Frase Review 2022 – Better than SurferSEO and Jasper AI?

Frase is an all-in-one platform for brainstorming and writing SEO optimized web content.
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Frase comes with powerful features like AI writer, templates, topical optimization, competitor research, content brief, etc.
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Frase is very easy to use. Beginners can easily get started using the tool.
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Frase pricing is very affordable and it worth the price for the features.
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Frase offers really good support. It has in-depth knowledgebase articles, videos, community to assist you.
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Frase can be considered an all-in-one platform for brainstorming and writing SEO optimized web content.

Can Frase really make you a better writer? Or is it just another tool in the vast sea of content creation software?

I’ve been using Frase for over a year now, and in this review, I’ll share my thoughts on the platform and how it can help you create better content.

PricingStarts at $44.99/mo
ToolsAutomated Content Briefs
Content Scoring
Content Editor
Outline Builder
Custom Templates
IntegrationsGoogle Docs
Google Search Console
Frase Summarizer – Chrome Extension
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CompetitorsJasper AI
Surfer SEO
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Also, I’ll be comparing it to another popular tool, Jasper.

Frase tool

Frase Pros and cons


  • When creating an article outline (which you should do), you can use the Frase SERP research tool to get an idea of what’s already out there. This is a great way to make sure your content is comprehensive and covers all the bases. The TF-IDF tool ensures that your articles are using the right keywords and phrases by analyzing your competitor’s content.
  • Frase displays the top 20 SERP results for the keyword you’re targeting. This is great for understanding what content is already out there and getting ideas for your own post. You can even export the data directly to Excel to analyze the trends yourself.
  • It allows you to import already published content to optimize it with the help of Frase’s tools. The Google Search Console connector is really handy for getting even more data. We use this when upgrading old content (one of the highest leverage activities in a business).
  • They have a highly engaging and professional Facebook community that is a great place to get help.
  • As Frase writes content based on competitors’ content, the content generated can be factually correct even technically . But, indeed GPT-3 is not recommended for technical content.
  • Frase comes with a lot of templates like introduction generator, blog title generator, product description, summary generator, paragraph rewriter, sentence rewriter, outline generator, etc. which makes it really easy to generate content. The most refined templates are built by the Frase developers themselves. You can also build your own templates according to your needs.


  • If you are using WordPress as a CMS, the article export feature can be a little clunky. Some formatting issues can arise when trying to transfer the content from Frase to WordPress. Also, it doesn’t allow you to download the DOCX which can be frustrating. In these cases, you need to add Google Docs into the mix and copy-paste Frase’s content to it.
  • As Frase is based on a custom AI model based on GPT-3, it can sometimes lack factual accuracy. However, you can work around this by providing factually correct prompts. Another downside is that the GPT-3 model is not updated frequently, so it might not be informed about the latest developments in technology. If you are in a rapidly changing industry (like say Blockchain), this can be a problem and easily land up with generic filler content.
  • Although Frase’s Answer Engine helps people get answers based on your website content, one drawback is that it only allows for 500 answers per month.

Upfront bottom line

Overall, I really like Frase. It is a great tool for content creation, optimizing existing content, and SERP research. It has helped me streamline my content creation process and has made it easier to produce high-quality content, especially with its correlational SEO (content gap analysis), automated content briefs, and competitor analysis features.

The only downside is that if you are in a rapidly changing industry, the GPT-3 model might not be updated frequently enough to keep up with the latest developments. Otherwise, it’s a great platform with a highly engaged and professional Facebook group.

I won’t suggest you to use AI content writing as a substitute for writing content. Instead, treat AI as a nice catalyst that speeds up the first draft creation process. This advice is the same for any content writing tool.

Try out their correlational SEO tools. Try out the quality of the content it generates for your niche before getting the SEO addon.

Depending upon the scale and niche of your business, even if it speeds up your content creation by 10% it may be worth the investment.

