Disqus was one of the best commenting systems for WordPress websites.

But lately, the things have changed a lot and made us look for an Disqus alternative.

Disqus was caught injecting advertisements and affiliate links in the comments section of the site without site owners’ permissions and plans to charge owners a monthly fee to remove those ads.

Many users were left in surprise by this move from Disqus, and started looking for good alternatives to Disqus.

Apart from this, Disqus commenting system slows down your WordPress website speed by a significant extent.

In this mobile-first era, their comment system takes forever to load and the comment content may end up not being indexed by Google.

Hence, our hunt for good Disqus alternatives began.

The best commenting system for WordPress – Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments is a plugin is from the team at Thrive Themes.

This comes as a WordPress plugin. So, if you are using WordPress for hosting your site, Thrive Comments is the best commenting system you can get your hands on.

This plugin replaces the WordPress default commenting system, with its own commenting system and comes baked in with tons of features.

Increase conversions

With this plugin you can choose what should happen immediately after the users leave comments on your blog. You can show them a message, offer them to optin, offer them related posts, offer them to share the post on social media, so on.

This unlocks the ability to you giving your visitors the ability to offer any lead magnets, incentives, coupons for your products in turn for their comment.

After comment

One more feature is what you can automatically link some keywords in comments to relevant resources. This saves you a lot of time from you manually linking keywords that needs explanation in the comments to relevant resources.

These kind of conversion-friendly features are expected from Thrive Comments as Thrive Themes are focused in building conversion-friendly products for WordPress.

Increase engagement

Believe it or not, the reason why people don’t leave comments on blog posts, is because they need to fill out name, email, and other details before commenting.

With Thrive Comments you can allow users to leave comments on your blog posts with their social media accounts and as well as a guest visitor.

Votes and badges

The Thrive Comments also comes with upvote and downvote functionality like that of Disqus, and you can also award badges to repeat commenters on your blog posts.

Creating new badges

This is a great way to spark engagement by gamifying the whole commenting process.

Customize  and translate labels

You can customize the default labels being displayed in your comment section. Instead of a generic text like – “Leave a reply”, you can edit it to – “leave an insightful reply to get a free eBook, checklist or even a discount”.

Some of the great features of Thrive Comments that enables to track the engagement over the time are:

  1. Upvote/downvote stats
  2. Comment growth trend
  3. Comment word cloud – what terms user comment the most


Performance  and page speed optimization

And also, the comment system is very fast to load than that of Disqus.

There are various page speed optimization features built in this plugin like only load comments when user scroll down, load commenter avatars only when section enters viewport, load more button functionality and much more.

As Thrive Comments is a native WordPress plugin and not a 3rd party comment system like Disqus, the performance is really good and flawless.

By far, I found Thrive Comments to be the best alternative to Disqus.

Delegation and moderation

The worst part about commenting is moderating them. If you want to assign comment moderation to a virtual assistant, you may end up adding a bit of code or installing another plugin to let the VA get comment moderation rights without other privileges.

Advanced settings

But with Thrive Comments, there are inbuilt features for you to assign moderation rights to specific roles, and also delegate replies to specific user on your WordPress site.

There are also plenty of keyboard shortcuts for you to approve, delete, spam, delegate, the WordPress comments.

Keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation

These features are really helpful, if you’ve got tons of comments on your blog that needs moderation.

Also, as it’s a WordPress plugin, it integrates with other dozens of other plugins like Akismet, WP-SpamShield, reCaptcha and other plugins to further enhance its spam detection and other functionalities which is huge.

Pricing of Thrive Comments

The one site license costs you $39, 5 site license costs you $47 and finally the 15 site license costs you $97. I have a 5 site license.

Thrive comments pricing

All of these plans give you lifetime updates and 1 year of free support. The lifetime updates you get with all the Thrive products is a huge advantage. Because, with this, you need to not to renew it every year unless you want free support of the plugin.

Thrive Themes are doing a great job of keeping on adding more and more features. Everytime I receive an update from Thrive Themes on Facebook, it’s all about their new feature-set addition.

Wrap up

As it is a one time purchase, if you are seriously looking for a good Disqus alternative, go for it.

I’m using this plugin on some of my sites and I’m truly overwhelmed by the boost of engagement with this plugin in place.

And also, the ability to convert my commenters into leads effortlessly is awesome!

Unlike Disqus, you need not pay a monthly fee to remove the advertisements. Thrive Comments will not slow down your site by loading unnecessary third party ads and is lightweight for your site.

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