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Easyazon review

In this post, I’ll present you the EasyAzon 4 review, and also help you make the decision whether to go for EasyAzon or not. Recently I bought EasyAzon plugin for using it on my Amazon affiliate sites.

I purchased the developer version of the plugin for unlimited usage on my sites as well as on client websites.

What is EasyAzon? It’s the best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. It is developed for linking to Amazon products easily, enable link localization, increase conversions and much more.

Let us know more when we walk through the plugin in detail.

Now let’s dive into the review.

EasyAzon – initial configuration

Once you purchase the EasyAzon plugin, you’ll be presented with the two files core and pro files. You need to install those two plugins on your WordPress account.

If you already have a free version of EasyAzon installed on your account, you need to only upload and install the pro version file of the plugin.

Once you install the plugin, now it’s time to do some initial configuration.

Easyazon aws credentials

The first thing you need to enter is the access key ID and the secret key of your AWS account to help EasyAzon connect to Amazon Product API.

In order to find AWS credentials, you need to login to AWS on this page.

On that page, you need to create a new key and enter the same credentials on the plugin options page as shown in the above screenshot.

Signing up for Amazon affiliates

The next thing you need to do is you need to enter the tracking ID of your various location Amazon affiliate accounts.

Personally, I signed up only for the US, UK and Indian affiliate programs. because they contribute to around 95% of my total traffic on niche sites.

Add tracking ID
Tracking id

Once you create a tracking ID, you need to enter the same in the settings page of the EasyAzon plugin. Repeat this process for various location Amazon affiliate programs.

There are some of the settings that you can set so that those settings will be applied by default, unless you modify them separately on the per post basis.

Easyazon defaults

There are options to let all the Amazon affiliate link open in a new tab/window, apply nofollow attribute, directly offer add to cart option for visitors, cloak links by default, product popups, info blocks, etc.

The next one is link localization.

Wasted traffic

This is the feature that helps you increase your revenue greatly. It automatically changes your Amazon affiliate links to match the country a visitor is viewing your website from, allowing you to earn commissions on traffic that you would otherwise miss out on.

After implementing link localization I increased my earnings by around 170%, with the majority being UK revenue.

Easyazon link localization

How to use EasyAzon?

You can make use of the EasyAzon plugin on the posts/pages editor .

Easyazon working

Once you click on the EasyAzon button, it will automatically search for the product on Amazon, and present you with the results.

Easyazon options

As you’ve previously selected the product name, it will automatically search for the product name and present you with the affiliate products you can insert into the post.

As you can see there are various options for you to choose with like text link, image link, CTA link and info block.

Text link: This refers to a simple affiliate link to a product. Here are all the settings that can be made while inserting a text affiliate link.

Link options

You can set the product to be added to the cart of your visitor when they click on the affiliate link. With this, it sets a 90-day cookie life which exponentially increases your Amazon affiliate earnings.

Product popup

With product popups, you can make the popup of the product appear when visitors hover over you affiliate links.

The prices of the product will be pulled using the product API and are updated regularly. So, you need not worry about violating Amazon terms and conditions.

Image links: Believe it or not after I linked images with affiliate links I increased my affiliate earnings by about 120%.

The most time-consuming part while writing product reviews is the uploading and linking of images.

Easyazon image links

The EasyAzon plugin has made it super-easy to insert affiliate images to your blog post. You just need to select the suitable image and its size and insert. The image will be inserted into the blog post with affiliate link to it.

CTA: This option inserts an Amazon call to action button to your product.

Easyazon CTA options

This call to action button further increased my affiliate earnings by around 125%. It’s because Amazon is the most trusted eCommerce leader.

Easyazon cta

Info block: This just like a product information block, that can be inserted anywhere in your content.

Info block options
Info block demo

It increased my earnings by around 150% and this is something huge.

Note for page builder users: I use Thrive Content Builder on all my affiliate sites. So in this case, I first create the post in the normal post editor and paste the content into the Thrive Visual Editor. The shortcodes or markup will automatically work.

Is EasyAzon really worth it?

If you are taking Amazon affiliates as a serious business, it’s definitely worth it. Infact, when I purchased EasyAzon it paid my money back in 3 days via increased sales. Thanks to link localization, CTA, popups, affiliate images, and other features.

The default Amazon cookie lifetime is 24 hours, whereas, by using ‘add to cart’ feature in EasyAzon you can extend this to 90-days.

Thus, in any of the 90 days if your visitor buys anything from Amazon you get the sale. This alone a great feature that’s impossible to do manually

It also made my task of linking to affiliate products and insertion of compressed images to my posts faster and easier. 

The plugin comes with features that completely adhere with Amazon terms and conditions, so that you need not to worry about violating them.


EasyAzon comes with two purchase options, as  shown in the below screenshot.

Easyazon pricing

I recommend you go for $47, if you are planning to use the plugin on client’s websites or flip your sites.

However, you can upgrade from the lower plan to a higher one at any time by shooting them an email and paying the difference amount. All the plans come with use on unlimited sites. That’s the beauty.

Final words

Along with the plugin, you get a complete course on “Amazon affiliates” that’s loaded with wealth of information on building and growing your profitable Amazon affiliate site.

I hope you found this EasyAzon review helpful. I am sure that the EasyAzon plugin will help you triple your Amazon earnings.

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