’ landers.
  • It comes with a visual funnel builder for easy funnel creation.
  • The FunnelFlux statistics module is significantly adaptable.
  • This affiliate tracking software is super fast. With just a $14.88 VPS, you can get 1M+ tick per day.
  • Gives you a lifetime estimation regarding your leads in a blink without setting up any autoresponders.
  • Has good customer support systems to help you with any queries you might have.
  • It pinpoints accuracy when it comes to analyzing and optimizing several campaigns.
  • It has a visual funnel heatmap graph to monitor every campaign you’ve deployed.

What I don’t like about FunnelFlux?

Sadly, despite all the above advantages, it turns out that FunnelFlux has these two disadvantages that can frustrate beginners.

  • It will take you an awful lot of time to understand how it operates and make good use of what it has to offer.
  • Unless you have third-party software, you won’t be able to create landing pages within FunnelFlux.

FunnelFlux features

FunnelFlux features

FunnelFlux is packed with a heap of features to be happy about.

Let’s dive in and see what they are and how you can benefit from them!

  • It has a Visual Funnel Builder. You don’t need to be a competent developer to build simple or sophisticated funnels.
  • FunnelFlux has a Powerful Reporting Engine which allows you to gather conversational data from rivals hence allowing you to run some tests on the market.
  • There is a fantastic Funnel Heatmap which helps you unearth valuable marketing channels and discard low ROI ones.
  • The availability of a bot activity filter will help you make accurate decisions because you’ll be able to analyze and separate events by bots from movements made by humans.
  • FunnelFlux has an email opt-in conversion tracking system that you can use to track the performance of your email promotions.
  • Instead of guessing how much time visitors spend on your campaigns, FunnelFlux has an in-built time on page tracking mechanism. You can get insights into how your campaign is performing right from your dashboard.
  • It can be Self-hosted which means that the privacy of your information is honored, unlike Voluum which is a cloud-based service. However, it also offers a Managed System subscription.
  • Allows for Multivariate Testing. This is a testing hypothesis that allows you to create several variations of the main landing page and drive traffic to them to know which performs best.
  • Using the Automatic EPV Optimisation Nodes, you will be able to send traffic to the best path of a funnel.
  • FunnelFlux has a No-redirect Javascript Tracking feature. This allows you to send traffic directly to all your funnels (e.g landing pages or own offers) without using redirect links while tracking everything.
  • You can have multiple users using the software simultaneously because it has a Multi-user support/Timesharing functionality.
  • It has a Lifetime value tracking feature which allows you to perform a Lead Quantitative Analysis i.e a Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – an estimation of the total value your band will have when you use FunnelFlux.

FunnelFlux as a FunnelBuilder

Apart from affiliate tracking, FunnelFlux is also a Visual builder. It makes the whole process of creating funnels a piece of cake. You don’t need to possess any technical skills to create campaigns.

The funnel building experience is super welcoming as you just drag and drop different parameters as per your requirements and your funnel will be up and running.

So, how do you create a funnel in FunnelFlux?

It is pretty simple!

Keeping in mind that a campaign is just a funnel container, navigate to campaigns then select an existing campaign and then create new. Once you’re in the campaign, enter a funnel name and click on the create button.

If you open the funnel, you’ll get access to the funnel quickstart reports. In case you want to edit this funnel, hover on it, click on the edit icon and you’ll be taken straight to the visual funnel builder.

FunnelFlux has a number of predefined templates for different traffic sources that simplify the entire campaign creation process.


Landers are offer pages (landing pages) that you can control. These pages usually have one or several outbound links, with FunnelFlux, you can create upto 64 action links routed to any page.

Even though landers are some kind of offer pages, there is a huge difference between landers and offers.

Briefly, here are the differences:



  • Controlled by you
  • Offers are ideal for payout and conversions
  • Hosted somewhere by you
  • Users can click through the links on a lander and send elsewhere/ to another page
  • They don’t have payout – they are not for conversion

How to set up a lander

Setting up landers in FunnelFlux is super easy. In fact, it allows you to import landing pages from other trackers you’ve been using.

To get this handled, click on add new under the landers tab and then populate all the required form fields and finally hit the save-flux lander button or save and create new if you want to create another lander.

Configuring your lander page code

After setting up a lander, there are two edits you’ll need to perform on the lander page code to ensure that it is tracking and functioning correctly.

