Are you looking for the best Bluehost alternatives?

If you are researching what is Bluehost and what are the top Bluehost competitors, you have come to the right place.

Today in this post, we will be providing you with the Bluehost alternatives that deliver the functionalities Bluehost lacks.

To start with, Bluehost web hosting has been popular for a long time and this service hosts more than two million sites as of date.

It is officially recommended by WordPress and its strengths are reliability and affordability.

However, Bluehost lacks in some aspects which is why you should consider alternative hostings as well.

#ProductStarting priceUptimeExplore
2WPX Hosting$24.99/mo99.95%Explore
3A2 Hosting$3.92/mo99.9%Explore
4Inmotion Hosting$6.39/mo99.9%Explore
6Cloudways Hosting$10/mo99.99%Explore

Why do you need to look for Bluehost alternatives?

The following Bluehost drawbacks are a few of the reasons why users seek alternatives:

  • Poor customer support – Bluehost support is slow and you may need to wait overnight to get a response.
  • No monthly packages – Bluehost only offers annual subscriptions and there are no monthly plans which is inconvenient to many users.
  • Lack of a website builder – Bluehost does not offer a website builder which is a tool presented by many cheaper alternatives.

In addition, other Bluehost concerns are related to performance, pricing structure, and a limited number of add-ons offered in the basic package.

Top 7 Bluehost Alternatives Reviewed


SiteGround logo


SiteGround is a fast-growing hosting service and like Bluehost, it is also recommended by WordPress. The company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and hosts over one million domains.

It provides better support than Bluehost including a fast live chat service.

SiteGround is better than its competitors in terms of performance and speed. It offers cPanel support and is designed to function on PHP, MySQL, Apache, and CentOS.

In addition, it supports Magento, WordPress, Joomla, and other platforms.

Notable features

Performance and speed: A quick browse on the SiteGround website will tell you about its commitment to performance and speed.

It scores impressively on the ‘time to first byte speed parameter. In addition, SiteGround uses advanced technologies like CDN and NGINX to deliver improved performance.

In comparison, though Bluehost offers excellent speed there are complaints about its performance.

Customer support: SiteGround offers customer support via phone, email, live chat, and tickets.

In addition, it provides a well-stocked knowledge base, e-books, FAQ section, and tutorials on topics like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and Joomla.

SiteGround scores over Bluehost as its customer base is relatively smaller which means you’ll be able to get a faster response to your queries.


SiteGround pricing

SiteGround offers the following shared hosting plans:

  1. StartUp – $3.95/month (special price) / $11.95/month (regular)
  2. GrowBig – $5.95/month (special price) / $19.95/month (regular)
  3. GoGeek – $11.95/month (special price) / $34.95/month (regular)

Unlike Bluehost, SiteGround doesn’t promise you unlimited bandwidth and traffic for reduced pagespeed performance.

They actually have a limit to the pageviews for good. For example, in case of their StartUp plan, it’s 10,000 visits per month, and it comes with 10GB space.

Bluehost pricing also starts at $3.95/month but this rate is only for the first term and renewal is more expensive. You also need to spend extra for add-on tools.

In the SiteGround vs Bluehost comparison, the former is a better option as it offers a free website builder, cPanel, 24/7 support, and more additional features compared to BlueHost. You can also take a look at some of the best SiteGround alternatives.

WPX Hosting

WPX hosting logo


WPX Hosting(review) scores for its excellent and fast live support. It is the service used by to host its website.

WPX is a good alternative to Bluehost. It is comparatively more stable and reliable. Plus, its page loading time is good and it presents a smooth user experience with all packages.

WPX hosting’s high-spec SSD servers deliver amazing speed. The service offers email and live chat support.

Notable features

Security: WPX presents exceptional security features and benefits such as top-notch spam protection, application firewalls and DDoS protection.

Other platforms charge for malware detection and removal, but WPX offers this function free with all its packages.

WPX Cloud: This is a hand-created, superfast CDN (Content Delivery Network) with over 20 endpoints across the world.

