Smart Tips to Drive Massive Traffic from Facebook

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If a blogger or an online marketer left Facebook in his traffic arsenal, there will be no words to describe his dumbness.

Facebook has the greatest potential to drive real traffic that converts.
Even some of the most popular blogs and sites are completely dependant on Facebook for traffic.

Facebook is perhaps the only place where you build relations with real people. This is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to conversions.

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That initial traction

Add tons of readers in your niche as friends. This is crucial if you are a newbie. In Facebook, you can easily find your target audience.

Find your target audience using,

  • Hashtags.
  • Underutilized Facebook graph search option.
  • Target ACTIVE audience of your competitors’ pages.
  • Analyze the conversations going on in your niche and target like-minded people.

With this, you regularly gain insights into what’s trending in your niche.

The importance of building relationships

Once you have those people in your niche, it’s time to move on.

Regularly comment on their updates, visit their blog posts, leave comments and have fun with them.

Note: The more you like and leave comments on other people’s statuses, the more your statuses will be visible to them.

Have you noticed that you often come across the statuses of people with whom you recently connected?

Facebook assumes that the statuses of the people with whom you connected recently matter more for you.

Getting more likes and comments

(I’m not talking about the fake ones).

Facebook news feed algorithm rewards statuses with more number of likes and comments, by placing them higher in your friends’ news feed.

Whenever you are about to publish a new blog post, catch the attention of your niche friends. Like- “I am publishing a blog post on unique traffic generation strategies, how many of you want to get tagged, once it is published?”

Nitin Singh has used this strategy on Facebook. It’s delivering great results for him.

gaining traction using facebook

He is able to gain such traction because he has more active friends in his list.

Another strategy is if there’s someone struggling with a problem in your niche, that you can solve, help them. People love being cared when they are in helpless situations. He/she will mentally reward you.

How to optimize Facebook post for traffic?

Making the image standout is a simple job.

Facebook automatically takes the featured or the first image from your blog post while sharing.

That’s not a problem.

While adding images to your blog posts take Facebook into consideration.

Use an image that is at least a 640px wide. Facebook takes relatively wide images and presents it beautifully while you share your posts on Facebook.

According to HubSpot, Facebook posts with photos get 53% more likes than that of other posts.

Ask a question. If you have enough traction for your posts, then you can furthermore involve your audience.

How to make the Facebook group posts effective?

I know that, according to many  bloggers and webmasters, sharing of posts in Facebook groups is a waste of time. Well, that’s true. Inactive members (I am also the one) kill the effectiveness of groups. I can’t deny that.

But yet people share links on Facebook groups.

The only solid advantage I see in here is, post sharing boosts social signals.


Below are some of the tips to increase Facebook group posts engagement.

Sharing merely the link does not welcome engagement. Include a punch-pointed question that drives conversations along with the link in your group posts.

Alter the blog post titles in Facebook for different groups of interests.

Luckily, Facebook offers you to edit post title, description and image as per your choice. Why not make use of these features to personalize your shares?
For example, like if you are posting in an SEO related group, then edit the post title and add word “SEO” in it.

Another strategy is…

Scroll and scan the group page. Examine the title and description of the posts that received more likes and comments. Optimize your group post on that.

This process might be a pain-in-butt process. In Order to make the task easier, make use of tools like PostPlanner.

Tips for your Facebook page

If you’re a serious blogger, I’m sure that your Facebook page has got proper attention.

  • Set creative profile picture and cover photo.
  • Examine the audience who are greatly involved in the posts of your competitor’s page. Add them as friends. Or target them in your Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Include a Facebook page widget in the sidebar of your blog.
  • Post some interaction sparkling content on your page.
  • Post some contests, ask questions, conduct quizzes or ask opinions.
  • Always respond to user comments. You’re not Barack Obama to not respond to comments.
  • Post some YouTube videos. Make a mental bond with your audience.
  • Integrate your Facebook page with Google Analytics.
  • Make proper use of page tabs.

These are some of the tips to drive good traffic from Facebook pages.

Final words


I think I’ve covered some of the best Facebook traffic strategies. Properly making use of the above strategies will lead to a flow of massive traffic to your site.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Is there an effective strategy, I’m missing? Let me know in the comments.

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