  • Change all outgoing links and CTAs to suggested FunnelFlux action links i.e universal and specific action links.
  • Add JavaScript to the lander (only if you don’t want to use redirects).

See the instructions below to change outgoing links:

To configure a universal action link, go to Links then System Links. You should be able to see a link like the one below.

The ACTION NUMBER in the link above should be replaced by 1,2,3 or X number that matches the outgoing actions in your funnels.

Alternatively, if you decide to use the specific action link format, use the following guidelines:

Open a specific funnel, right-click the action number of the lander, then choose “Get Action’s URL.” Turn on the route organic option and now you should have a link similar to the one below:


NOTE: The universal link format allows you to use the configured links in multiple links while specific links are for tracking organic traffic.

How to create a campaign with Funnelflux?

You might be wondering what next after creating and configuring landers and offers in FunnelFlux. Worry no more! The next thing is to create a campaign.

You should be having the following by now:

  1. Offer – an existing offer or you can add a new one.
  2. Landing Page – You should have added this one too.
  3. External URL – This if you want to send your visitors on a different web page
  4. Rotator – Helps you rotate between offers/landers and or any type of node.
  5. Condition – This allows you to direct traffic to specific offers e.g you could set traffic from India to go to maybe offer 1 and direct mobile traffic to the second offer.
  6. Advance – With this element, you can add a code for filtering bots traffic before being directed to your landing page.

If you haven’t set these, you can do so by right-clicking in the black area and add the elements:

Watch this video for a complete guide on how to create a campaign from scratch. Remember, you can create unlimited campaigns with FunnelFlux regardless of your plan.

Funnel heatmaps

So, what are funnel heatmaps and what are they used for?

A heatmap is a color-coded overlay of a mouse click or tap movement performed by a visitor on a lander – basically a visual representation of clicks performed on your landing page.

FunnelFlux uses this feature to illustrate paths that bring the most revenue.

Looking at the funnel below,

FunnelFlux heatmaps

When we check the revenue heatmap, we can find out which path generates the most income.

Comparing the heatmaps

It is true that lander 2 generated $8, lander 1 generated an income of $4, whereas direct linking brought in only $1.

No biggie to that point.

However, these figures don’t mean that lander 2 performs well.

Why is that so?

This is because lander 2 has been allocated 50% of the visitors while the remaining 50% has been shared between lander 1 and direct linking in the split test above.

Therefore, to best compare several landers and direct linking, use the Earn Per View (EPV) method instead of revenue.

Comparison using EPV

Now, using the screenshot above, we can clearly see that lander 1 brings in the best earning per single view. This will therefore mean that directing the most traffic towards lander 1 will increase your revenue.

Email opt-in conversion tracking

Do you want to track the email opt-in conversion rate for your campaigns? FunnelFlux has this covered for you.

This feature helps you to determine how many visitors subscribed to your email list and your conversion rate for email campaigns.

Here is how email optin usually works:

Traffic (directed to) > FunnelFlux (FunnelFlux sends a visitor to some) > Landing Page > Visitor populates fields on an optin form – usually name and email > POST (submits the details using the submit/join/subscribe button) — the visitor is then redirected to an offer (you don’t control) or an affiliate website.

There is nothing wrong with the above process.

However, if you want to make use of the Email Opt-in Conversion Tracking feature, i.e passing the conversion details not only to FunnelFlux but also to your email systems follow this FunnelFlux guide:

Automatic EPV optimization nodes

FunnelFlux also allows for Automatic EPV Optimization to help you send traffic to the best path – i.e optimizing a path that is generating the highest revenue per view.

Since the best path should be the one with the highest income per view, offer 3 should be frequently shown to visitors.

Highest EPV offer

Link cloaking is ideally the process of shortening URLs provided by an affiliate program. In other words, creating a “pretty” link that masks a long, complicated link/URL.

For example, which URL is friendly between these two:

Link 1:

Link 2:

Of course, Link 1 is prettier. This means that the first link has undergone some cloaking.

So, does FunnelFlux provide for such functionality?

Yes, it does!

You can use the Stored Link feature to come up with pretty links for a funnel entrance URL.

Multivariate testing

With Multivariate Testing, you can easily test an unlimited number of variables/variations that have distinct outcomes on a single landing page/offer.

