CTR Theme Review with Discount: Boost AdSense Earnings

When it comes to boosting AdSense revenue, site design matters a lot. That's where CTR theme comes in. Today I'm going to review it.

Have you ever heard that, to boost AdSense revenue, you need to choose a theme that’s minimalistic?
Have you ever heard of ad blindness? People are so accustomed to online ads that they rarely click on them.

Recall yourself. When is the last time you clicked on an AdSense ad? Ages ago. Right?

The AdSense CTR all over the web has declined. Webmasters are feeling that something special is needed to them.

CTR theme! It boasts itself as the ultimate theme for AdSense.

Ctr theme
Ads blend seamlessly with the theme

Here are some of the killer features of CTR theme.

Efficient use of ad sizes

This was the major problem for me. I didn’t know what ad sizes I should use, where to place. Thanks to the ad options section in CTR theme.

Ad sizes available

All you have to do is just get the ad code and paste it into the above fields. Your ads are placed strategically to increase CTR.

There are several ad layouts for ad placement to choose from. You can choose the best placement style.

Read below.

Ad randomization

What's the main reason for ad blindness? It's the placement. Webmasters often place ads where people do not look at. Or at places where their readers are familiar with. CTR theme developer has understood this well.

The theme has the option to automatically randomize the placement of ads. There are different ad layouts that you can choose from.
If you want to stick on only to one layout, check only one layout over here.

Hide ads for referers

You can test the placement, combined with earnings and analytics data to find the perfect layout for your blog.

Hide ads from specific referrers

Sometimes, traffic from certain sources may be harmful to AdSense. You may use the feature of hiding ads to hide ads to all the visitors coming from some sources.

This option can be used effectively to combat click bombing. This feature when used along with Click Fraud Monitor plugin, makes your site, click-bomb-proof.

If you don't want to show ads to your Facebook friends, then enter facebook.com in the hide ads section. It is as simple as that.

Sub-themes support

CTR theme calls its child themes as sub-themes.

There are several built-in sub-theme support. The sub-themes are carefully designed to increase the click-through rate. You can select any of the themes to suit your taste.

Killer features are here: The theme blends ads. Ads perfectly fit in as part of the design.

The plus version of this theme will give much more sub-themes.

The developer is adding more and more sub-themes with every update. That's the plus point.
With the support of sub-themes, you need not mess with core theme files.

Some tips

Here are some of the tips.

  • Don't force anyone or click on your own ads.
  • Use text ads. They usually get high CTR.
  • Remove any borders under ads.
  • Don't go bonkers about CTR.
  • Make use of Google Analytics to track the progress.

Buying this theme, you get the license to use the theme on an unlimited number of sites.

On buying this theme, you also get the book “AdSense Link-Building Secrets”. This guides you to build backlinks to your AdSense sites.

For support, there is a forum, contact form and you can also submit a ticket. They'll usually respond to you within 10 hours.

You will earn the money you spent buying this theme in less than 2 days depending on your site and hard work.

The original theme is priced at $97. You can now get the theme for $67 + EBook.


You'll get every penny you spent back via the boost in AdSense earnings.

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