This means your site visitors from any place in the globe will view your content from a speedy local server. Thus, this feature dramatically increases your website’s speed for visitors across the world.

WPX Hosting’s prices are more expensive compared to Bluehost but the feature set includes:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.5% uptime
  • Fast custom CDN
  • Daily backup
  • Free website migration
  • Free SSL certificates


WPX Hosting offers three plans:

WPX Hosting pricing
  1. Business – $20.83/month (yearly) or $24.99 monthly
  2. Professional – $41.58/month (yearly) or $49.99 monthly
  3. Elite – $83.25/month (yearly) or $99 monthly

All these plans include unlimited site migrations, unlimited SSLs, 24/7 fast-response support, staging area, manual backups, DDoS protection, Malware scanning & removal, much more.

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting logo


The USP of A2 Hosting is its focus on speed. It claims its turbo servers are about 20 times faster than traditional web hosting platforms.

In addition, it offers reliable redundancy with several data centers across the world, round-the-clock support, and excellent security measures.

A2 Hosting as well as Bluehost offer unlimited SSD space and bandwidth. The former’s SSD drives boost loading and data transfer speeds by 200 times which makes it an ideal platform for websites attracting plenty of traffic.

A2 Hosting also provides affordable hosting on Windows or Linux. All its shared hosting packages offer a one-click app installer.

Notable features

Exclusive turbo servers: A2 Hosting offers optimized turbo servers that can significantly improve your website’s performance and speed.

The best part is no configuration is required to avail of these superior speeds.

Free website migration without any downtime – An advantage of A2 Hosting is it offers free site transfer without any downtime or extra fees. It is a better feature in comparison to Bluehost’s expensive $149 charge for the same function.


A2 hosting pricing

A2 Hosting offers 3 shared hosting plans:

  1. Lite – $3.92/month
  2. Swift – $4.90/month
  3. Turbo – $9.31/month

A2 Hosting pricing is slightly lower than Bluehost and this service also offers the advantage of a free domain with the Swift plan.

Plus, you get a choice of server locations in the U.S., Asia or Europe.

Finally, A2 Hosting provides an anytime money-back guarantee which is a better deal compared to Bluehost’s 30-day guarantee.

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting logo


Inmotion Hosting is a good Bluehost alternative as it offers features and benefits such as malware protection, $250 ads credit, and unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, and storage space. WordPress users get the advantage of pre-installed WordPress.

Inmotion’s SSD hosting and PHP7 functions ensure fast site loading.

The best part is if you aren’t satisfied with the features and services, you can take back your money within 90 days which is a big advantage over Bluehost which does not offer this benefit.

The basic plan is great for budget-conscious people as it allows you to host two domains.

Robust security is assured through support safe rollback and backup facilities. Overall uptime is about 99% and you can avail prompt support via phone, live chat, email and Skype.

Notable features

Free domain: Inmotion offers a free domain with the basic package for which you can find suitable names later. This flexible feature gives you time to brainstorm and select attractive names for your websites.

Free 1-click installation: Inmotion offers more than 400 applications that you can install with just one click. This allows you to easily deploy and use your favorite tools like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and others.


Inmotion hosting pricing

Inmotion offers three plans:

  1. Launch – $6.39/month
  2. Power – $8.49/month
  3. Pro – $14.71/month

The prices are comparable with Bluehost, but Inmotion offers extra features such as free SSD drives, free website builder, and Max Speed Zones.

In addition, Inmotion offers free no-downtime site transfers which is a great deal compared to Bluehost which charges a hefty amount for this service.


GreenGeeks logo

GreenGeeks is priced almost the same as Bluehost.

But it offers better features such as free site transfer, excellent support, green-friendly hosting utilizing renewable energy, robust security, SSD storage, inbuilt caching tools and PHP7.

In addition, GreenGeeks is a reliable service as it assures an uptime of 99.9% which meets the industry standard.

It also provides fast page loading. You can avail 24/7/365 support via phone, email, and live chat.

Notable features

Highly optimized service with inbuilt scalability: GreenGeeks uses sophisticated container technologies such as PHP7, HTTP/2, PowerCacher, and CDN that deliver reliability and scalability.

