How to Choose Perfect Images for Blog Posts

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Choosing perfect images for blog posts kills most of our time. Choosing images that are relevant to the topic and indirectly conveying a message to the readers are also effective.

Look at this…

Example 1

And this…

Example 2

These types of images help to form an emotional bond between you and your blog readers. These images convey messages to your blog readers according to their perspective.

How to get create perfect blog images?

What type of image to choose?

When it comes to choosing the kind of blog graphics you want to use, there are two types of graphics to consider.

Raster Image
Raster graphics

add social proof
Vector graphics
  1. Raster graphics: These images are pixel-based images that are lossy by nature. The raster-based photo editors are Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.
  2. Vector graphics: These are created out of lines of curves that form shapes, polygons, etc. These graphics are lossless as they comprise of shapes, not pixels. The best photo editors for this are Illustrator, Affinity Designer, etc. Before uploading these graphics to the web, you need to rasterize them to preferably PNGs (as they have limited colors).

Choosing between these totally depends upon your choice and your audience likings.

Why use raster graphics? Sometimes depending upon the niche you are in, you need to use raster images on your blog to connect with your readers. These real-life images have the capacity to express complex emotions that the cartoonish vector images can’t express.

In order to use raster images, you don’t need to be a designer and have color scheme ideas. Typically all the big websites, journals, newspapers make use of rasterized images due.

Why use vector graphics? I use vector images for the images on BloggingX. Because I personally like vector graphics as it has more flexibility when it comes to editing.

Added to it, I can edit the vector images to match my brand colors. It also has less diverse colors in the images when rasterized, resulting in a much smaller image size and does not affect the page speed.

Where to search images?

Search for those images that represent a part of a title, but not the whole blog post title.

For example, while choosing the perfect image for the post, “magnetic blog post titles”, I simply searched for the term “magnet”. Another example, if you are writing a post on “How to Skyrocket your earnings”, search for some “rocket” images that represent a boost.

Google for any similar blog post as yours. Observe what kind of images they have used in their blog posts. Now you get an idea about what kind of images you can use in your blog post.

Conduct royalty free image search for the image idea that you have found in royalty free image search engines like PixabayGratisography, Freestock, Unsplash, many more. If you want vector graphics you can make use of vectors filter in Pixabay (with vector filter on), Undraw or Freepik (with attribution).

Pro tip: Use the image by looking at which reader clearly understands the point you want to convince. Your image should shout out to readers, “This is the exact post you are looking for”.

Once the reader understands that your blog post contains the exact content they are looking for, they tend to read the entire blog post thoroughly.

Still can’t find a perfect image

Depending upon the niche that you are working in, you may find it hard to find the relevant blog posts.

Or the worst part, it may even take hours to come up a perfect image. In this case, I just add a text overlay to a background that makes closest sense to the topic.

Like this one,

Text Image Example

Isn’t it simple?

If you can’t find the perfect image, you can always make your own by adding some texts over the background. This guide will teach you how to take beautiful pictures that you can use on your blog.

You need to be creative and witty enough to create a good image that stands out of the rest and attracts the audience via social media.

You need to know some basics of color psychology and branding to make this text-based blog graphics work great for you.

Edit the images

You can also use tools like Canva or DesignBold to make kickass images for your blog. These cloud applications enable you to create great images without involving the complexities of Photoshop or full-featured photo editor softwares.

If you want a desktop software, you can use any free tools like Paint.NET, GIMP or any premium software like Adobe Photoshop.

If the image does not reflect the topic on which you are blogging upon, just edit the image, so that it sends an abstract message to the readers about what you want to convey.

Observe this image…

Choosing perfect images example 2


  1. Resize the image, so that it matches the layout of your blog perfectly and as well as decreases the size of the image.
  2. After resizing the image, compress the image using free tools such as RIOT or premium JPEGMini.

Final words

Now your image is ready for upload, just upload the image to your blog or site.

An image that sends abstract messages and captures readers’ attention has the true potential to get direct visitors.
It also shows your imagination power, the way of thinking and, of course, the quality of your blog posts.

Hope you enjoyed this unique article on choosing perfect images for blog posts. Do comment and share if it has really helped you.

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