Frase features and workflow

  1. Correlational SEO: This allows you to see what topics you should be covering and how well your competitors are ranking for those topics. It helps you identify content gaps in your content. Based on this it displays you a content score. This is one of the most important features when dealing with AI content writing.
  2. Automated content brief function: This allows you to get a quick overview of the topic you are writing. It includes subtopics you should be covering.
  3. AI content writer: It is a great feature that helps you write content based on what your competitors are covering. To help you make the most out of this feature, it comes with inbuilt templates and community-created templates (they have a FB group as well).
  4. Frase Answer Engine: A tool that helps you create an intelligent knowledge base for your website in minutes. It creates an AI chatbot, which answers users’ questions 24/7 based on your website content.
Frase AI content editor

When writing the article, in the sidebar, there’s a research panel with all the content competitors are covering, so that you can quickly add in what they’re missing and make your article more comprehensive.

Frase SEO addon plugin

With the SEO addon plugin, you even get access to SEO insights like keyword volume, DA, and backlinks your competitors pulled from Moz. What’s more important is it incorporates Domain Authority and Backlink insight into topic scoring.

Creating article outlines in Frase

You can even create your own article outline based on this.

This has helped me rank higher and get more traffic.

I typically ask my content manager to refer to this when creating outlines, and my writers to check if the article is comprehensive after the initial draft.

If you are optimizing an existing article, you can import the content by providing the URL to Frase.

Now, it helps you identify the content gaps in your content by comparing it with commonly recurring topics and analyzing the competitor topic. It makes use of AI, NLP, and topical modeling algorithms to identify the various missing topics in your article.

It also mentions a list of questions you need to answer in your article. If you have Frase addon, it even lets you see the search volume for the keywords.

Also, if you are writing an article from scratch, once you create an outline, you can make use of 50+ AI content writing inbuilt and community-created templates that Frase provides or make use of the long-form content generator under each of the subheadings.

Please do refer to the above quick video to know how to create custom templates. It’s really powerful to create templates for your team’s internal use.

Other than these, you can even let Frase generate content treating your competitor’s content as input prompts or straightaway rewrite the content (which I don’t recommend).

Which plan is right for you?

Frase pricing

Go with the “Basic” plan if you just want correlational SEO and competitor analysis features. The main downside is the 30 documents limit that you may need to use judiciously for high-value SEO content.

If you want an AI content writer and to enrich keywords and results with some insights like search volume, DA, and backlinks (without going back and forth to Google SERPs) go with SEO addon at $35/month.

The best part:

As Frase relies on a custom GPT model, they offer unlimited document credits.

Frase vs. Surfer

Frase logo
Surfer SEO logo

If you’re looking for a research-oriented tool that’s more affordable than Surfer, Frase is a great option.

While Surfer offers some great features, Frase’s editor is packed with research-oriented features that are absent in Surfer.

For example, you can access full text from the SERPs and research questions from Quora, Reddit, and People Also Ask with Frase. If you’re looking for a research-focused tool that’s more affordable than Surfer, Frase is a great option.

Surfer does not provide an AI Writer as part of their offering, but you can use Surfer inside Jarvis (a separate AI writer). You end up paying double the price as you have to pay for 2 different tools, but Jarvis provides more features as you’ll see in my Frase vs. Jasper section

Frase vs Jasper

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If you’re looking for an AI writing assistant, Jasper is definitely the better option. It has more features and supports more languages than Frase. Plus, it’s much easier to create long-form content with Jasper. Because it comes with GPT-3 commands, dubbed as “Boss Mode”, wherein, you can ask the AI whatever you want, similar to how you would ask Google Assistant.

However, keep in mind that Jasper is pricey. Because it relies on GPT-3. Whereas Frase relies on a custom-built model (I think it’s GPT-J or GPT-3 Neo) that they host on their servers.

Also, it lacks an inbuilt correlational SEO analysis feature(to make sure you’re covering all the topics your competitors are covering). To get this feature in Jasper, you need to get their Surfer SEO addon at $59/mo or $49/mo annually. To know more on this you can refer to my Jasper review. There is also generous 5-day free trial available with 10,000 words credit.

The decision finally comes to this.

  • If you want GPT-3 Boss Mode commands, more languages support and an AI writing assistant that’s easier to use for long-form content, go with Jasper.
  • However, if you’re on a budget and want an AI writing assistant with inbuilt SEO analysis features, go with Frase.
  • If you want the goodness of Jasper along with SEO features, you could get their Surfer SEO addon.

Getting an AI writer is like getting a content writer. Also do remember that content is a force multiplier for your business and each piece of content is like an employee working for you driving leads 24/7. So, even small marginal gains matter.

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