It also offers strong security with proactive scanning that quickly detects and fights spam and malware.

Dozens of freebies: You can save a good amount of money by subscribing to GreenGeeks’ long-term hosting packages.

The plans offer loads of goodies such as free website builder, daily backups, SSL certificates, free migration, and CDN integration.


GreenGeeks pricing

GreenGeeks offers three shared hosting plans:

  1. Ecosite Lite – $9.95/month (monthly)
  2. Ecosite Pro – $14.95/month (monthly)
  3. Ecosite Premium – $24.95/month (monthly)

The 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month packages are much cheaper.

For a comparable price with Bluehost, GreenGeeks offers extra features such as unlimited email accounts and developer tools with the premium plans.

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways Hosting (review) is suitable not just for WordPress but for a wide range of e-commerce and CMS platforms.

A major difference between Cloudsways and Bluehost and other hosting services is that Cloudways offers its own custom control panel named Click&Go. Cloudways is one of the cheap cloud hostings that offers great value.

In addition, it leverages dedicated cloud servers for all user accounts. This feature offers the benefits of unlimited scaling and improved performance.

The server responds in real-time to your website’s bandwidth load and does not share resources with other platform users.

Notable features

Top cloud infrastructures: Webmasters can access and use any of the leading cloud infrastructures in Cloudways’ dashboard including Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud.

Automatic backups: Cloudways offers automatic backups to secure your data.

The backup frequency is from one hour to seven days and you can request this service anytime. Backups and restoration can be performed with just one click.


Cloudways hosting pricing

Cloudways offers managed hosting plans for DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. Monthly and hourly pricing plans are available.

Cloudways pricing starts from $10/mo.

Though Cloudways is more expensive than Bluehost, it offers extra benefits such as pay-as-you-go pricing, free migration, free SSL certificates, no lock-in, and unlimited applications. Click here for an exclusive coupon.

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FastComet logo

FastComet is an affordable Bluehost alternative that offers different and better benefits such as free website migration without downtime.

You also get a free domain name for lifetime compared to Bluehost’s one-year period.

Other advantages are fast servers and a 45-days money-back guarantee compared to 30 days by most other companies.

In addition, FastComet’s support team provides fast resolutions via phone, chat, and email. Other key features are RocketBooster, BitNinja monitoring, LiteSpeed, free SSL certificate, and cloud SSD storage.

Notable features

Multiple global data centers: FastComet has deployed several data centers around the globe and each is equipped with fire protection platforms, power backup, and 24/7 security.

This gives you the choice of selecting the data center with maximum speed. In addition, its servers are safeguarded with a web app firewall that keeps out threats and hackers.

Excellent uptime of 99.99% – FastComet uses solid-state drives and cloud servers to deliver an uptime of 99.99% which is similar to Bluehost.

But FastComet offers the advantages of rapid content retrieval and efficient handling of data requests.


FastComet pricing

FastComet offers three shared hosting plans:

  1. FastCloud – $2.95/month
  2. FastCloud Plus – $4.45/month
  3. FastCloud Extra – $5.95/month

These are special prices that are lower than Bluehost.

Additionally, FastComet offers extra features such as a website starter kit, free domain transfer, guaranteed resources, unlimited email accounts, and 24/7 human support.


So this is about the list of top reliable Bluehost alternatives.

Each stands out from Bluehost and offers extra features and benefits. Here is a recap of each service’s USPs and key functionalities:

  • SiteGround – Excellent customer support and superior speed and performance
  • WPX Hosting – Good security and superfast WPX Cloud CDN
  • A2 Hosting – Exclusive turbo servers and free website migration without downtime
  • Inmotion Hosting – Free domain and free 1-click installation
  • GreenGeeks -Highly optimized service with inbuilt scalability and numerous freebies
  • Cloudways Hosting – Access to leading cloud infrastructures and automatic backups
  • FastComet – Multiple global data centers and exceptional uptime

I hope my detailed review of the top leading Bluehost alternatives helps you select a suitable web hosting platform for your website or blog.