It can help you to:

  • Test text and visuals on a webpage together
  • Test the text and color of a call to action (CTA) button all together
  • Test form fields and CTA text together

The test results can give you an insight into customer behavior.

You can use the FunnelFlux statistical significance calculator to pick the winning variations, implement these winning variations, and build significant conversion gains.

Here is the best demo of Multivariate Testing in action:

Multivariate testing

Click this link several times to open a demo funnel. Observe the product name, the image, button color, and button text/CTA since we are testing a combination of 4 elements on a lander.

Reporting engine

The importance of an affiliate tracking tool is to provide you with accurate, updated, meaningful, and actionable stats quickly.

That is exactly what FunnelFlux does as it provides you with graphic/visual stats regarding your Clickbank offers, landing page, CPA, and squeeze pages.

Using the reporting engine (statistics engine and the Funnel Statistics Heatmaps), you can monitor every click and see if it converted or not.

This tool allows you to track 60+ KPI (Key Performance Indicators) which will help you in decision making as to which traffic sources are worth your resources/profitable and which ones are not.

FunnelFlux integrations

Integrations are useful when it comes to marketing because they allow you to link with other markets quickly and efficiently.

FunnelFlux offers direct integration using webhooks to make tracking simple.

Pricing and discount

This software has unbeatable plans for its tracking plans.

There are two plans to choose from:

  1. FunnelFlux Self Hosting (Self-hosted tracker)
  2. FunnelFlux Managed Hosting (Cloud-hosted tracker)

With Self hosting software, you’ll be required to install your own server on a VPS which will cost you $14.88/month.

If you’re using any of these providers, Vultr, Linode, or DigitalOcean, a deployment manager will automate the installation free of charge.

The managed system on the other hand is a self-hosted FunnelFlux installed on an infrastructure managed by the FunnelFlux team.

It is advantageous as it has been modified to maximize a consistent performance of FunnelFlux and minimize downtime. This system also provides a controlled environment that reduces bugs.


FunnelFlux Self-hosted System

FunnelFlux Self-hosted System

FunnelFlux Cloud-base/Managed System

FunnelFlux Cloud-base/Managed System

How does FunnelFlux compare with its competitors?

In the modern digital space, competition is knocking from all corners and for an affiliate tracking software like FunnelFlux, competition is inevitable.

Below is a comparison between FunnelFlux and two competitors, Voluum and ClickMagick. Whether they are upto standard or not, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Let’s drown in,

FunnelFlux vs Voluum

FunnelFlux logo

Voluum logo

Over time, Voluum has emerged to become one of the most popular and complete affiliates tracking softwares in the industry.

However, unlike FunnelFlux, Voluum is only Cloud-based and doesn’t support Self-hosted platforms.

Here is a comparison table of the two trackers:

FunnelFlux Tracker

Voluum Tracker

Has both Managed and Self-hosting.

Provides for only Managed hosting.

Granular/detailed reporting.

Shallow reporting and data.

Access to all premium features is guaranteed.

Not all features are given for the $69 premium plan thus expensive for startups.

No mobile app

Has a mobile app for tracking reports and stats

FunnelFlux vs ClickMagick

FunnelFlux logo

ClickMagick is another alternative for tracking affiliate link clicks. It can also be used to optimize conversions. Just like FunnelFlux, it has an A/B testing feature to help you find specific landers that convert best.

See the table below for comparisons:

FunnelFlux Tracker

ClickMagick Tracker

$1 for a 1-month trial

14-days free trial.

User-friendly interface to accommodate novice users.

The user interface is difficult to learn.

Access to all premium features is guaranteed.

Upto 10,000 clicks per month

Automatic bot filtering available

Cross-device tracking and auto-bot filtering available

FunnelFlux FAQs

It has been quite a long read but I believe it was helpful. Before I let you go, let me answer a few questions you might have.


I believe that you’re now fully informed about FunnelFlux.

But now,

What’s the bottom line?

FunnelFlux is a cool affiliate tracking software considering its price, features, and support you’ll receive.

The only hitch I’ve seen with it is that you cannot create landing pages unless you have a third-party software.

A minor disadvantage is that they don’t have a free trial but $1 is not much for a one-month trial period.

My overall take: FunnelFlux is the ideal affiliate tracking and conversion optimization software. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Have any questions?

Drop them in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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